Metal Dragon

Metal Dragon Years: 1940, 2000, 2060

Active Element: Metal & Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Aries ♈

Dragon Elements: Wood Dragon, Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, Metal Dragon, Water Dragon.

Metal Dragon — wayward and arrogant. He so highly values his natural virtues, which is often excessively demanding and picky. Confidence in its unquestioning rightness causes discontent and condemnation of others. People born under the sign of the Metal Dragon have loyalty and constancy, quick temper and irritability. From many negative qualities of character, they, if desired, could get rid of.

Perhaps the most strong-willed of all Dragons. He considers honesty and integrity to be the most important virtues of a person. In communication, he is expressive, bright and open, but at the same time adamant and straightforward. Metal Dragon is aimed at action, militant, seeking the friendship of those who are equal to him for intellectual development or social status. Laziness and stupidity lead him out of himself. Metal allows the Dragon to frighten those who are weaker, and to subordinate them to their will.

He zealously defends his convictions and is ready to give his life for them. This Dragon is a born warrior, who does not know the word "impossible." But he can develop a hypertrophied sense of self-importance. The Metal Dragon lacks diplomacy. He is used to dealing with everything alone if others do not agree with him or refuse to recognize him as the main one.

The Metal Dragon is brave and always goes to its goal, even if it seems reckless. He burns bridges behind him and, therefore, after going on the attack, can not retreat anymore. And often wins! The most important thing is that he has a really worthy goal.

Metal Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Metal refers to severe and very sad elements, since to its physical characteristics it is not possible to add the presence of any spiritual qualities. Therefore, the imprint imposed on them on the Dragon is to give this sign of the zodiac rigidity and a desire to isolate itself from the surrounding world. This rigidity is felt by everyone around. Therefore, you should monitor your behavior with the goal of preserving the environment and avoiding the loss of loved ones who may decide to end the communication. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac have a poorly expressed sense of compassion for one’s neighbor and an opportunity to experience a large number of experiences of any plan that certainly affects the character. These are very dangerous moments, requiring competent use in order to minimize the situations of the self-destructive plan.

The positive features of the character of the Dragon is the determination of actions in the need to achieve certain goals, as well as the presence of a large amount of vital energy, which leaves a positive imprint, on the behavior of the representative of this sign of the zodiac. These people are very punctual and honest, and it is not possible to bribe them, in a word, not by deed, which also forms a certain imprint on the attitude of the surrounding people to a man who was born on a Chinese horoscope under the sign of the Dragon in the elemental of metal.

They also do not react to the criticism that can be expressed in their address, which makes such people immune to any difficulties and intrigues of ill-wishers. There is a certain sharpness and categorical when expressing their point of view on a particular issue, which makes it possible to competently defend their own opinion, not based on pressure from the outside.

The favorite season of such people is autumn, with warm, fine days. In which the state of health is on a certain rise, along with the mood and general state of the body. Among the organs that need attention in terms of careful attitude are the lungs. The use in the interior and clothing of items having a green color positively affects the general condition of such people.

Metal Dragon Man

For this strong, self-confident man, there are practically no authorities. Always and everywhere he relies only on himself, does not listen to others, or rather ignores their advice. It fully manifests all the qualities peculiar to Dragons: quick temper, power, inflexibility. Does not understand the problems of people, does not even try to find a common language with them. As a leader he manifests himself unrestrainedly, he can read the subordinate with the whole team. At the same time it acts out of good motives, punishes only for really serious misconduct. It has an acute mind, an excellent memory, a determination, and therefore it reaches enormous heights in a career.

In a romantic relationship, he does not consider it necessary to change his tactics of behavior. Just as demanding and despotic, as in ordinary life. But a woman who managed to make his heart tremble will bathe in love and admiration for the rest of her life. However, only a self-sufficient, purposeful person who knows exactly what he wants from life will be able to please him. He recognizes only an equal partnership, a weak, insecure woman, he will never be interested. Metal Dragon male quick-tempered and jealous, vigorously reacts even to the most innocent flirting. For his family will not regret anything, children and wife can be sure that all their desires and dreams will certainly be implemented.

Metal Dragon Woman

A woman born in the year of the Metal Dragon, tries to behave modestly and quietly. However, in her soul there is a flame of passion, this is a very ambitious person, but her real essence is ready to be opened only to close people. This is a very smart woman with diverse interests, can support the conversation on any topic. Moderely sociable, will not drive an acquaintance with the small, stupid people. She can not be called mercantile, it is fully capable of earning all its needs for itself. Metal Dragon woman is vain, she does not just work, but seeks to achieve recognition. She likes to hear compliments to her address, at the moment of triumph she feels joy, even more begins to love herself.

For the Metal Dragon, relationships with men do not come first. It is quite capable to turn a head to the most solid person who is on a responsible post. But she can quite succeed herself, the help of a man is not necessary to her. A strong feeling softens her temper a little, but still this purposeful, energetic lady defends her interests. Will try to combine the efforts around the house and their work. She will be grateful to her husband if he takes some worries on himself. Rather, it will require this in an ultimatum form. Refusal, especially criticism, can lead her into a frenzy. In this case, neither the husband nor the children will be in trouble.

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