Metal Goat

Metal Goat Years: 1931, 1991, 2051

Active Element: Metal & Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Cancer ♋

Goat Elements: Wood Goat, Fire Goat, Earth Goat, Metal Goat, Water Goat.

Metal Goat (Sheep) is the most lucky in life. She knows how to choose a business, according to her abilities, talent and desire. She is ambitious and sincerely worried if something goes wrong. But the fear of hampering her self-esteem does not allow her to seek help. At home, neat, busy, prefers expensive, beautiful things. He does not like to throw money into the wind, so when buying them, they follow the saying: "We are not so rich as to buy cheap things." This approach provides them, to advanced years, a fairly solid state in the form of works of art, gold, precious stones. If Goat (Sheep) did not pay attention to all sorts of trivia, did not invent a problem for herself — her life would be calm and stable.

The Metal Goat deeply believes in themselves and knows the value of their talents. She often takes on a brave appearance, hiding beneath him sensitivity and vulnerable self-esteem. The influence of Metal enhances her rich artistic talents; she is constantly and inspiringly seeking beauty in all its forms. Above all, she is concerned about harmony and poise in everyday life. She painfully parted with the familiar environment, with difficulty adapting to change.

Her social circle is limited to those she values or who can be of use to her career. The uninitiated will have to wait until she is flattered by their suggestions. Under a calm and helpful appearance, the Metal Goat hides unbalanced emotions. She can be domineering, jealous and overly protective. She should give others more freedom. Attempts to dispose of other people will lead only to the fact that they will indignantly reject her invaluable help.

Metal Goat Chinese Zodiac

Outwardly people under the sign of the Metal Goat (Sheep) seem self-assured, but in the depths of their souls this is a vulnerable creature. She is more active than her other types in touching the protection of the senses, and therefore she shows excessive custody of her loved ones and begins to delve into places where her opinion is not required. By this she shows that she wants to be close to her loved ones, when she must give freedom to them, and instead control her own instincts.

Goat (Sheep) values comfort and safety, so it always strives to acquire patrons, they will give access to luxury. Sure, she likes to get all the blessings on the tray, and she does not like to work from dusk until dawn. She would prefer to communicate in a pleasant company, instead of labor in the sweat of her face.

Metal Goat (Sheep) attaches great importance to friends, and this can even threaten family well-being. The Metal Goat (Sheep) has a great artistic talent, and if she is lucky enough to be born in a family of musicians and writers, when she grows up she will be able to demonstrate exceptional successes and talents.

Metal Goat Man

A self-confident, imperious man knows his own worth, he will not humble himself and ask for help. He goes through life with his head raised proudly, and carefully conceals his real emotions and feelings. He is a creatively gifted person, therefore he is distinguished by a subtle spiritual organization. He takes criticism seriously, he is afraid to hear the words of condemnation. It is because of its inner insecurity that it tries to look stronger than it really is. He has a cheerful nature, likes to play in noisy companies. He does not like to work with his hands, he likes mental work more. Metal Goat is a man purposeful, even strong experiences and doubts, will not be able to stop him on the road to success.

This is a real aesthete, a connoisseur of beauty, so she will not meet with an outwardly unattractive woman. He likes spectacular beauties, at the sight of which is breathtaking. The Metal Goat is a vain man, everyone should admire him. Having married, tries to protect his partner from the attention of former fans. Too emotional and jealous, so the family may be scandal. Often the basis for the quarrel is the inner insecurity of the man of this sign, he is afraid to hear about his own insolvency, he experiences that the spouse will prefer another. This is a very caring husband and father, it is his voice that is decisive when discussing any problem.

Metal Goat Woman

For every woman born in the year of the Metal Goat, there is nothing more important than family. She is devoted to her loved ones with all her heart, adores her friends. She is a sociable and active woman who always willingly participates in the most exciting adventures. However, she cannot be considered a frivolous and unnecessary person. The Metal Goat is an ambitious and vain woman, striving to occupy a high position in society. She prefers to do mental work, is disciplined and educated enough to take a responsible leadership position. Can take place in a creative profession, has good taste. Even in solving everyday issues, she tries to achieve the perfect result.

This bright, self-confident woman often experiences anxiety and longing, she is afraid of loneliness. Despite the brilliant appearance, intelligence and easy character, she often doubts her own strengths, needs support. The Metal Goat is a woman who appreciates the comfort of home and the care of a man. She strives to create a strong family, although many consider her too frivolous. She loves to have fun, loves fun companies, while taking marriage seriously. The woman of this sign is an impeccable hostess, she pays a lot of attention to the interior of the house, tries to create a cozy atmosphere. She is no less responsible in her approach to raising children, and she loves to care for her husband.

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