Metal Horse

Metal Horse Years: 1930, 1990, 2050

Active Element: Metal & Fire

Associated Sun Sign: Gemini ♊

Horse Elements: Wood Horse, Fire Horse, Earth Horse, Metal Horse, Water Horse.

Metal Horse — collected and balanced. By nature, honest and principled. She does everything neatly, slowly. He does not like to brighten up, brighten up his opinion about others, and is inclined to express everything as is, even if it is someone who, perhaps, will not like it. The surrounding people love her for her mind, kindness, originality, active life position. No event on which you can show your determination and charm, Metal Horse does not miss. People born in the year of the Metal Horse, it would not hurt to be easier, relaxed, learn to respect someone else’s opinion.

Cute, but uncontrollable and sometimes even impudent Horse, which is always in motion. Extraordinarily amorous, very attractive to the opposite sex. In a good mood, it can be incredibly productive; it is difficult to keep up with her, because she seems to be omnipresent! Metal Horse perfectly able to recover and never for a long time does not come out of the game. She is constantly looking for something interesting and conquering dizzy heights.

Under the influence of Metal, this Horse turns out to be more stubborn and self-centered than other types of Horses. She sparkles with beautiful ideas, but at the same time a bad administrator. If the work does not bring her any pleasure, no money, or promising opportunities, she will become irresponsible and irresponsible. On a diet of daily routine, it will not last long. Metal Horses constantly need new experiences and new tests. When she is ill, she experiences an inexplicable need for freedom and can not develop deep personal relationships out of fear that it will limit her freedom or take away all of her time. But when she feels good, rushes to the finish line and leaves everyone behind.

Metal Horse Chinese Zodiac

As per the Chinese horoscope, every person’s sign is affected by one of five elements. Metal affects a Horse by making him or her even more independent. There is really no chance of pinning down someone who is a Metal Horse under the Chinese Zodiac. Relationships intimidate both male and female Metal Horses, who prefer to enjoy life as it comes and not think about tomorrow. Metal Horses are not very attached to money. They enjoy spending it while they have it, and if they run out they are talented enough to find a job quickly. They are no better at committing to a career than a romance, however, so Metal Horses are often between jobs.

Metal Horses are particularly suited to being performers. Since a person born under the Chinese sign of the Horse who is tempered by metal loves to travel, any performance career will satisfy that urge and make the Metal Horse happy. Horses love attention, and Metal Horses are no exception, so being on stage is a great career for one of these vivacious people.

It is difficult to resist friendship with a Metal Horse. Although he or she may seem flighty, he or she certainly has charm to spare. Metal Horses are open and honest, and prefer the truth even if it is blunt. Friends of the Metal Horse get used to hearing things that are not phrased delicately at all! Yet the Metal Horse does not mean to hurt; he or she is just scrupulously honest.

Metal Horse Man

The life of a man of this sign is filled with various events, he does not bear boredom and idleness. He readily responds to requests for help, easily agrees to adventures. However, it can not be called unsettling, trying to avoid problems and troubles. Metal Horse is an ambitious man, setting a bold goal. And he tries to achieve success himself, almost does not listen to advice, ignores instructions. Has all the data to take place in life: intelligence, courage, determination, perseverance. It is characterized by a quick-tempered and stubborn character, it can be too impatient. Straight, and sometimes rude, that badly affects his career.

In a romantic relationship, he manifests himself as an ardent admirer. He will not tolerate refusal, he will find a way to achieve the consent of the partner. The truth is not true, it is quite capable of making an affair on the side. Metal Horse is a freedom-loving man, does not seek to bind himself by marriage. However, a strong feeling pushes him to mad deeds, for the sake of his beloved, he can turn mountains. Having married, continues to demonstrate his independent, proud nature. He does not like to obey, on the contrary, he will try to insist on his own opinion. This industrious man, an earner, in the material plan will do everything possible so that the family does not need.

Metal Horse Woman

This is a pretty energetic woman, ready to fight, able to overcome any obstacles for the sake of a great goal. She will not listen to warnings, is too self-assured, and proud and self-willed. Metal Horse is a purposeful woman, active, therefore easily wins. Without fear, she expresses everything that she thinks. At the same time she does not seek to offend or hurt the opponent’s self-esteem, simply does not know how, and does not want to lie. It has many advantages, among which there is a special mention of fantastic performance. She works hard, achieves everything solely through his diligence and responsible approach to business.

For his man the Metal Horse, first of all, a beloved woman, and only then a significant person. For the sake of the beloved is ready for any changes, can even give up work. Although she is too fond of communication, she successfully solves the most difficult problems, she is listed on a good account with her superiors. In addition, she often holds a leadership position. However, a strong feeling completely overturns all of her ideas about the world. Metal Horse is a faithful woman, therefore she will not continue her previous acquaintances. Marrying, she devotes all her time to the family. Her energy is enough to solve all domestic issues, and she tries to devote as much time as possible to the upbringing of children.

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