Metal Monkey

Metal Monkey Years: 1920, 1980, 2040

Active Element: Metal

Associated Sun Sign: Leo ♌

Monkey Elements: Wood Monkey, Fire Monkey, Earth Monkey, Metal Monkey, Water Monkey.

The Metal Monkey is a hard worker, never sits idle. She does not expect help from others, does not seek easy work, does not pass before difficulties. She does not like to lose time, she does not care for small things, she will work long and hard to achieve success and financial gain. Smart, executive, persevering, she does not like to throw money into the wind, although she adores entertainment. Attentive and good-natured to the surrounding people, the metal Monkey is often lonely because of such characteristics of character as self-esteem, a sense of superiority.

This Monkey-fighter is strong in spirit and independent. She is always very concerned about her material security. Is able to invest money wisely. Prefers to have his own business, and even if works for someone, Monkey usually also earns money on the side. Can lose their savings by trying to get rich in risky enterprises.

Under the influence of the elements of Metal, the Monkey becomes especially ambitious and demonstrative in actions. Her claims are high, she longs for recognition and applause. And it’s hard not to admire her, because she always strives for self-improvement.

The Metal Monkey is characterized by passion and love of life; this is a warm, positive and very persuasive person. Everything that it creates is not only useful, but also aesthetic. Metal Monkey may well be a trendsetter. In the worst case, endowed with an analytical mind, the Metal Monkey can be extremely self-confident and too proud. Such a monkey will have few supporters.

Metal Monkey Chinese Zodiac

According to the Chinese Zodiac, every person’s Chinese horoscope sign is also affected by one of five elements. The Monkey who is affected by Metal is even more persuasive than the average Monkey. If you are acquaintances with a Metal Monkey, you may find yourself helping him or her out quite often even if you didn’t feel like it, and you may not be able to remember just how he or she convinced you to do so.

A person born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Monkey and tempered by Metal will have grand dreams and ambitions. Furthermore, this Metal Monkey is willing to use all of his or her imagination, creativity, and intellect to pursue these goals. Metal Monkeys will climb corporate and social ladders with ease to achieve their goals. Do not be surprised if a Metal Monkey has a silver tongue; these individuals know how to say the right thing at the right time.

A Metal Monkey gauges his or her employer well, and is always tactful, respectful, and polite to those in upper management. A Monkey will ingratiate himself or herself with his or her employer in order to secure his or her advancement.

Although people born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Monkey tend to be rather fickle in love, the Metal Monkey can be quite loyal to a partner. Monkeys are intense and passionate, and the Metal Monkey is no exception. You may find yourself swept off of your feet by this intelligent person.

Metal Monkey Man

A sociable man easily finds contact with people, he is flattered by the attention of others. Since early childhood has a clear idea of his purpose. The Metal Monkey is an ambitious man, seeking to excel. He can not be content with a modest position, he tries to occupy a high post. From the people of this sign, excellent leaders are obtained, they do not press their authority, but they always achieve an excellent result. In the life of the Metal Monkey, everything is going so well that much envy him and suspect of an unfair game. Although all he achieves solely with his diligence and intelligence, is a hard-working and purposeful man with firm principles.

This is a creatively gifted man, he can profitable to present his dignity, and if there is a need and play any role. Women endlessly admire the Metal Monkey, each of them would like to get him into husbands. An industrious, responsible man can provide a decent life. At the same time it has a cheerful character, easily agrees with the wishes of the chosen one, practically does not make any comments. Loving relationships with him is a holiday that gives fireworks of emotions. Marrying, does not lose his optimism, continues to please his wife with surprises. With pleasure doing housework, loves to fiddle around and play with children, for them he is the best dad in the world.

Metal Monkey Woman

Among the fairer sex there are many envious women who condemn the Metal Monkey. A beautiful, energetic, self-confident person is capable of attracting attention, wherever she is. Many reproaches her for her selfishness, her desire to stand out from the background of others. The Metal Monkey woman is ambitious, loves attention. She likes to feel her own power over the surrounding people. Chooses a profession that allows you to live in full prosperity. She does not like to overcome difficulties, although she is capable of brave deeds if necessary. This resourceful woman can adapt to any conditions. Although most of all she likes to have fun and spend time in cheerful companies.

In the life of the Metal Monkey, love relationships play an important role. The lack of admirers drives her into anguish, she begins to lose confidence. In any ways she tries to attract attention to herself, this is an incorrigible flirt. Metal Monkey woman is strong-willed, if a man likes her, then the wedding will take place. Having married, does not cease to flirt and communicate with other men. But there are no serious grounds for suspicion and jealousy, and it can not be. She loves her family’s nest with love, she pays much for her family. Betrayed to her husband and children, she tries to help them solve any problems. She is a very kind, sympathetic woman.

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