Metal Ox

Metal Ox Years: 1901, 1961, 2021

Active Element: Metal & Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Capricorn ♑

Ox Elements: Wood Ox, Fire Ox, Earth Ox, Metal Ox, Water Ox.

This Ox is unbending. No one can turn him off the path, which he considers beneficial and correct. In vain will not work, will always get a good final result. Nobody is afraid of anything. They are afraid of him for a rare but accurate word, which will say how he will seal. Of all the Oxen, the metal Ox is the most sociable. He has friends, he allows himself to have fun, relax. A good family man, father, provides a decent life for the family. If this Ox were not so sarcastic, he had better and faster career development. Although he is not a terse, but the expression "My tongue is my enemy" is about him.

This Ox often conflicts with everyone who does not agree with his opinion, including with his superiors. It’s hard to blame him for not knowing what he wants. To anyone who dares to criticize him, he will repay the same coin, and very sharply. This is a person who constantly says to himself: "Or I will do it, or I need not live anymore!"

Although by nature such Ox is not too sophisticated, he can have the ability to science and love classical music and art. He has a heightened sense of responsibility: he can be relied on to keep his word, although it is not too difficult for him, because he does not throw words.

From time to time he tries to force events. It can become awesome, fanaticism can manifest. It’s just a man-army, if he pursues the goal of success. Hard and arrogant, such a person does not know the word "defeat". This man has amazing endurance, and he is inclined to forget that he still needs rest to gather strength. He does not mind working day and night until he does everything. The Metal Ox should avoid the narrowness of thinking and vindictiveness, which manifests itself when something goes wrong.

Metal Ox Chinese Zodiac

The wind blew from the west, bringing with it dryness. Touching the Earth, she gave birth to Metal. Element of metal personifies cold, evening and autumn. Metal is hardness and clarity, it tears and cuts. He has a chaste and harsh character. Metal always vibrates between destruction and beauty. He tries at any cost to achieve the chosen goal. During the harvest, he performs the role of a sickle, cutting off the stalks of ears. Sometimes metal becomes sullen and sad. Usually, people born with this element are endowed with strong bone and strong body. They have straight and solid hair, but with time they start to thin out. They have dark eyes, swarthy eyes, strong limbs and a straight nose. These people have an excellent physique, with hard muscles.

Oxen have a strong will and are very self-assured. They are not afraid to express their point of view and are straightforward in their views. Equilibrium, energy of Metal Ox is combined with the sharpness of the words spoken, caused by a sense of frankness and justice. People under the sign of the Metal Ox feel good in the role of a lawyer or prosecutor, they like to make different judgments, to command and give assessments. They pursue their goal with strong perseverance and can get carried away, that they do not notice anything around them. This is often disastrous for them.

Metal Oxen are honest people, you can rely on them. They will not promise what they can not do. They are connoisseurs of fine art and are always happy with their friends, their surroundings. But at the same time, friendly relations can not free them from their duties. These people are incorruptible, although they have a lack of imagination. Their strict attitude can lead to melancholy and depression.

Metal Oxen should not take too seriously external aggression from surrounding people. They do not need to erect a monument to themselves in life. Metal Ox live well in the open territory, in the village, and farm, grow vegetables. It’s better to be who you are.

Metal Oxen love the autumn season and feel good in a dry climate. The Vulnerable organs of these Oxen are the large intestine and the lungs. They are very fond of spicy dishes, different seasonings, but it is better for them to eat oatmeal dishes and give preference to horse meat. Metal Oxen are recommended to do more breathing exercises that can help them relax.

The color that brings them happiness and luck is blue.

Metal Ox Man

People are slightly wary of the Metal Ox, which is famous for its quick temper. Everything that does not like the man of this sign, is severely criticized. To convince him is beyond the power of even the closest and beloved person. The Metal Ox is a stubborn man, so he will never admit his mistakes. Moreover, it easily falls into a rage, if they try to convince him otherwise. But he has a wonderful instinct for profitable transactions, differs diligence. Therefore, invariably achieves success in all matters, easily solves the most difficult problems. At work, he is respected and even a little afraid. If the man was a little softer, he would immediately become the favorite of the collective.

In dealing with women, the Metal Ox is a gallant man, just an ideal boyfriend. Knows how to make compliments, presents expensive gifts. True, the chosen one will have to obey him in everything; he will still find a way to insist on his own. In the family he is an unconditional leader and authority, adheres to the patriarchal foundations. Children and the wife must unquestioningly carry out his decisions. But they will never need anything, because the industrious, active Metal Ox works a lot. Sufficiently unpretentious, can manage small, spends all of his money on family and friends. For his stern appearance hides a soft and kind heart.

Metal Ox Woman

Liberated, brave women of this sign do not consider it necessary to pretend. Do not become secretive and cunning, prefer to express their own, albeit too sharp, opinion. Metal Ox woman is by no means shy modest, she knows how to achieve her own. Chooses a profession related to public activities, not afraid to speak to people. It maintains friendly relations with colleagues, but this does not mean that it can be loaded with its problems. Does not consider it necessary to waste time on what is not interesting to her and does not benefit. The self-confident, active woman is aimed at a successful career, her dream is a high position.

In a romantic relationship, this brave woman often takes the initiative. Without waiting for courtship, the first begins to show interest in a man, without hesitation, she gives him signs of attention. She knows perfectly well what tu expects from her family life, so she has no illusions. Clearly calculates her future, tries to achieve everything planned. Her plans include a strong family alliance, although the honorary role of the head of the family is left to her. Metal Ox woman is not too romantic, prefers to think about pressing problems. In her life there should not be and practically no surprises. The house shines with cleanliness, the husband and children are surrounded by care and love.

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