Metal Rat

Metal Rat Years: 1900, 1960, 2020

Active Element: Metal & Water

Associated Sun Sign: Sagittarius ♐

Rat Elements: Wood Rat, Fire Rat, Earth Rat, Metal Rat, Water Rat.

Metal Rat is very truthful and peculiar. Itself is ready to work day and night, it does not regret anybody, everyone can make also work without rest. Do not contradict her — it will not help. A firm unyielding character spoils this Rat life, she understands this, but rarely inclined to change, to please others.

This type of Rat is the most idealistic. Their speech is often brisk, and they are very emotional. Such people can hide their feelings, showing fun, cheerfulness and sociability. In reality, they are often jealous, spiteful and selfish owners. They seek to get a positive evaluation of other people. Metal Rats like money, but they are not prone to reserve, so do not mind spending some money on what is considered a valuable and quality thing. They know how to invest money correctly.

Such people like to impress other people, so the house at the Metal Rat is luxuriously decorated. They like dramas and different performances and often have good taste: they appreciate classics and luxury. They are athletically stacked. If the Metal Rat can use its basic qualities, it will achieve the fame and sympathy of others. This person, will strive to rotate in the higher circles among influential people.

Metal Rat Chinese Zodiac

Metal appeared as a result of a touch of the western sky with the Earth. Metal represents a cold autumn wind from the harsh steppes, which seeks a space for existence. People born under this sign of the zodiac, as a rule, have a strong constitution of the body and strong bone. The hair of people born under this sign, have extraordinary firmness and are extremely straight, but after a period of years they begin to thin up abundantly. They have powerful limbs and a rough jaw, eyes and skin are often dark shades, and their nose is quite straightened.

Those Rats, who were born under the influence of the elements of metal, have an acute mind and exquisite taste. They are comfortable and very comfortable to equip their homes. Such rats are welcome to receive guests and will themselves be pleased to visit a refined society. The innate scent of these people regarding the affairs of the financial sphere, as well as understanding in investing their finances, is their distinguishing feature. Basically, people born under the sign of "Metal Rat" are very self-confident in life (although there are shy persons). And the devotion with which they treat their relatives and friends is simply admirable.

Metal Rats are sharp and unambiguous, and also sharp on the language in circulation, which sometimes do not like others. They have a stubborn character. Although the line of their observation for destruction and creation is very thin, their thoughts lead them to an incomprehensible sense of melancholy and deep sadness. Trying to find a balance in their lives, they often find themselves on the verge of loneliness and can completely become locked in themselves.

Metal Rats, because of their infinite energy and magnificent eloquence, are not afraid of the complexities and difficulties in life. Their qualities and talents find their best application in the legislative field, because these Rats adore giving orders, judging and resolving disputes. They are wonderful organizers, but the inherent "Metall Rat" straightforwardness sometimes repels and frightens the surrounding people, so they are recommended, at least, occasionally to relax and let them dream. Sometimes they behave unpredictably, that this can lead to their isolation from society and they should seriously think about how to hide or soften some facets of their character. If the Metal Rat, when it reaches its goal, deprives itself of too much, it will inevitably fall into its own trap.

Autumn weather best affects their mood, and dry climate has a favorable effect on their health. Metal Rats should pay special attention to their lungs, as well as the small intestine, because these are their most vulnerable organs. Their food, they love to be pretty sharp, and the greatest preference is given to dishes made from horse meat and oats. They are as often as possible to spend time outdoors and give time to breathing exercises, doing this for the prevention of lung diseases.

The white color of the Metal Rat is a symbol of their success and prosperity.

Metal Rat Man

The firmness and determination of the people of this sign gives them and others a lot of problems. The Metal Rat is an ambitious man, sparing neither himself nor his loved ones for his own ambitious goals. It is important for him to feel his importance, trying to take a leading position. Of the men of this sign, good managers are getting, they are not afraid to make bold, risky decisions. In the communication with colleagues and business partners they show friendliness, skillfully disguise true thoughts. They are often unfair and cruel to people, do not appreciate their good attitude. It’s hard for someone else to succeed, they are too focused on themselves, but as workers they are simply flawless.

Metal Rat male proud and proud. Women are deterred by their indispensable desire to prove their superiority. But to resist their charm is impossible, the more reliable and faithful partners. Metal Rat men are generous, do not be afraid to spend large sums on really worthwhile things, including on your favorite woman. However, in family life only they have the right to vote, do not consider it necessary to listen to the opinion of their second half. These are terrible owners, they will never accept cheating. They do not hesitate to show their displeasure, they are harsh and rude. But at the same time they are considered to be very good family men, touchingly touching the welfare of their loved ones.

Metal Rat Woman

For inventive, business Metal Rat women, there are no serious obstacles to the intended goal. If these tenacious, resourceful people have made a decision, it means they will certainly achieve their goal. Of course, they will play by the rules, representatives of this sign differ in their honesty and integrity. Too self-confident, to go down to squabbles and intrigue. At work, they are appreciated for their high professional qualities, firmness of convictions and diligence. They try to establish good relations with everyone, but this does not mean that they behave sincerely. They prefer to hide their true attitude, although they do not always succeed.

A Metal Rat is a freedom-loving woman, she will not sit at home, but the leader’s place to her face. At the same time, the husband and children can be absolutely calm, they are not interested in intrigues and novels on the side, this is a person very devoted to the interests of his family. The energy of this single-minded person is enough to solve household problems. It has a wonderful taste, lovingly furnishes its house. In family relationships, it would not hurt to show great flexibility, close people sometimes perceive the Metal Rat as a despot and tyrant. But this is not so, she just can not cope with her nature, she likes to lead too much. If desired, can become a soft, feminine person.

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