Metal Rooster

Metal Rooster Years: 1921, 1981, 2041

Active Element: Metal

Associated Sun Sign: Virgo ♍

Rooster Elements: Wood Rooster, Fire Rooster, Earth Rooster, Metal Rooster, Water Rooster.

The Metal Rooster knows exactly what he needs and how to achieve it. Purposefully and persistently, he follows the planned plan, however, sometimes he overstrains the stick in his zeal, ignores both his doubts and unpleasant premonitions, and the advice of friends. He works a lot, very often unselfishly, but with a high expectation of his merits. A good economist and businessman, a Metal Rooster could be successful if he was more compliant and could at times retreat.

A practical, accurate and hardworking Rooster who conquers people with his brilliant abilities for deduction. He is inventive, optimistic, a great idealist and passionately fond of working. Under the influence of Metal, he is somewhat self-confident and hard-headed; has an irresistible need to be an important and famous person. He is an indefatigable hard worker, so focused only on his own vision that it is difficult for him even to simply pay attention to the opinions and ideas of others. Being a talented speaker, he is able to silence the opponents’ voices. Although the Metal Rooster is very well-informed about everything and is judicious, it is difficult for him to be impartial if it is his own self-esteem.

If he can not establish relations with other people or compromise, his talents and talent will be lost. He is too rational, and his propensity for analysis can be terrifying. In a bad mood, he even presents an ordinary medical examination in the blackest colors. He should curb his excessive zeal and be more open-minded to other people.

Despite the external bravado, the Metal Rooster can fall under the power of emotions. He insists that there should be order in his life and — requires compliance with all the rules of hygiene or even sterile cleanliness where he lives. Since the calculating Rooster attracts material wealth, he is also concerned about social reforms. He will not hesitate to apply his knowledge for the sake of humanity and perhaps self-fulfilling, solving social problems or coming up with reforms that will make the world a better place.

Metal Rooster Chinese Zodiac

When a person born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Rooster is affected by the Metal Element, the result is a quite brash personality. These Roosters have a super-huge ego, and that can turn others off. Although Metal Roosters can be wonderful people once you get to know them, they are stand offish and full of themselves on the surface. Metal Roosters sometimes need to learn to stop talking about themselves and listen to others.

Although these Metal Roosters do have large egos, they need a partner who will support them emotionally, because they can still be fragile deep down. They have a need to believe in themselves, which is why they project that overconfident aura.

All Roosters are very honest people. Roosters can come off as blunt, because they don’t mince words. Metal Roosters have this tendency even more, and can sound downright harsh at times. In reality, Roosters are not too sensitive to constructive criticism (it bounces right off of them) and assume that others can take brutal honesty as well as they can. If you are friends with a Metal Rooster, you may find yourself offended at times, but if you are a forgiving person you will be able to see the intelligence and talent that lies behind the blunt exterior.

Metal Rooster Man

Among his partners and close friends the Metal Rooster enjoys great respect. He is often approached for advice, and all his instructions are strictly observed. This is a sensible person, trying to calculate the possible risks as accurately as possible. The Metal Rooster is an ambitious man, eager to achieve fame and universal acceptance. He feels great among a large crowd of people, loves to perform, and he is hard-pressed by loneliness. He makes a bet on diligence, will not intrigue and lie for the sake of achieving his goals. He tries to achieve an ideal result in any business, it is important for him to take place in life, especially in material terms.

This narcissist, will never reconcile himself to the role of a rejected admirer, will try to achieve reciprocity by any means. The Metal Rooster is a determined man, acts boldly and even harshly. In love relationships, he shows himself as a leader, does not consider it necessary to give in to a woman. He can speak beautifully, attentively and generously, but within reason. He likes bright, showy women, ready for any experiments. But the Metal Rooster is a wise man, so he still gives preference to quiet, modest people. This is a responsible partner, his children and wife will live in full prosperity. True, you can not exclude treason and novels on the side.

Metal Rooster Woman

Purposeful, ambitious woman is ready to do everything for the sake of fulfilling her dreams. Before her decisive pressure, not one obstacle will stand, she always achieves the conceived. Metal Rooster woman ambitious, trying to occupy a high post, otherwise sees no reason to work. Her will power, endurance can only envy, makes the impression of a tough person. Although it’s a real flirt, like all representatives of the sign of the Rooster, loves to hear compliments, sometimes not averse to exaggerate their achievements. In a moment of weakness may succumb to the entreaties, but quickly picks himself and continues to move forward with renewed vigor.

This passionate, temperamental woman craves love and male attention. She can not afford to get carried away by a weak person with dubious prospects. Even a strong feeling will not make her give up her principles. Looking for a respectable man, a relationship with which can bring not only pleasure, but a benefit. Metal Rooster is a beautiful woman, she always has a lot of fans. True, not everyone can withstand its pressure, the desire to be an indisputable authority and leader in a love relationship. Having married, does not abandon attempts to conquer the whole world, spends a lot of time at work. At the same time it is considered a good mistress, likes to clean and order the house.

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