Metal Snake

Metal Snake Years: 1941, 2001, 2061

Active Element: Metal & Fire

Associated Sun Sign: Taurus ♉

Snake Elements: Wood Snake, Fire Snake, Earth Snake, Metal Snake, Water Snake.

This Snake is the most closed, of all Snakes. It is comfortable and cozy for her to do everything alone. She is a good strategist, who is sensitive to where and when to make efforts to get benefits for herself. Others have little interest in it. The exception is her very close friends and family members, to whom she is devoted all her life. The Metal Snake in the family is soft and flexible. They take care that only good things are bought into the house, even exquisite things, so that they be always picky. The arrogance of this Snake makes her life restless and unstable.

Metal Snake is endowed with a calculating and subtle mind, and also incredible willpower. Being very fastidious in her tastes, she vigilantly sees all the possibilities and chances and loves secretly, alone to nurture plans to make the next move. She likes to move quickly and noiselessly; she knows how to take a profitable position before someone can stop her or prevent her.

Metal in the celestial trunk can make the Snake greedy for luxury and pleasure, and then it will devote itself to the pursuit of wealth and power. The Metal Snake sees clearly and far and tries to extract the greatest benefit from everything that meets her in life. Metal Snake is much more secretive, elusive and self-confident than other Snakes, and therefore more often suspects other people of hidden motives; sometimes this suspicion comes to paranoia.

This Snake knows how to achieve power and influence; her eyes are envious; she is constantly trying to get rid of enemies - honest ways or deceit. It is difficult for her to accept defeat or failure. Domineering, she likes to be the main and sometimes becomes surprisingly unsociable; she sets her sights on life from her youth and then does not get distracted from him. She can be generous and kind, but not at the expense of herself. He never puts everything at stake, but always has a few "stash".

Metal Snake Chinese Zodiac

Under the direct cover of the first element, which is metal behavior and the life cycle of the Snake becomes very durable and not exposed to hazardous factors. But among other things, the Eastern horoscope tells us that the Snake suffers from the fact that the feelings necessary for a harmonious life and other tender emotions do not penetrate the shell. That leaves a certain imprint on the character of the person born under this sign of the zodiac.

Not only does a Snake’s cold-blooded animal affect the metal several times, but it cools even more, which gives rise to such a moment in behavior as rigidity and cruelty, as well as not being receptive to the requests and possible problems of surrounding people.

Not trusting in nature snakes become even more suspicious and in this regard allow in the circle of communication a few people who have been pre-checked by various situations arising in life. But representatives of the sign of the zodiac are received by responsible employees who strictly perform their work for the benefit of the company, although snakes prefer to become the head of the company and carry out sole work that does not depend on others.

Excessively serious attitude does not let them relax and therefore they can suffer without giving the appearance of the environment from the lack of certain emotions that can be let in to themselves a little by letting the situation out of control. Excellent for metal snakes in the autumn season is the dry climate, which has a positive reflection in overall health.

Metal Snake Man

This cautious man leads a secretive way of life. It is with great distrust not only to unfamiliar people, but also to close friends. It is very difficult to deserve his respect and recognition, but if it succeeds, he will prove himself as a devoted and reliable partner. Metal Snake man is suspicious, envious, does not tolerate rivalry. He considers himself worthy of the highest position, therefore he slowly but surely moves up the career ladder. He loves his work and most importantly — responsibly refers to it. It is an excellent specialist, ready to help conscientious colleagues. The rest of the staff makes quite tough demands.

In a romantic relationship, first of all, he seeks understanding. He strives to find a reliable companion, who will always support him in everything. Remains true to his choice throughout his life, tries to create a strong family alliance. He will not change himself, but he will not tolerate deception on the part of the woman. Metal Snake is a rather jealous man, although outwardly very cold. Vigorously protects the family from any encroachment. Will not allow to interfere in their relationship even to friends. Only he has the right to decide how his relatives should act. Wisely guides the actions of the wife and children, knows what they need for happiness. This is the most loyal and faithful of all representatives of the Snake sign.

Metal Snake Woman

A woman born in the year of the Metal Snake strikes with her coolness. Perfectly owns himself, perfectly understands what awaits her in every life situation. Do not take hasty decisions, especially to share your thoughts. Unlike most women, it’s not chatty at all, many consider it secretive. This is quite an ambitious person, besides not indifferent to material benefits. Therefore, try to be as good as possible in life. Metal Snake woman strong-willed and brave, it is cruel with competitors, but only until it has reached its goal. At work, she is praised for diligence and responsibility, this is a fine professional of her craft.

Metal Snake — self-confident woman, this is a real egoist, so in the first place she cares about her interests. Ready to marry only with a decent man who occupies a prominent position in society. His material well-being plays an important role. She loves comfort, understands art, tastes of her house. Of the women of this sign, gorgeous wives are born. They are wonderful housewives, ready to devote a lot of time to domestic chores. Truth will try to combine marriage and career, too smart and prudent to settle at home. Metal Snakes touchingly care for their children, spoil them for any reason.

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