Rat — Chinese Zodiac

Earthly Branch: zi

Heavenly Stem: WaterYang

Auspicious Directions: southeast, northeast

Lucky Colors: blue, golden, green

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3

Lucky Flowers: lily, African violet, lily of the valley

Rat Birthstones: Moonstone, Emerald, Heliotrope, Diamond

Associated Sun Sign: Sagittarius ♐

Chinese Calendar: Rat Year, Rat Month, Rat Day, Rat Hour.

Elements: Wood Rat, Fire Rat, Earth Rat, Metal Rat, Water Rat.

Personality of the Rat

The rat has the first position in the Chinese Zodiac. Rats are quick-witted, resourceful and versatile. With strong intuition and quick response, they are always easy to adapt themselves to a new environment. With rich imaginations and sharp observation, rats can take advantage of opportunity to do anything. Rats have strong curiosity, so they tend to try their hands at anything, and they can deal with it skillfully. Ladies belonging to the rat zodiac sign are pretty, smart and lovely. They have quick minds and dexterous hands to learn anything.

As lack of courage and insight, as well as proper command capabilities, rats are not capable to be leaders. Opportunistic and picky as rats are, they do not have great minds, but a narrow view. Rats are kind, but sometimes are impolite to others. People of the rat zodiac sign usually sleep late at night for mice are nocturnal animals.

Strengths of the Rat

People under this sign are usually smart and wealthy and will work for success. They are sanguine and very adaptable, being popular with others. Rat girls have a flair for cleanliness and tidiness. They are clever and adorable, personable and materialistic. They are also by nature thoughtful, sensible, judiciously and curious.

Weaknesses of the Rat

They are usually timid, lack of concentration and stability. They are in need of courage introspection, principles and responsibility. The do not look authoritatively, incapable of assuming a leading position. They stick fast and refused to be influenced. They are easily guided only by their private interests. They have natural goodness but look unpolite. They are also iobstinate and selfish. They are likely to speculate and they profess their greed as a virtue.


Health of the Rat

General speaking, rats are healthy. They are full of energy and active, which help them keep fit and stay away from illness. In dry seasons, they should pay attention to prevent trouble of respiratory and skin problems. With enough rest they can keep high spirits at work, which can improve work efficiency. A balanced diet and regular exercise benefit rats. When in stressful and tense conditions, rats are suggested to take a tour to free stress and tension.

Career of the Rat

With good insight and sharp perspective, rats have good judgment in what they do, which enables them to prevent unnecessary trouble. Rats are cautious and meticulous, so they tend to show a serious attitude toward their work. People of the rat zodiac sign are suitable to such careers as administrator, director, manager, entrepreneur, broadcaster, writer, musician, stand-up comedian, politician, lawyer, researcher, and racing car driver.

Relationships of the Rat

With an active nature, rats enjoy a flexible social circle. They are interested in attending different kinds of social occasions. They like to make new friends, but they seldom further their relationships with others. Rats have a charming appearance, which can attract more friends. For love relationship, rats find it easy to start a new relationship with someone, but they also break off relationships easily, which results in trouble with love affairs.

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