Water Dog

Water Dog Years: 1922, 1982, 2042

Active Element: Water & Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Libra ♎

Dog Elements: Wood Dog, Fire Dog, Earth Dog, Metal Dog, Water Dog.

The Water Dog — does not bother to fulfill the established rules, leads a free, comfortable life for her. He tries to please his relatives and friends and, simply, in her opinion, good people. She is ready to get into debt, to make someone of them an unimportant gift, not at all regretting it. Water Dog at economy, reasonableness of some degree, could provide to itself and the family decent prosperity without special efforts. Intuitive Dog, which is difficult to knock off the trail. If she is female, she is very attractive or even strikingly beautiful.

The element of Water gives her receptivity, and she will sympathize even with those who oppose her. However, despite the pleasant nature and democratic views, she does not always make serious promises and often thinks too loosely about issues that need to be taken seriously.

She is more accommodating than other Dogs, condescending to others, and to herself, often indulges her whims and kites. But, since her temper is mitigated by the element of Water, this Dog is able to largely restrain its emotions and is therefore calm and pleasant in communication. It makes a good impression on people.

The Water Dog is a good adviser, a fair judge, law-abiding and executive, she easily speaks and philosophically refers to something that is difficult to change or from which it is impossible to get rid of. She is destined to have a crowd of friends: many will want to join her.

Water Dog Chinese Zodiac

A Water Dog’s personality deviates quite far from the usual Dog personality. These Dogs are logical and smart (like other Dogs) and tend to seek out an education for themselves. This results in a sophisticated point of view and an ability to see things from other perspectives. As a result, these Dogs are more flexible in their views and better and changing plans at the last minute than other Dogs generally are. A slightly more adventurous spirit gives Water Dogs a broader range of experiences than other Dogs tend to get.

Water Dogs are far less rigid than others born under the Chinese sign of the Dog. They are not so anxious when routines are disrupted, and this wins them many friends. It also makes them more prone to overspending, however, and can make them a little less loyal. Since they are more willing to be flexible and do things at the last minute, they may find themselves bowing out of prior commitments.

Since Water Dogs are so logical, it is possible for them to foresee the consequences of their actions and others’. This makes them great at giving advice, and it help keep both them and their friends out of trouble. A person who is born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dog and tempered by Water makes a great friend who isn’t too stuck on routines and schedules, but will never betray you.

The Water element affect the Chinese horoscope sign of the Dog in a way that makes him or her more relaxed and easygoing, but does not detract too much from his or her loyal nature. These people are well prepared to handle life’s uncertainties.

Water Dog Man

This man does not consider it necessary to follow the general rules. He leads a free way of life, tries to avoid constant attachments. He has a strong intuition, so he understands well what should be done in this or that situation. Water Dog is a sociable man, quickly makes friends. Many consider him frivolous, incapable of making important decisions. He tries not to get stuck in small things, but he will not get involved in adventures either. He is an industrious and responsible person, a true connoisseur of his work. Chooses a profession that guarantees good prosperity. Water Dog man generous, easily part with money, because he never experiences financial difficulties.

For family life, a man of this sign is looking for a worthy partner. Can start a lot of novels, but will not get married until he meets his one and only. Water Dog is a man sentimental, believes in love at first sight. She looks beautiful, arranges romantic dates. He is attracted by light, cheerful women who can make a company in entertainment. Truth is not less valuable female qualities for him are intelligence and discretion. Likes to talk on a variety of topics, so he needs a wise woman. In family life manifests itself as a leader, caring husband and father. Loves to give gifts, spends a lot of money on the whims of loved ones.

Water Dog Woman

This cheerful woman is liked by everyone without exception. Loves to communicate, enjoys spending time in noisy companies. She treats all acquaintances kindly, tries to prevent quarrels and conflicts. The Water Dog is a woman who is peaceful, she likes to see people around her happy and contented with life. Spends a lot of time with his family, spares no effort to solve their problems. Nature has endowed her with a talent to feel the world around her, so she can protect her friends from troubles and troubles. Colleagues appreciate the Water Dog for the ability to perform work quickly and efficiently. She never complains, she takes her duties responsibly.

In a loving relationship, the Water Dog is looking for lightness, diligently avoiding tedious, mean men. She likes active, energetic people, ready at any time of the day to go on an adventure search. And the Water Dog is a reasonable woman, she is just interested in everything that happens around. She will not get involved in questionable business, but she will not be bored at home either. Her heart will be able to conquer a generous, intelligent man, ready to support, inspire and help with real deeds. Most of all in people appreciate kindness, honesty, she is deeply devoted to relatives and friends. In marriage, she manifests herself as a caring wife, very attached to children, does not like lengthy reasoning, educates them by her own example.

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