Water Dragon

Water Dragon Years: 1952, 2012, 2072

Active Element: Water & Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Aries ♈

Dragon Elements: Wood Dragon, Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, Metal Dragon, Water Dragon.

Water Dragon is very patient. He does everything slowly, thoroughly and soundly. He needs the final result in the best possible way, so he applies all methods and methods to achieve it. His chance to succeed and excel he rarely misses. Sociable and attentive is always surrounded by friends and admirers of his business qualities and organizational skills. He likes talking about souls and cheerful, light companies. The Water Dragon, if it does not try to embrace the immense, will justify the admiration and expectations of its admirers.

This Dragon is not as powerful as the others; he likes natural growth and development. For the sake of the common good, he is capable of pushing self-esteem aside; he is not very selfish and self-confident. He is a closed, but progressive person and tries very hard not to be as suspicious as the other Dragons. But you can not call it compliant. With all his mind and willpower, he often decides to take a wait-and-see attitude. Water Dragon lives by the principle of "be true to yourself" and does not take revenge on those with whom his ways are divergent. He is democratic and liberal and can, without regret, admit defeat or accept a refusal.

Water calms Dragon energy and beneficially affects the Dragon, giving his actions wisdom and giving him knowledge about what needs to be done to move forward. Fast and reliable, he with unremitting zeal translates his ideas into reality. He knows how to negotiate and knows when, where and how to "press". His main weakness is excessive optimism. Trying to take on too much, this Dragon can lose everything. He should learn to drop everything that is unsuitable for his purposes.

Water Dragon Chinese Zodiac

The Water element for the Dragon is the optimal place for harmonious finding as it is in its element with the usual entourage. Arriving in the watery abyss, the Dragon gathers the forces that he may need to achieve his goals in other elements, be it air or earth — he becomes, is not important, since he already has the necessary energy charge, and he is ready to engage in battle. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac still need to understand that water can somewhat retard the achievement of the set goals, since this factor is one of the determining factors in certain situations. Therefore, according to the Chinese horoscope, every effort should be made to prevent such influence and avoid situations that could adversely affect the whole picture of life as a whole.

These Dragons are characterized by calm and balanced character. In addition, they are very gallant people, leading a very measured and correct way of life. The intelligentsia in their vivid incarnation aspiring to demonstrate good manners, which they receive at ease to all members of the environment. The Chinese horoscope indicates the presence of an excellent sense of style and sense of humor in such people, which contributes to their easy living of the metered cycle.

The leader, born under the sign of the zodiac, leads his subordinates through possible difficulties with surprising ease and discretion, which is conditioned by the basic features inherent in such people. There is also one nuance that must be taken into account, it consists in inability to keep the fuse and very quickly to inflame all the necessary forces into small things, which in turn can lead to certain difficulties in the process.

They adore winter and cold, because well-being and excess of energy during this period reaches its apogee. Organs to which it is necessary especially to be concerned is the gallbladder and kidneys because diet compliance is just a necessary moment of life for dragons born under water protection. Ideal pastime is visiting the pool at any time of the year in order to bring the body to an excellent condition.

Water Dragon Man

A good-natured, sympathetic man does not lack communication. He loves noisy companies, maintains friendly relations with all, despite the position and status, is highly respected. Water Dragon man is restrained, will not make a scandal, prefer to settle the matter with the world. Nobody ever saw him angry, he carefully controls his emotions. He is a fine speaker, he owns the gift of persuasion. Can inspire his subordinates to labor feats, without resorting to threats. On the contrary, he will try to find an approach for everyone, he will spare no time for trusting conversations. However, he will not stand on ceremony with lazy people, does not like and does not respect unorganized people.

This gallant man can turn a head to any woman. He knows how to look after, does not spare beautiful words for his chosen one. With great pleasure he buys her everything she wants. He likes to make romantic dates, tries to impress the woman’s imagination. However, after getting married, it becomes more restrained and exacting. Water Dragon man is fastidious, likes cleanliness and order. The wife should not only manage the economy well, but also share his hobbies. Never agree to give the role of leader to his second half. Strives to become an indisputable authority for your children, requires complete obedience.

Water Dragon Woman

A woman born in the year of the Water Dragon is ambitious enough to vegetate in low positions. At the same time, it shows some lightheadedness, it can not be relied on in solving important issues. Although she tries to cope with herself, she tries to become more disciplined and responsible. Loves to communicate, wants everyone to like. Has all the data to take the place of the head, her subordinates will be happy with such a good boss. She has a strong intuition, knows exactly the capabilities of each person. She tries to maintain good relations, despite the circumstances. In the event of a conflict situation, she can quickly settle it, the first will go to reconciliation.

A cheerful, cheerful woman in love relationships is looking for new, vivid emotions. She does not like to suffer, she likes to communicate, to travel more. Will give preference to a man who is able to surprise and give positive emotions. Water Dragon is a kind woman, she is always ready to help her chosen one. Do not reject the boyfriend because of his poor financial situation. Strives to create a strong family, dreams of children. True, the husband must remember her temper, yet she was born in the year of the Dragon. Therefore, never forgive treason and even innocent flirting. However, she will try to understand the motives that pushed his wife to commit treason. This woman is very attached to her children, trying to give them all the best.

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