Water Goat

Water Goat Years: 1943, 2003, 2063

Active Element: Water & Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Cancer ♋

Goat Elements: Wood Goat, Fire Goat, Earth Goat, Metal Goat, Water Goat.

Water Goat (Sheep) is the most lucky in life. She knows how to choose a business, according to her abilities, talent and desire. She is ambitious and sincerely worried if something goes wrong. But the fear of hampering her self-esteem does not allow her to seek help. At home, neat, busy, prefers expensive, beautiful things. He does not like to throw money into the wind, so when buying them, they follow the saying: "We are not so rich as to buy cheap things." This approach provides them, to advanced years, a fairly solid state in the form of works of art, gold, precious stones. If Goat (Sheep) did not pay attention to all sorts of trivia, did not invent a problem for herself — her life would be calm and stable.

This sheep is very attractive to people. There are many people in her circle who want to take care of her, and if necessary, an army will come to help. The Water Sheep is timid, but well-able to adapt; it attracts to those on whom you can rely. Under the influence of the element of Water, it follows the path of the least resistance. Impressive, always follows the wishes of the majority or those who have a strong influence on it. Susceptible to other people’s ideas, but clinging to something that has already become used to. He is afraid to change his way of life and will never want to explore the unknown on his own.

Despite the numerous interests, thanks to which the Water Goat easily converges with anyone, she suffers from a martyr complex; when something does not work out as she would like, it seems to her that everyone rejects and persecutes her, not letting her insist on her own.

Water Goat Chinese Zodiac

Before us is a great seducer, confident in charm. She is so sweet and sweet that many would like to be her patrons. Unlike their sisters, the Water Goat (Sheep) knows what it wants, does not risk in vain, does not act rashly, but focuses its efforts on one chosen direction. She is careful and acts consistently. All this allows her to make a good career, in whatever sphere she worked.

Her behavior inspires trust and disposition, and this provides her with the protection of the right people. But not always its way strewn with roses. The Water Goat (Sheep) is often concerned only with insisting on its own, and is very offended if the wind turns out to be not a passing one for it.

Water Goat Man

Charming, cheerful man has the ability to find friends everywhere, wherever he may be. With all friends maintains a good relationship, likes to communicate, is ready to support a fun company. Calm and confident, always in a good mood. He does not harbor illusions about his talents, quite clearly understands what kind of thing is his calling. Do not rush to the heights of a career, if not experiencing the pleasure of work. Even at the most modest position, he works responsibly, acts thoughtfully and carefully. Thanks to his positive attitude and goodwill, he avoids conflicts both at work and in everyday life.

In relations with women, the man of this sign is an incorrigible romantic. Enough impressionable and timid, so the other boyfriends do not perceive him as a serious rival. However, the Water Goat is a patient man, he will certainly achieve his goal, no matter how long it takes. Often it is this seemingly quite normal man who gives their hearts to recognized beauties. It just feels the manliness and self-confidence, the willingness to fulfill all the desires of a woman. Having married, becomes a caring husband, betrayed protects the peace of the spouse. He devotes much time to raising children, easily finds a common language with them.

Water Goat Woman

This mysterious woman often remains misunderstood by the surrounding people. Many consider the Water Goat a frivolous, flirtatious young lady, but her inner world is much more complicated than external simplicity. She is an intelligent woman, who is sensitive to the mood of people. She wants to achieve the perfect result in everything, strives for an unattainable ideal. Painfully suffers from the need to change anything in her life. Equally sweet with all friends, does not like to quarrel, so try to avoid scandal by any means. Of the women of this sign, beautiful bosses, good and understanding, are obtained. The Water Goat is an example of the most peaceful and harmless creature in the world.

In a loving relationship, this woman seeks support and understanding, she can perfectly do without violent emotions, tears and suffering. In every man she is looking for a reliable partner, a faithful companion. Will be grateful for care and attention, and love is not the most important component of a strong marriage. Although the Water Goat is a romantic woman, she knows a lot about beautiful courtship. Having married, she becomes a terrific mistress, loves her house with special love. She takes care of her husband and children, it is important that her loved ones do not experience emotional discomfort. In return, waiting for a caring attitude, after all the Water Goat is a fragile woman, although it tries not to show its weaknesses.

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