Water Horse

Water Horse Years: 1942, 2002, 2062

Active Element: Water & Fire

Associated Sun Sign: Gemini ♊

Horse Elements: Wood Horse, Fire Horse, Earth Horse, Metal Horse, Water Horse.

The Water Horse is a very intelligent, interesting interlocutor who knows everything in the world. Talented, hard and stubborn, she almost always achieves what she wants from life. Intuition and riskiness allow her to navigate in crisis situations, so she almost always wins in various financial transactions, becomes a banker, an adviser, a businessman. But failures, even small ones, take it out of themselves, deprive them of the ability to think soberly and calmly, adequately to find a way out of them or to take up another cause. Fine taste, grace and grace, sense of proportion are inherent in the Water Horse at any age, so its true age is difficult to determine. She takes great care of her health, so she leads an active life, loves physical work, and plays sports. Neighborliness and vanity do not really spoil the Water Horse, but they create other problems and inconveniences.

Friendly and very clean Horse. She has excellent business acumen, but she is usually too concerned about her own well-being, position and comfort. Easily adapts to the new and changes the serious changes without batting an eyelid. It is a nomadic Horse, it is more restless than other Horses. A hard-headed traveler, loves sports; the weather did not get used to the weather.

Having made the decision, she will change it a hundred times and can do everything quite different, without even notifying colleagues about it and explaining nothing to them. It is guided only by impulses of inspiration. Being sensitive to the world around, she often recognizes changes and trends earlier than anyone else.

The Water Horse has a subtle sense of humor and can be very funny if you want. Colorful, but with taste and fashionable clothes, can support conversation on any topic with anyone. In a bad mood, becomes pathetic and inconstant and can, unfortunately, be very inattentive to others. Water Horse must necessarily learn long-term planning and perseverance in the work. Her ability to interact and convince beyond praise, and if she manages to become a little more patient, she will have a lot of supporters.

Water Horse Chinese Zodiac

According to the Chinese horoscope, every person is affected not only by one of the twelve animal signs, but is also altered by one of five elements. The Water Horse is very changeable. Like water, he or she constantly shifts. This makes a person born as a Water Horse in the Chinese Zodiac very flexible and adaptable, but also makes him or her very indecisive. These Horses have an even harder time making up their minds than other Horses, which makes them even more cautious about commitment!

You are not likely to be able to nail a Water Horse down-it would be like trying to hold a handful of water!-but it is easy to enjoy a person born under the Chinese sign of the Horse and tempered by water simply for what he or she is. Water Horses enjoy socializing, chatter, and gossip, but they are likely to flit between groups of friends as the mood strikes them.

Horses crave exercise, and Water Horses are no exception. All Horses crave fresh air, but the Water Horse is likely to feel an affinity for water sports especially. A person born as a Water Horse is likely to feel refreshed and renewed by being in their element.

Since Water Horses are not very good at completing domestic tasks or chores, it can be annoying to live with them. They become distracted before finishing a project, and it ends up being left to finish "later," although later rarely comes. These people do much better on their own than in a romantic relationship because their independent streak is strong.

Water Horse Man

This externally attractive man in close acquaintance is also an interesting interlocutor. He is notable for his liveliness and excessive curiosity. It shows activity, purposefulness, is interested in absolutely everything in the world. He has a wide circle of acquaintances, easily establishes communications. Water Horse is bright man, has a cheerful nature. At work, he quickly finds a common language with all employees, especially with his superiors. Differs rare diligence, likes to travel, so often he begs for business trips. However, it can be quick-tempered, easily gets angry, failures lead him into a bad mood, becomes withdrawn, taciturn.

For the sake of his beloved, this man is ready for any feats, will find a way to get even a star from the sky. And not only in the period of courtship. He is faithful, extremely devoted to his family, never leaves his wife and children. Although not in a hurry to get married, long chooses a companion of life. He strives to find his ideal, Water Horse is quite demanding, wants to see beside him an impeccable woman. In the family he claims to be the leader, rarely listens to the advice of the spouse. Jealous, does not tolerate rivalry. Loves children, tries to organize for them an interesting leisure. Many consider him a good family man, although sometimes he is too strict husband and father.

Water Horse Woman

For this sociable woman of great interest is everything that is happening around. She is well-informed about all secrets and secrets of even unfamiliar people. And she genuinely worries about their life, the Water Horse is a decent woman, and not an interesting gossip. With great attention to colleagues at work, trying to help them. This is a real enthusiast, gives a lot of energy and energy to his favorite business. Water Horse — an emotional, cheerful person, is always in the center of attention, although often she herself comes up with an excuse to be in sight. Likes to travel, with great pleasure shares his impressions. She needs communication, loneliness drives her into anguish.

In a loving relationship, the Water Horse looks for an explosion of emotions, vivid feelings, it is not attracted at all by the image of an eternally suffering, melancholy young lady. She will not meet with a boring man, enjoy life too much, to waste time in vain. She prefers to combine business with pleasure, the woman’s chosen one should have an easy character, while being a fairly successful man. Water Horse is a wise woman, understands perfectly well what a profitable marriage can lead to. She will try to create excellent conditions for her husband, she will not load his duties in the house. This is a good mom who spends a lot of time with children, constantly arranges holidays for them.

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