Water Monkey

Water Monkey Years: 1932, 1992, 2052

Active Element: Water & Metal

Associated Sun Sign: Leo ♌

Monkey Elements: Wood Monkey, Fire Monkey, Earth Monkey, Metal Monkey, Water Monkey.

Water Monkey — very restrained and alert, does not like other people’s advice, painfully perceives criticism. She is a good strategist: before taking on any business, she will think things over well, and will strictly adhere to the planned plan of action, which she does not devote to anyone beforehand. She does not trust her secrets, but she can easily unravel the ideas that she can use for her own purposes. This monkey is attentive, sensitive, always going to improve relations, which can spoil because of any trifle.

This is a materialistic Monkey, which lives by the principle "you — to me, I — to you". Likes to tear his nose. Kind, but secretive. She will not act too straightforward or open her intentions. He is able to patiently get his way. Water gives Monkey a strong sense of purpose. Water Monkey is able to beautifully compromise and bypass barriers, instead of wasting energy and time trying to overcome them.

The Water Monkey is original and original; she softly motivates herself and others, and her ideas are almost not met with resistance, due to how skillfully and dexterously she gives them. She knows how to present everything in the most favorable light. Deeply understands how human relations work, and uses this knowledge to achieve their goals. In a bad mood, the Water Monkey becomes indecisive and diffused. But if it does not close from people, then it can with honor come out of all the trouble.

Water Monkey Chinese Zodiac

There are five elements, according to the Chinese horoscope, and each element affects each sign. A Monkey affected by Water is different from Monkeys affected by other elements. Water is a sensitive element, and Water makes Monkeys quite sensitive and moody. A person born as a Water Monkey under the Chinese Zodiac is easily hurt by words and can be deeply wounded by small actions. These Water Monkeys do not always get along well with other Monkeys, because they are so sensitive to the jokes and pranks that are the trademark of the Monkey person.

Even though the Water Monkey can be hurt easily, it does not necessarily stop him or her from making the same kind of jokes to others! Although a Water Monkey often feels pain, he or she will cover it up and never let it show, except perhaps to the people he or she is closest to.

Water Monkeys share the skills of all Monkeys, and have a chance to be very successful. Their weak point is how distracted they can get. Water Monkeys are prone to getting caught up in petty gossip and drama, which can damage work relationships and be very distracting. A person born as a Water Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac may need help in order to stay focussed and succeed at his or her goals.

Water Monkey Man

The whole life of the man of this sign is subject to strict rules. It seems that he is a little shy of society, is in constant meditation. Although this is a benevolent person, he feels free among a huge crowd of people. Do not hesitate to address a wide audience, and will achieve a loud ovation. But still the Water Monkey is a calm man, likes to spend time alone. It gives him pleasure to think, to reflect, to build hypotheses. He is not determined, he is cautious in his judgments. But the task will be performed with brilliance, because all his steps he will think in advance. This responsible man is listed on a good account with the management.

Water Monkey man is rather timid, but proud. It is difficult for him to take the first step, he is too afraid to hear refusal. But having made a choice, he will remain faithful to the end of his days. The chosen one can count on a quiet family life without betrayals and lies. This is an amazingly loyal person, ready to devote himself to the family. True, we should not expect him to be completely frank, even with his beloved wife and children he will not share his experiences. But always ready to listen, you can contact him with any request. A man of this sign can not be called a tyrant, but he will not allow himself to be pushed around either. I am ready to make a compromise, try to achieve peace and understanding between all members of the family.

Water Monkey Woman

This lovely woman seems defenseless and shy, so self-controlled leads. The truth will never miss its advantage, it will find a way to defend its own interests. Will not swear, find out the relationship, but simply develop the right strategy of behavior. She is ambitious enough, it is important for her to prove her superiority. Water Monkey woman is not quite determined, this feature of her character prevents success. Sometimes it’s easier for her to cheat than persistently and long to prove her case. This is a real woman, able to control the feelings and emotions of other people, especially men. Has a good intuition, diligence, so most often it turns out to be a winner.

In a loving relationship, the Water Monkey seeks understanding, it does not need a narcissistic selfish. A man should help her solve problems, but do it as tactfully as possible. Most of all, people value reliability, but excessive gossip, obsessive behavior can push it away forever. She prefers to experience her own failures alone, only to a limited circle of people. Will be happy with a man willing to compromise, does not tolerate quarrels and scandals. Rapid clarification of relations too tires the woman of this sign. She likes a quiet, calm life, in which there is no room for jealousy and suspicion. Water Monkey for a strong marriage without parting and divorce.

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