Water Rabbit

Water Rabbit Years: 1903, 1963, 2023

Active Element: Water & Wood

Associated Sun Sign: Pisces ♓

Rabbit Elements: Wood Rabbit, Fire Rabbit, Earth Rabbit, Metal Rabbit, Water Rabbit.

Water Rabbit — differs from others in that it is cunning, knows how to use the advice, experience and even miscalculations of others. He, before starting any business, first calculates combinations in different versions, and only then he starts. Failures and failures can not accept both reality and the fact that has happened, and for a long time it executes itself for miscalculation, even if it happens that the culprit is obviously different. In his career, everything turns out for him, because erudition, diligence, meticulousness play into his hands. If this Rabbit were more trusting and open, everything would be fine with him.

This is a very thoughtful Rabbit, fragile and emotional by nature. He does not tolerate harassment and such unpleasant things as a divergence of opinion and wrangling. It is very easy for him to exert influence from the outside, as he is good at capturing and emotionally experiencing the thoughts and feelings of others.

The Water Rabbit has a wonderful memory and an amazing ability to communicate ideas to others, often unconsciously. This attracts like-minded people who support him and stand up for him when he least expects it. Nevertheless, he is very subjective and his own worldview rarely goes beyond the barriers that he himself established. He is always not very confident in the correctness of his beliefs, so it’s easy to change his mind.

The Water Rabbit is a very delicate dreamy nature, and he often lives in the past, and not in the present. He often remembers the events of the past days with regret; He needs a very strong assistant to see the bright side of life and learn how to enjoy it. When he is in a bad mood, he constantly suspects others in something; he is uncompromising, secretive and sometimes suffers from a persecution mania. When he is in a good mood, he can gather strong allies around him. He never loses his associates and influence in society, because he hides his true nature under a mask and no one can see what he really is.

Water Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

The water element affects the representatives of the sign of the zodiac born in the year of the Rabbit in a very ambiguous manner. To a greater extent, an illiterate disposition of the elements can provoke a negative influence on the representative of the sign of the zodiac. As for the water temperature, it should be very comfortable. It is necessary to avoid entering into the flowing water from a low temperature to avoid calling negative emotions.

These Rabbits are wonderful listeners, with them, perhaps, they share certain information and be sure that they will apprehend and appreciate it without resorting to the splash of excessive emotions. These are very shy persons who, throughout the whole time, diligently dilute this quality. In addition, the situation is exacerbated by the excessive susceptibility of the phrases heard and their application to their own addresses.

Caution in behavior accompanies rabbits throughout the whole time and to some extent protects them from the many possible troubles that occur along the way. In addition, people who belong to this category, perfectly remember all the information that ever reached them.

A distinctive and indicative feature of these representatives of the Water Rabbit is not verbosity and creativity. As necessary, such people gather and present to the people around the necessary information in a strictly defined manner and in an easy-to-comprehend manner. The main point to which you need to pay attention is the need to manifest a large amount of vitality and the desire to break out of the backward positions in the leaders.

Favorable time of the year, bringing many successful opportunities for them is considered winter. Because of the excessive love for food cooked using a lot of salt, the kidneys suffer. A special place to pay attention to is the spine. The happiest color recommended for use in order to attract success is purple.

Water Rabbit Man

A clever, well-bred man always holds with great dignity, he was born for admiration and compliments. It easily conquers love and respect, it is impossible to resist it. And he does not do anything super-ordinary, just nature has endowed him with the ability to feel and understand people. He has a strong intuition, so he happily avoids failures. A wonderful memory, a mind, patience are qualities that make it possible to achieve success and recognition. It is equally easy for him to give both exact and humanitarian sciences, this is a true intellectual. Water Rabbit man is cautious, acts cautiously, rarely makes rash acts.

For women, the Water Rabbit is a pleasant interlocutor, a gallant cavalier. Few people perceive him as a defender and a reliable support. Often behaves too hesitantly, hesitates for a long time and only then makes a choice. But the chosen one can be sure of his loyalty and loyalty. Do not start the romance on the side, devotes all his strength exclusively to the family. Thanks to the inner instinct, natural ingenuity and cunning, he knows how to anticipate unpleasant events. He tries to choose such a way of solving problems, so that all family members will benefit. Water Rabbit man is sensitive and sympathetic, loved ones can count on his help.

Water Rabbit Woman

Women of this sign make the most favorable impression, they behave calmly, do not fuss and do not talk too much. Everyone immediately becomes clear that these are special, talented people. The Water Rabbit is a self-sufficient woman, does not need protection and pity. Although sometimes experiencing torment, still making important decisions is given to her with great difficulty. She tries not to deliver problems to others, she always takes a very responsible attitude to work. Has a sharp mind and an excellent memory, so it’s never wrong. The authorities often set the example of a woman of this sign as a first-class specialist. It feels best in a creative environment where it can realize a rich inner potential.

Men very quickly realize that the Water Rabbit is a real treasure. Does not differ capricious disposition, does not lead claims, on the contrary, tries to keep good relations even after parting. The woman of this sign is fully capable of coping with her own difficulties herself, therefore she perceives the man as an adherent. Likes to share his creative plans, discuss pressing problems. Having married, remains still cheerful, quite happy with the life. Water Rabbit woman is quite practical, skillfully leads the economy. Tied to children, sometimes too cared for by them. He tries to express his love with daily care, devotes much time to housekeeping.

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