Water Rooster

Water Rooster Years: 1933, 1993, 2053

Active Element: Water & Metal

Associated Sun Sign: Virgo ♍

Rooster Elements: Wood Rooster, Fire Rooster, Earth Rooster, Metal Rooster, Water Rooster.

Water Rooster highly educated, intelligent, energetic and very hardworking; He will not rest until he achieves what he wants. It’s easy to work with, it’s nice to listen to, it’s interesting and fun, just do not interrupt and object, because you can not argue the Water Rooster anyway. He is respected and appreciated for his energy, his sense of humor and generosity. The weakest place of this Rooster is his fussiness, which he carefully but badly hides.

Intelligent Rooster who loves cultural values. He enjoys respect, inspires hope and inspiration in people, is endowed with immense energy and initiative and, in order to speed things up, use all his resources or attract assistance from outside. Since the element is Water, he thinks clearly and is extremely practical. With him, you can agree, especially in the face of insurmountable obstacles. He is not as harsh or critical as other Roosters.

The Water Rooster is potentially a great writer or an impressive speaker who can lead crowds of people and push them to action. He has a passion for science and is therefore interested in health, medicine and technology. However, since his mind works like a computer, the Water Rooster may lose the vision of the whole if it is too focused on the details. Systems and procedures fascinate him, and if he begins to obsessively improve them, then this will result in the creation of an excellent bureaucratic system, and only.

Water Rooster Chinese Zodiac

When a Rooster person is affected by the Element of Water, the Chinese horoscope says that they are more willing to go with the flow. Whereas other Roosters feel the need to set the agenda all the time, Water Roosters are more able to listen to others and take their opinions into account. Because of this, a Water Rooster is more pleasant to have a conversation with. A Water Rooster does not always steer to talk back to his own accomplishments and concerns.

Water Roosters are more toned down than other Roosters are. They wear less flashy colors, and do not strut and preen as much. They have a lot of energy, but feel the need to be the center of attention. This wins them more friends, because it is easier for others to appreciate their intelligence and talents.

Water Roosters are more laid back, and more likely to forgive you if you miss a meeting or appointment. The boundless energy and organization of a Water Rooster is inspiring and contagious, and Water Roosters can boost morale in the workplace by setting a good example for others. A Water Rooster makes a very reliable friend.

Water Rooster Man

Nature has endowed the man of this sign with the ability to feel the surrounding world subtly. Resolute, energetic, but never cross the line of what is permissible. Be sure to get it, the truth will do it so easily and unnoticed, as if nothing was done. Water Rooster is a tactful man, knows how to act in every situation. Acts gently, tries not to offend anyone. If he chooses a public profession, he will win the recognition and sympathy of a huge number of people. Perhaps, he has no shortcomings, at least, obvious. None of his acquaintances can give a negative description, he enjoys universal love and respect.

For any woman, the Water Rooster is a prince and fairy tales. Attentive, tactful, polite, sincerely tries to please. Sometimes he exaggerates his services, but on the whole he is truthful and honest. Water Rooster is a faithful man, a woman can fully trust him. He has a rich imagination, is looking for ways to surprise his chosen one. Family life with him is full of fun, long conversations, but there is no aggression and violence in marriage, and it can not be. This loving husband and father, feels great pleasure from communicating with children. Without a doubt, he will postpone important matters and go on a family trip. It is too hypochondriac, worries about their loved ones, tries to protect them from any anxieties.

Water Rooster Woman

This amazing woman keeps many secrets and mysteries. Do not stormy criticize or enthusiastically praise the interlocutor, will try to express her opinion as tactfully as possible. The environment is often lost in conjecture, trying to recognize its mood. The Water Rooster is a wise woman, who knows her own worth. She does not exaggerate her dignity, but she will not be satisfied with the small. It will try to achieve all the best, though it will be slow and cautious to act. Does not consider it necessary to conflict, to interfere in their affairs outsiders. It is a born leader: always on top of success. Victory is not given to her easily, she simply does her work, and the world is only an excellent result.

In a loving relationship Water Rooster is a vulnerable woman, waiting for a partner to protect and help. She is afraid of losing her happiness, so she carefully protects the man from prying eyes. She does not like to show off her relationship, she gives herself completely to the senses, moves away from the affairs and people for a while. Such a woman is serious about marriage, is faithful to her partner. This is a very good mistress, she always finds time for domestic hassle. May leave work for the family, although able to combine career and home. This energetic, active woman, also very sociable, will always find a way out. Close people will not feel abandoned and alone, even if she becomes a big boss.

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