Water Snake

Water Snake Years: 1953, 2013, 2073

Active Element: Water & Fire

Associated Sun Sign: Taurus ♉

Snake Elements: Wood Snake, Fire Snake, Earth Snake, Metal Snake, Water Snake.

Water Snake — the most intelligent of all Snakes. The circle of her interests is very wide, the knowledge is simply encyclopedic, nevertheless, she is constantly working on herself, watching the novelties in the area in which she works. Most often the water snake finds itself in science, astronomy, economics, where they are engaged in monitoring and forecasting. There are not many friends, but devotees who appreciate the dignity of this Snake. Reinsurance and fear of responsibility prevent her from making a dizzying career.

As Water seeps through any obstacle, so the Snake born this year, enjoys powerful influence due to its deep insight. She is invulnerable, very charismatic and inquisitive. This is an economical, business and materialistic person, incredibly clever and perfectly able to concentrate. The water snake can sweep aside all the superfluous and inessential and successfully plan the main thing. It never loses its purpose and does not lose its connection with reality.

An artistic and well-read intellectual, Water Snake is also very practical. She understands people well and manages with them as well as with finance. She is calm and dispassionate, but in fact she is rancorous and saves all her life’s grievances. She has unlimited patience, but her bite is very poisonous!

Water Snake Chinese Zodiac

These are calm and wise Snakes who are able to survive any adversity and trouble, without losing at the same time self-control and a stable and sound view of the world of the surrounding representative of the water element. Out of them, excellent researchers are obtained, and scientists who have a desire to achieve certain goals that affect the well-being of many people.

Snakes according to the Chinese horoscope born under the element of the water element, have a phenomenal memory and ease of assimilation of complex and voluminous information. These are very honest and just representatives of the zodiac sign, who lead a decent lifestyle. They do not have enough confidence and determination in actions, which is caused by the influence of the elements, which is able to suppress the aspirations at a high energy level. With this state, one must learn to cope and use it for noble purposes, stepping over it, if necessary, to carry out the actions of a determined plan.

These are non-malicious people who reduce participation in communication with an opponent, regardless of personal attitudes towards him. They are very intelligent and educated, which influences their success and success among the surrounding members of society. They prefer winter to all other times, because in the cold months they experience a rise in vitality and the possibility of their optimal use to achieve the necessary life goals. In clothes and interior prefer products made of blue materials, as it corresponds to the elements and contributes to an increase in the stimulus to life.

Water Snake Man

This quiet, reserved man makes the most favorable impression. Well educated, intelligent, you can talk with him endlessly, and on a variety of topics. To any, even unfamiliar people, shows tact and patience. Likes to spend time alone, thinks a lot. If desired, can achieve great heights, but rather modest in their desires. Water Snake man economic and practical, will not chase an unrealizable dream. First of all he thinks about the pressing problems, completely devoid of ambition. People like it for its simple and easy character, although it can cause pain if desired. However, he will never do this, too generous and kind.

For a man of this sign, love relationships play a huge role. He really is looking for a soul mate with whom he wants to live his whole life. For the chosen one is ready for any sacrifice, very attentive to her desires. He tries to satisfy all the whims, but he will not indulge the whims of a narcissist, an eccentric woman. Having found a family, becomes the most devoted husband and loving father. Water Snake is a hardworking man, he will spare no time and energy for the well-being of his loved ones. The truth in matters of education is more trusting to his wife, and he is engaged in the education of children. He is a true intellectual, has a wide horizon, generously shares his knowledge and experience.

Water Snake Woman

External calm women of this sign is able to mislead. It seems that quiet, modest people do not know how to fight for their rights at all. Although, if necessary, they can develop such a clever plan of revenge that the opponents will not be bothered. Just Water Snake is a wise woman, she understands perfectly well what it is worth to spend her strength on, and what she does not. In any business, she shows reasonable practicality, first of all thinks about what is really important at this moment in time. At work, she is considered a true professional, she enjoys great respect from her colleagues. Ability to focus on small things, mindfulness, perseverance — qualities that help her in solving the most difficult problems.

In the life of the Water Snake, in the first place is the family, so it is attached to their loved ones. Even in the period of courtship, she behaves modestly, does not act up and does not require increased attention. Virtually indifferent to luxury things, more pleased with the opportunity to travel. Loves to learn everything new, draws inspiration from the beautiful. You can invite her to the exhibition in the museum or on a fashionable premiere in the theater. But to the expensive jewelry will remain indifferent, although she will note the generosity of the admirer. Having married, she gives much energy to her husband and children. She tries to create the best conditions for them. She keeps the house clean, loves to cook, the closest attention is paid to the education of children.

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