Dragon Woman in Bed

A bright, unique Dragon woman seems like a fairy-tale creature from the world of dreams. It strikes men with its brilliance and splendor, conquers with proud, unapproachable morals. The self-confident woman with dignity accepts courtship of admirers, for a second does not doubt of own appeal. A man who managed to win her favor is waiting for a lot of adventures. In intimate relations, she behaves like a skillful lover.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Dragon is one of the strongest signs. A woman fully demonstrates her superiority even in intimate relationships. Cleverly develops a scenario of intimacy, distributes roles in advance. He always knows what he wants and achieves it by any means. Therefore, he is looking for a man capable of meeting her ardent temperament. A shy, irresolute lover can not count on the continuation of the novel. A woman-Dragon wants to get a maximum of emotions from life, but to show pity and compassion not in her rules.

Behavior of Dragon Woman in Bed

A love horoscope describes a female Dragon as a passionate but powerful person. Revels in its role as a leader, strives to manage all the actions of a partner. Sometimes in bed, a Dragon female can behave like a submissive lover, willing to all the whims of a man. A partner should not relax: this is just an element of the game. He likes to make variety in intimate relations, he can bring his chosen one to exhaustion. Lover will have to either indulge her desires, or say goodbye to this enchantress. The search for a compromise and long negotiations here are inappropriate.

The Dragon woman is straightforward and firm, although it can be cunning and intriguing if necessary. If a man evokes a strong desire in her, is her ideal and dream, can yield a little and pretend to be a meek, innocent lamb. He enjoys the opportunity to play different roles. Probably, in due course will enter into taste and become the humble slave of the mister. True lover should be an experienced, temperamental man. The power of his imagination can draw the Dragon woman so much that she will readily part with her leadership ambitions.

For all its narcissism, the Dragon expects the man’s attention. Only words of admiration, delight in the eyes of a lover will be able to inflame her passion in full. Otherwise, the woman will be constantly distracted, trying to understand how much she is passionate about a man. In an intimate relationship, she must feel like a goddess. Therefore, the chosen one, unable to give her these feelings, will be immediately put out of the bedroom door. To soften the heart of a demanding woman can only skillful flattery and the fulfillment of all her desires.

Relationship to a Partner

The impudent Dragon woman does not tremble even before the most powerful man. I am fully confident in my abilities and know that I can conquer his heart. Rather, he must worry and think how to attract her attention. If a Dragon woman becomes interested in a man, it will easily take the initiative into her own hands and take the first step. But he will not obsessively pursue him, he loves and appreciates himself too much. Moreover, he will never enter into intimate affinity with the person who causes rejection, even if he puts all the gold of the world at her feet.

Some people, especially rivals, consider the Dragon woman too windy and loving. However, this is just an opinion of envious people, she behaves honestly towards partners. Intimacy is possible only if the woman is in love. Will not have several relationships at the same time, the lover should not suspect her of treason. But not deprived of self-interest, will not meet with a man of low material wealth, at least until he feels a significant potential in it.

What is Your Role?

In intimate relationships, the Dragon woman seeks to assert her leadership. With a willingness to demonstrate all his skills, he loves sophisticated caresses. Admire her, encourage him to take active action. Even if you are a more experienced lover, step aside, show generosity and allow the woman to control herself. In the power of the Dragon to give pleasure not only to himself, but also to his partner. So just enjoy her company, your support and approval will be her best reward.

Be prepared for the fact that the love of the Dragon woman can be sharply replaced by indifference. Even a close relationship is not a guarantee of the boundless devotion of this self-respecting woman. She may not like your aggression, rudeness, so insist on your decision is extremely tactful. If you could summon the dragon’s attachment, do not prevent it from enjoying your victory. Let him brag about his precious trophy — your persona. Do not be jealous of this coquette to many friends, most likely, she tells everyone about you, as the most excellent lover.

Most Important: How to Seduce a Dragon Woman?

The question of seducing the Dragon must be approached seriously and thoroughly. There is no doubt that a woman in love will be so active that you do not have to bother yourself much. But first you need to get her attention. A Dragon woman will not be interested in a boring, gray personality, so be a mystery to her. You can not show rigidity and inflexibility, otherwise it will quickly be disappointed in you and back down. Be indulgent and kind, indulge the whims and desires of a female dragon. Let her become the master of your heart.

A Dragon woman can not be called a hypochondriac, sensitive young lady, but she can be horrified by an unfortunate meeting. Therefore, try to carefully think over each of your actions. The first date should be bright and memorable. Ideal — a romantic dinner on the Eiffel Tower. If your budget is limited, an exotic cuisine restaurant or an unusual culinary master class is quite appropriate. You can call a Dragon woman to the premiere of a fashion film or to take a tour in a museum. Only thoroughly arm yourself with knowledge, be witty and direct.

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