Ox Woman in Bed

The soft, tactful behavior of the Ox woman gives out in her a calm, reasonable person. From the first minutes of acquaintance inspires confidence, with it is easy and free. Therefore, men enjoy spending time with this pleasant person. Over time, friendly communication turns into a closer relationship. The truth of the fans’ hopes for a passionate and stormy romance may not be justified. Intimacy for the Ox woman plays a large, but still a minor role.

The appearance of women of this sign is quite ordinary, it is impossible to call them fatal beauties. But men are invariably attracted to them, strength and calm emanate from the Ox women. It seems that they have some mystery in them, so love relationships will necessarily bring joy and pacification. Modesty and restraint do not prevent the Ox woman from exercising her sensuality. Therefore, a man can count on a pleasant pastime in all senses.

Behavior of Ox Woman in Bed

According to the Chinese horoscope Oxen — balanced, slightly sluggish people, so it is useless to expect from them a rapid manifestation of feelings. The woman of this sign will not become too obvious to show her attitude towards the man, she can not be called a desperate coquette. True, with a closer acquaintance, the chosen one immediately understands how much she is in love. A Ox woman in bed with a beloved man is active, does not hold back her emotions. But her coldness may indicate a reluctance to continue further communication, she was wrong with the choice.

An intimate horoscope represents this usually reserved person as a passionate partner, but still respecting the limits of decency. She will not sharply reject the offerings of her lover or ignore his signs of attention. But also will not behave too unleashed, especially to please the partner. Rather, she will try to adjust the man to her standards. It is an integral personality, well aware of its capabilities and soberly assesses the expectations of the lover. Therefore, in bed, the Ox woman demonstrates all her abilities, but she will never agree to sophisticated love experiments.

Men will have to provoke a Ox woman to brave actions, she herself will not dare to try anything new. This is not only a matter of natural shyness, but also of its practical approach to all spheres of life. Therefore, in bed, she shows that degree of temperament, which she considers sufficient for this particular relationship. But the initiative of the partner perceives positively, she likes long passionate caresses. To dissipate the Ox woman in bed can be the attentive attitude of the partner, his leisurely, gentle actions. It takes time to fully reveal itself, to be imbued with trust in a man.

Relationship to a Partner

A decent, faithful Ox woman belongs to the chosen one with respect. She can be completely trusted: she will never betray, she will not turn novels behind her back. If she can not satisfy all the requests of a man, she will try to become a gentle, considerate lover. Rarely she performs insane, romantic deeds, shows her love with real deeds. The Ox tremblingly cares about the partner: it monitors the appearance, controls the food. Such an expression of feelings can not be better describes this practical woman.

Intimate affinity for the Ox woman is a great opportunity to learn all the secrets and secrets of a partner. Do not lose the ability to think soberly in any circumstances. It is important for her not only to experience pleasure, to satisfy her desire, but also to get a full picture of her lover. Of course, she will be disappointed by the unworthy behavior of the chosen one, but will find the strength to give up the relationship with this man. Whatever sexual partner was not, above all appreciates a respectful attitude to yourself.

What is Your Role?

If you have a feeling for a Ox woman, do not immediately attack her with all your passion. For starters, it would be nice to build trust with her. A smart woman herself understands the nature of your relationship, but does not hurry with intimacy because of her seriousness. She needs to understand her feelings, and your behavior will be subjected to strict assessment. Unless you can immediately fall in love with a Ox woman. Strong feeling, mad passion can spodvignit it to bold actions: instantly rush into your arms.

In an intimate relationship, a woman most often follows a partner, does not pretend to be a leader. But do not even try to limit the freedom of the Ox, imagining yourself the lord of her heart, she will not tolerate your despotism. Moreover, never make any gross remarks: the quick temper of the Ox can find a way out at the most unexpected moment. So do not be surprised if your angry partner abruptly stops loving relationships. The cause for parting can serve as your outburst of jealousy. A faithful and faithful woman does not consider it necessary to put up with such manifestations of love.

Most Important: How to Seduce a Ox Woman?

A frivolous, windy man can not win the favor of a Ox woman. No matter how attractive an admirer is, she will not communicate with him if she feels pretense. Try to behave naturally, do not exaggerate your abilities, but do not over-dignify yourself. A practical woman like sensible men, whom you can rely on. Therefore, safely share with her your plans for a joint life, she will certainly appreciate your dedication.

A date with a Ox woman should take place in a relaxed atmosphere. She loves order, prefers to lead a measured life. With pleasure will spend with you a quiet pleasant evening in a cozy restaurant. She likes long, slow conversations, you can talk on any topic. The woman of this sign likes clever, informative men, so try to impress her with the power of her intellect or at least with good manners. Take care of your appearance, you should look neat. Any carelessness will not escape the attention of the Ox woman, and she definitely will not like it.

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