Rat Woman in Bed

Even a passing romance with a woman born in the year of the Rat will make a man survive many miraculous moments. It is a charming person, has a pleasant appearance, soft manners. She behaves tactfully, never puts a man in an uncomfortable position. Produces a favorable impression, it seems a woman of high moral standards. But in an intimate relationship, she manifests herself as a passionate lover, does not recognize any restrictions and taboos.

It may seem to the man that the friendly attitude of the Rat is a sign of a special disposition. But it is not easy to win the heart of this mysterious woman. She can not be called a romantic, sublime nature, on the contrary, she thinks rationally, does not take into account feelings and emotions. The fan will have to try to attract her attention. But falling in love with a man, will not torment him with expectation, immediately rush into the whirlpool of passions.

Behavior of Rat Woman in Bed

A smart, discerning woman understands perfectly how to behave in each particular case. She can be a low-key, sedate lady in ordinary life, an impregnable, exalted person in the period of courtship. However, according to the Chinese horoscope, in bed the Rat woman is completely given to the power of the senses. She does not consider it necessary to flirt and dissemble, is well aware of needs and feels the mood of a partner, so she acts resolutely and boldly.

The lover of this passionate woman should know the peculiarities of her behavior in bed: activity, ingenuity, emotionality. But this does not mean that he is a passive performer. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that for her chosen one she is ready to play any role. Love inspires, intimate experiments, easily tries on a variety of roles: a wise instructor, an imperious lady, a submissive student. The Rat is eager to show the lover the full range of her abilities.

The Rat woman in bed is not only a relaxed, temperamental lover, but also a pleasant companion. The lover should understand that she is striving to achieve not only carnal pleasure, but also craves spiritual unity. She prefers a long love foreplay, she likes to quietly inflame her passion, while finding out a partner. For her in the order of things alternate caresses and personal issues. Such behavior during intimacy will allow lovers to achieve complete harmony.

Relationship to a Partner

The freedom-loving Rat woman does not hurry to fall into the lover’s arms until she is convinced of the power of her feelings. She carefully studies the chosen one, and her closest attention is paid to his physical attractiveness. Of course, it is important for her to have a relationship with an intelligent man, yet she is an intellectually gifted woman. But the sexual potential of the partner has a huge role. Only having determined with her choice, she will be able to start active operations. In intimate proximity does not feel embarrassed and embarrassed, but also from a lover waiting for this behavior. Although, if necessary, she can become an experienced mentor of a shy man, she likes the role of a leader.

The Rat woman in love does not look for hobbies on the side, therefore in intimate relations she is fully revealed before the partner. If a man insists on his leading role, willingly obey his wishes. But she will not tolerate rudeness, the more she will not listen to the claims and accusations in her address. The chosen one should restrain his jealousy, such distrust deeply disturbs the Rat. Too complex relationships can tire her, the more the woman of this sign quickly becomes frustrated with people, so she can leave her unlucky lover.

What is Your Role?

Being a companion of a Rat female is an honorable and very pleasant mission. You will not have much trouble with her. She is a faithful and very faithful woman. In the Rat there is a sense of authority, a desire to insist on your own opinion. But in the hands of a strong man, she can become gentle and complaisant, although it is necessary to observe the measure: the energy that rages in her requires an exit. Intimacy is the perfect way for the Rat to show its individuality.

With this temperamental woman in bed, it is not boring. She will accept the terms of your love game, if, of course, interested. Perhaps her decent appearance, restrained behavior is sometimes misleading, but not clever, perceptive men. She will not let an unfamiliar person to his place, natural caution warns her against ill-considered steps. But you can safely seek the location of a female Rat, alone with a beloved man demonstrates complete emancipation. You will be surprised by her pressure, emotionality, desire to diversify intimate affinity.

Most Important: How to Seduce a Rat Woman?

A perceptive woman-rat enough even a couple of minutes to assess the potential of men. Be sure, she notices every little thing. She can not be interested in a brazen, unleashed man. The Rat likes temperamental, confident people, but first of all she pays attention to behavior. You must impress her with your beautiful manners, the ability to lead a casual conversation. The Rat Woman loves intricate phrases, ornate expressions. Therefore, behave like a real gentleman, save the love of fervor for intimate relationships.

Try to make a woman-Rat an indelible impression on the first date. Your appearance should be impeccable. And it is not necessary to wear a strict suit, clothes can be any, but matched with taste. From you should come a pleasant aroma of expensive cologne. A Rat female is a complex nature, for all its external rigor, can not live without exciting impressions. Arrange her a romantic date: classical music, candles. Enchant verses, scribble compliments, remember: no vulgarity and vulgar jokes. If a cautious woman does not want to be alone with you, you can invite her to the theater for a fashion show or stroll through the historic places of the city.

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