Rooster Woman in Bed

A straight-line Rooster woman is capable of just a couple of phrases to cool the fervor of an obsessive admirer. Does not consider it necessary to lie to a man, even if very attractive. According to the Chinese horoscope, the woman of this sign is distinguished by honesty and honesty, always follows her convictions. Even in intimate relationships is not inferior to her lover, an exception — mad passion, deprives women of the Cock-will.

Fighter character does not allow her to put up with injustice. In addition, the Rooster female stubborn, headstrong, so fan should be sensitive to certain features of her character. However, she will not restrain her feelings, especially expressively expresses jealousy: the mere thought of a lover’s betrayal drives her crazy. This is the nature of this passionate person — unrestrained, ardent temperament and no half measures.

Behavior of Rooster Woman in Bed

An intimate horoscope characterizes the woman-Rooster as a sensual partner, while very sincere and straightforward. The degree of her emotionality in bed testifies to the present attitude towards the chosen one. If she has an uncontrollable desire, then she is madly in love with her partner. Intimacy with such a man gives her pleasure, for the sake of these minutes is ready for much. A temperamental woman-Rooster passionately expresses her feelings. Lover only remains to reconcile with her adoration, favorably accept generous caresses.

The restrained behavior of the Rooster woman in bed vividly testifies to her indifferent attitude towards the fan. She will not respond to the most skillful caresses, if a man does not like her. With his persistent courtship, he will cause hatred, not passion. An unwanted lover can only leave her alone, it is impossible to change her mind, and even more so to affect the feelings of a Rooster female. She will not maintain a relationship with a man out of pity or for mercenary motives. He does not know how and does not consider it necessary to pretend.

In bed, a female Rooster best feels in the role of a leader, not in her character to yield to a man. Although, her ideas about intimacy can be quite conservative. Ardent temperament, perky disposition, activity — the distinctive traits of the Rooster, but it does not guarantee in-depth knowledge in the science of love. Sometimes she does not have the patience, skill, but lover should not talk about it directly. The insulted woman will not take remarks, rather, she will ignore them.

Relationship to a Partner

In love, the Rooster woman behaves like an egoist and an owner. She is jealous of the chosen one for the slightest reason, and sometimes without it. Passion blinds her, forcing her to carefully guard her relationship from outside interference. Spitfire and temperamental woman meanwhile will not tolerate the outbreak of jealousy of a partner. Moreover, he will never forgive his lover rough, aggressive actions. This self-respecting woman has a very high opinion of herself, so for her, relations in which the man listens to her in everything are acceptable.

The fervent character of a Rooster can deceive any person, but not really a loving man. Behind emotion, activity, lack of confidence and fear. Perhaps these feelings are so deeply hidden that she herself does not always give a record of her feelings. However, this sensitive woman painfully perceives criticism, is afraid to hear offensive words. Completely given to the feeling, able to overcome their complexes and fears, but only with the support of a beloved man. She expects an understanding from him, a caring attitude, but otherwise the woman-Rooster is not following the common path with him.

What is Your Role?

The partner of the Rooster female must match her ideas about the ideal lover. She chooses bright, interesting men, but she must be the leader. And you have to fulfill her whims, entertain and listen very carefully. So be ready for the role of a loyal, faithful partner. The truth and your desires will not be ignored, a passionate woman is able to please a lover. Female Rooster ready to realize your wildest sexual fantasies come true, if it is to feel truly loved and cherished.

Try to be a sensitive, considerate partner, your aggression will lead to nothing good. If you want, you can become an unconditional leader in a love relationship. The truth is much easier to influence the woman-Cock caress and persuasion. Pressure and stiffness cause in it the desire to resist, therefore it is better to avoid a direct collision. The woman of this sign loves flattery, adores beautiful compliments. This is a romantic nature, for her a man — a defender, a tremulous fan. But it will not build a relationship with the tyrant.

Most Important: How to Seduce a Rooster Woman?

To attract the attention of the female Rooster can be a charming, sociable man. Likes to spend time in noisy companies, so you must be a cheerful person. In this case, you will have to recognize its primacy, at least, to pretend. Rooster woman likes to shine, attract attention to himself. Do not prevent her from enjoying communication with many fans, she will not deceive you. It just needs emotions and new impressions. But reproaches and suspicions can destroy trust between you.

Try to make an indelible impression on the Rooster woman on the first date, otherwise you will not have a common future. Over time, her interest will not only grow stronger, but can also be replaced by indifference, if not disgust. Rooster woman loves surprises, she will not be confused by an unfamiliar company or trip to an exotic place. At the same time perfectly perceives standard classical courtships, you can invite her to a restaurant. Although it’s better to go to a nightclub or a fun evening. You can organize a special thematic party for her - a costume ball. Be creative, the relationship with this original person should be special, completely unlike any other novels in her life.

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