Snake Woman in Bed

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Snake’s patronage gives the woman of this sign wisdom, ability to foresee future events. Men find it difficult to win her favor, especially to fall in love with herself. The Woman-Snake is too clever to rush into the arms of a lover, it is important for her to be convinced of his decency. But the man who managed to evoke interest in her, will find not only an excellent mistress, but also a faithful companion of life.

In a romantic relationship, the Snake behaves calmly, attentively follows the chosen one, her keen eye notices any little things. And rarely shares these observations, even a strong feeling will not force a mysterious woman to reveal all her thoughts. But she knows what a man needs, has a good intuition, delicately feels the desire of a partner. The Snake Woman is able to bring pleasure to the lover, he will not only have physical pleasure, but will also feel a surge of mental strength.

Behavior of Snake Woman in Bed

An intimate horoscope characterizes Snake as a reserved, slightly cold woman. Of course, she is capable of experiencing strong emotions, but not every lover will be able to awaken in her a volcano of passions. It requires a special approach, and the standard actions of men, tested on other women, will not succeed. For all its equanimity is waiting for fervent confessions, she likes hot caresses, but the lover must observe a reasonable measure. Rejects a rough man, capable of tough actions and trivial jokes. An intimate connection with such a close, aggressive partner is humiliation for the refined Snake woman.

In bed, the snake woman prefers to accept the lover’s caresses, it is quite normal for her to yield to the man in his desires, completely devoid of leadership ambitions. Skillfully runs a lover, he is a pliable tool in her hands, though he does not know about it. Of course, the snake woman can be temperamental, spontaneous and unpredictable, with the only amendment: she can reveal her sexual potential only in the hands of an experienced lover. Therefore, an inexperienced man will be satisfied with a small fraction of her attention and then a short time.

The Snake Woman is a proud creature, she will not go down in bed to the role of a slave. Recognizes the superiority of men in a comfortable for themselves framework. Most often uses a lover for his own purposes, but one can not blame her for heartlessness. This is a devoted, loving partner, just too demanding. He does not lose his reason, he tries to maintain dignity even at the moment of the highest pleasure. The Snake Woman in bed remains a mysterious creature whose secret desires can only be discerned by a real man. With a mediocre lover, she will not have business, but will continue to search for her ideal.

Relationship to a Partner

It is impossible to discern behind the mask of tranquility the real attitude of the Snake woman to her partner. Does not make any effort to attract the attention of men. Nature generously endowed her with female magnetism and sexuality, so she only intelligently manages her data. The elect must himself solve a difficult problem: he could win the heart of the Snake, or she simply allows herself to love. If a fan is allowed to be near and a woman favorably accepts his courtship, most likely he is on the right track.

In bed, the snake woman waits for the lover to take the initiative. He must be temperamental, inventive, but tactful in his actions. The slightest oversight and anger Snakes can not be avoided. Even a strongly enamored woman carefully accepts the caress of a man, they must be skillful, passionate and long. Wise Snake skillfully runs a lover, without unnecessary words and fuss, it is important for her to have fun, and finding out the relationship is the lot of stupid people.

What is Your Role?

No matter how vainglorious a man was, in relation to the Snake, he has only one role: service to a woman. In love relationships everything is decided by it, although formally gives reins to the partner. Be a generous lover, do not act contrary to the will of the snake woman, trying to satisfy her passion. Even if you manage to break her resistance by force, the victory will be short-lived. The snake will find a way to get revenge on an unwanted fan.

Of course, a strong, confident man should act as he sees fit, but watch out for the reaction of the Snake woman. Her dissatisfaction will not be too obvious, she will not find out the relationship and make comments to you. Simply all diligence will turn to dust: The snake will calmly expose you from your life. And she will not be ashamed that she too abused your attention and even your wallet. Courtesy of the Snake takes for granted, getting his own, easily parted with a man. So try to win her love and recognition.

Most Important: How to Seduce a Snake Woman?

You have a difficult task: to attract the attention of the female snake, and then to win her heart. Immediately part with the dream of a quick and easy victory, tune in for a long and stubborn struggle. Restrained woman will not stormily manifest both positive and negative emotions. You will only have to guess about her mood, do not lose the presence of spirit and resolutely seek reciprocity. Sooner or later, efforts will be rewarded if you are persistent and irresistible gentleman.

The first date should impress her, or at least not disappoint. Anger can lead a snake woman to decisive actions, most likely, immediate separation will follow. Be gallant and generous, she does not like greedy men, treats them with contempt. But do not invite the Snake even to the most luxurious nightclub, it is better to visit it on the second or third date. Try to choose a place where you can talk and have a good time: a cozy restaurant, a cafe, a theater. The snake must understand what kind of person you are, so charm it, demonstrate all your dignity.

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