Dog Woman

The female Dog is known as a very kind and warm soul. She will find herself in a position where she has many admirers professing their true love for her on a frequent basis. While this is flattering for her, the female Dog will have trouble selecting a mate from those who show her admiration, as she is an untrusting sort.

The Dog female usually has quite high standards for their mates and may have a hard time finding something to live up to them. Even when the Dog woman finally does find someone who meets her needs, she will be slow to accept them and open up to them, often taking long periods of time to reciprocate their love.

The Dog woman is known to have an unusually grim sense of humor and it can rub those who are not used to it the wrong way. She is ambitious and has the talents needed to go far in business and in life. The Dog woman will couple this ambition with a knack for good conversation and patience, leading her to be a stable and dependable person that many can count on.

Dog Woman – Personality and Characteristics

The Dog woman has nothing to envy the male half of the sign as far as the sense of self-sacrifice is concerned. Like him, she is always busy devoting her health, time, and energy to one or more noble causes of humanity. Her need to be of service to others is enormous while she asks so little or nothing for herself. But although an idealist, she does not lack practicality, and it is why her efficiency is recognized by all.

One of the causes she fights for with the fiercest dedication is that of women. Her feminism could surprise if one knows that this woman is essentially conservative and holds no special grudges against men in general; it springs from her acute sense of justice and equity and also from her unshakable belief in human dignity – whereas she readily recognizes differences between the sexes, she refuses to accept inequality between them.

Everyone would acknowledge that the native of the Dog has a healthy amount of self-respect. But to those who are close to her she may appear a little showy in her moral rectitude. In any case, there is no question of casting doubt on her honesty, loyalty, dependability, punctiliousness, and sense of responsibility. People can rely on her under any and all circumstances. There is nothing she hates more than lies, and she always means to be true to herself and to others. If by accident someone refuses to trust her word, she will be seized by an extremely violent rage, which is not likely to explode in broad daylight but will have devastating repercussions on her physical as well as mental health.

She is well noted for her hard-working habit and strong sense of duty. She finds in hard work not only a necessary means to achieve her idealistic goals but also an anaesthetic against anxiety and frustration, which are her most dangerous and tenacious enemies. On the other hand, she never fails in whatever is normally expected of her, being steady and conscientious in all her undertakings.

She often goes out of her way to assumes burdens – any pretext may be taken that may bring her additional responsibilities. Many reasons account for her comportment. First, her heart is liable to fits of generosity, just as her skin is to periodic disorders. Second, there exists in her a solid root of masochism: If she does not do to others everything that is in her power, it is she who will develop a feeling of guilt. Third, to be responsible means to be needed, and there is nothing she prizes more than feeling needed. It is hard for her to adopt a more detached attitude. It may help if she realizes that her excessive good will and uncalled-for solicitude can bring about the exact contrary of what she expects, namely, other people’s acceptance and sympathy, partly because ingratitude is an ingrained human defect and partly because it is generally embarrassing and unpleasant to be overwhelmed with somebody’s kindness.

Just as what happens to her male counterpart, the Dog woman possesses a very precious quality which very few people are aware of and appreciate: She is one of the most affectionate souls that ever inhabit this world; in particular, she can have exquisitely tender feelings for those closest and dearest to her. What is wrong with her here resides in her almost systematic disinclination for demonstrativeness. She honestly believes that it is quite sufficient to have sentiments and that all tangible proofs of the heart are only unnecessary frills. It may be well for her to heed this warning by Shakespeare: “They do not love that do not show their love.”

Considered under a certain angle, this nature appears to have many undesirable traits. This may explain why she is never quite popular despite her numerous finest qualities. Although less taciturn and secretive than the male side of the sign, the Dog woman still has a distinctive coldness and aloofness in her make-up by normal standards. Rarely does she show herself warm and sympathetic. She expresses herself rather dryly in speech and writing, reluctant to let herself go a little freely. About the only times when she loosens her self-control are when she feels justified in flaring up – but her non-violent, harmless indignation ends quickly, too quickly to reveal her real self.

It is always surprising to see so much stiffness and strictness in this woman. If she is exacting and severe with others, she is even more so with herself. Still, she is a hard person to live with, and being under her authority invariably proves a harrowing experience because of the tremendous, relentless pressure she is keen on applying. It seldom occurs to her to consider the necessity or advisability of being more tolerant and easy-going.

Her worst defect is perhaps to take everything, and especially herself, too seriously. Incapable of light-heartedness, she cannot appreciate the value of fun, the charm of frivolity, the pleasure of amusement, or the necessity of play. The sense of humour is quite inaccessible to her – she takes things as they are presented, rarely perceiving the point of witty irony or jocose subtlety in then. On the other hand, she can never forget a bad joke or an injustice to which she has fallen a victim.

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