Dog Female and Dog Male

Dog Woman and Dog Man will be attracted to each other because they both want to save the world. They are not guaranteed a happy life, but they will get through it. Life may get boring or full of tension if they let it. They need to keep their communication channels open instead of being silent. They need to stop themselves from being too critical of their partner. This can seriously damage their relationship.

The Dog signs, when romantically involved, dating, or when sex is involved, are highly compatible as long as they both have support systems around them to help when they are feeling down (as the Dog symbol is traditionally pessimistic by nature) according to the Chinese zodiac. Because Dogs are trustworthy and very up front and honest with one another, they are more likely to have longer-lasting relationships whether they are friendships or romantic partners according to Chinese astrology.

Dogs enjoy giving appreciation and affection, and they are more likely to notice when it is being given to them as well, allowing for better communication when the signs are dating. Dogs may need help with handling their financial lifestyle, as the Dog sign is not a signs of handling money and understanding financial planning well. Avoiding criticism, planning ahead of time, and avoiding feeling bored, especially in the bedroom, is key with a Dog and Dog relationship, allowing it to last for years with potential bliss when abiding by the Chinese horoscope and dating predictions of the signs.

Dog Female & Dog Male Compatibility

You are a sweet couple that share common concepts and be frank to each other. Both of you are tenacious and reasonable, and know to respect the other’s views. If you pay attention to mutual complementarity and common development, your love and marriage will be indissoluble.

One of the best aspects of the Dog person in general and partner in particular is their caring and generous natures. If there is one sign of the Chinese zodiac who will give their all to a relationship, it is the Dog. This probably owes to the natural protective instinct of the Dog which drives them to take care of their loved ones, both physically as well as emotionally. The ancient Chinese sages in fact considered the Dog as the Giver of Life since they are prepared to sacrifice their own dreams, ambitions and desires for the sake of others, particularly for those they love. For all these reasons, a love match made up of two individuals of this sign is likely to be imbued with great loving and generosity. Each will do their utmost to fulfill the other’s needs and expectations in love and the result is likely to be a richly fulfilling experience for both.

Yet another factor which increases the chances of romantic compatibility between two Dog partners is a shared lifestyle. Dogs are great lovers of predictability and stability and thus they do not do so well in a relationship filled with drama and doubt. Thus a Dog would have been wrought to anxiety had he/she been allied to a restless sign as the Horse or one as difficult to understand as the Snake. A partner who is reliable both in feelings as well as way of life is perfect for a Dog; for this reason two Dogs are best suited since they are capable of understanding and fulfilling each other emotional needs.

Apart from a common preference of the simple life, the Dog couple could also score high on compatibility on account of common values. One of the most noteworthy traits of the Dog is their righteous natures. Born with an innate sense of decency and a need for equilibrium in a chaotic world, Dogs strongly denounce injustice and wrongdoing. They value honor and truth and are usually among the first to speak out against injustice and champion the cause of the downtrodden.

While this trait might appear excessively strict to an easy-going sign as the Rat or foolishly idealistic to the resourceful Monkey, it will be understood and appreciated by another Dog who shares this high code of moral values. Thus the Dog couple will be unlikely to goad each other into morally dubious methods and ways, no matter how tempting the material reward in question. They will support each other in their respective projects and causes which may not always be financially rewarding but probably answer to the deepest impulses of their high-minded nature.

Finally the best chance of a compatible Dog-Dog match comes from their deeply loyal natures. Owing to their keen protective instincts, Dogs are extremely devoted to the people they love. They will stand by their partners, families and friends through thick and thin and ensure that their dependents are safe from both physical and material harm. This kind of unquestioning loyalty is exactly what the Dog needs from a partner since this sign is particularly prone to emotional insecurity. Once the Dog is assured of unconditional love and support of a partner, he/she can shake off their moodiness and give back to the relationship with renewed vigor.

Dog Female and Dog Male Love Match

There is potential for this relationship to succeed, although the female Dog may be more expressive and critical than the male partner. Provided there is mutual respect, there should be no problems in this relationship where both partners are stable and affectionate, and will value each other’s idealism and conscientiousness. The key to staying happily together is their agreeable nature and need for equality, and both partners should make decisions together so neither feels left out.

They are individually extremely loyal and faithful characters. They enjoy showering each other with gifts, which really is just an extension of their giving side. They guard their family with the strength of a soldier and are as immovable as a mountain when it comes to their love for their blood relatives. They will bark if any threat encroaches into their personal life and will not hesitate to bite if necessary.

Stability is what will be achieved between both Dog partners, however it will not be uncommon to hear a bit of bickering between each other. Either one may retreat back into their own personal space. If any advice can be given, it would be to practice active – selective listening never works!

While the Dog couple has the potential to be one of the most compatible matches in Chinese astrology, it is also vulnerable to certain tensions that are unique to the Dog personality. And one of these is their intrinsic mercurial character. When the Dog is happy and peaceful, there is no one more fun and enjoyable to be with; however as soon as circumstances change for the worse, there is a profound effect on his/her mood and the Dog can become anxious, irritable and nervy.

It is this lack of emotional stability which prevents the Dog from being a very popular person in the social scene and makes him/her quite a trying partner in a relationship. There are likely to be more than a few misunderstandings plaguing a Dog-Dog match and what’s more these have the potential to escalate into bitter conflicts as well. This is because when caught up in the grip of a deep pessimism, the Dog is bound to become cynical. At such times, the Dog can come up biting remarks which, though honest, end up hurting others, including a partner.

Then again the Dog’s tendency towards pessimism also makes them highly insecure beings. In personal relationships, the over-riding need of the Dog is emotional security. This character constantly needs to be told by a partner how wonderful and special he/she is and only then do they really feel good about being in a relationship. While this is one of the reasons why Dogs are suitable for each other, at the same time the partners also tend to fall out far more easily in times of stress and unhappiness. Thus the Dog-Dog couple will be less able to cope with any unfortunate and stressful experience as compared to a partnership including a more emotionally stable sign like the Ox or an optimist like the Horse.

In the end, the Dog-Dog couple may have to improve their communication skills so that they are better able to express their respective needs in a relationship and work towards fulfilling them.

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