Dog Female and Horse Male

A Dog woman and a Horse man, can have a problematic relationship. Neither one is truly domestic. They each will have their own ambitions and goals. Her conservative goals will clash with his desire to spend money on adventures. He won’t understand her highs and lows, and must learn to be understanding if this is to last.

The Dog and the Horse are able to create a friendship or a sexual relationship when dating with their good natures and their abilities to enjoy life and find fun in most environments according to Chinese astrology. The Dog, although sometimes moody, is extremely loyal to any sign he or she is with, including the Horse. This allows the Horse to feel secure without feeling restricted, as the Dog is understanding and more carefree.

The Horse and Dog both enjoy increasing their mental knowledge, which leads to a stimulating and exciting relationship, always discovering new ideas and virtues of life with one another. Both the Dog and Horse are a great match as they both love adding variety to their lives and enjoy spending time with one another traveling or even during nights out on the town.

Dog Female & Horse Male Compatibility

You will live in harmony and mutual respect and grow old together. Both of you are outgoing, generous and vigorous, which makes your family life full of joy. The male horse is clever, sensitive and insightful, which is very attractive to the female dog. The female dog is honest, kind, frank and tolerant. She can understand and accept the male horse’s weak points and changeability.

One of the best parts about this romantic equation is the level of acceptance and understanding between the partners. The Dog is a generous personality and is extremely accommodating of the quirks and shortcomings of their loved ones. Indeed, the ancient Chinese sages considered the Dog as the Giver of Life since they are prepared to sacrifice their own dreams, ambitions and desires for the sake of others, particularly for those they love. Thus the Dog is more likely to make allowances for the restlessness and unpredictability of the Horse as compared to any other sign.

The Horse in turn would probably return the favor by ensuring that his/her Dog partner remains happy and positive. One of the unhappier traits of the Dog is an intrinsic mercurial character. When the Dog is happy and peaceful, there is no one more fun and enjoyable to be with; however as soon as circumstances change for the worse, there is a profound effect on his/her mood and the Dog can become anxious, irritable and nervy. At such times, the Dog can snap and bite anyone who tries to approach him/her or simply give in to acute pessimism.

The Horse on the other hand is an essentially cheerful personality; in fact the best part about the Horse’s vivacious nature is that it often rubs on to others so that people around him/her find it easy to get enthusiastic or excited about life and its wonders. The Horse’s natural ebullience and the fact that he/she doesn’t take life seriously at all can act like a burst of sunlight for partners who are prone to low moods, like the Dog.

Both signs are fond of the active life and love being in the thick of things. Though the Horse has a higher level of enthusiasm as compared to the Dog, the two can keep each entertained with lots to do and many places to visit. This is unlike a partnership with a Snake or a Goat who doesn’t like the hurly-burly of life and would much rather lounge about in a comfortable home. The Horse-Dog couple on the other hand will be mainly found outdoors and can be trusted to take a slightly chaotic home life well into their stride.

Then again both the Dog and Horse are likely to have a highly passionate sex life. Their love making will sizzle with energy and initiative and both partners will go an extra mile to keep each other happy.

Dog Female and Horse Male Love Match

The Horse and the Dog will do very well together as long as they both have their own space. Both are lively and demonstrative people who may find real happiness in their union. The Dog likes peace and quiet while the Horse likes to go out and have fun. The Dog will pay attention to the Horse’s intuition and will be impressed by his intelligence and perceptive ways.

The Horse and the Dog give each other balance in their relationships. The Horse will encourage the Dog to step out of his comfort zone and engage in the social circle while the Dog will show the Horse that enjoyment can be found in the calm and peace of the home. The Horse loves the Dog’s sense of humor and logic. The Dog is loyal, honest and sincere and is realistic enough to understand and accept the Horse’s errors. As a result, the Horse will not take offense at the Dog’s straightforward manner. This can be a lasting and harmonious relationship.

The biggest source of unhappiness in this relationship could arise from contrary expectations in love. The Horse is a wild creature at heart and few things are important to him/her as personal freedom. Thus even though the Horse has the capacity to enthuse and fire up a romance, he/she needs to have his/her breathing space in a relationship. The Dog on the other hand is marked by a deep emotional insecurity. This character constantly needs to be told by a partner how wonderful and special he/she is and only then do they really feel good about being in a relationship.

Meeting this emotional demand on a long-term, consistent basis is too much to expect from an egotistic personality like the Horse who is wrapped up too much in his/her own desires and ambitions. On his/her part, when the Dog feels that positive feedback is not longer forthcoming from a partner, they quickly lose heart and look for comfort from outside the relationship.

A potential for infidelity is present in the Horse as well. Like in other areas of life, the romantic zeal of the Horse also works in short bursts of enthusiasm. It is difficult for them to maintain the same pitch of attentiveness and devotion in the long run and for some, even being faithful over time can be something of a challenge. For all these reasons the relationship between a Horse and Dog when no longer held by mutual attraction can prove to be vulnerable to infidelity.

Even when neither partner is actually cheating, the Horse-Dog relationship can suffer from a significant lack of stability. On one hand the Horse is inherently restless and changeable and on the other, the Dog is given to extreme mood swings. Thus it could become difficult for the couple to share a home together and raise a family, all of which involves keeping a level head through the ups and downs of life. Neither will be able to ground the relationship into material and emotional security in the manner of a sign like the stolid Ox or the practical Rooster. And if things don’t change, the relationship of the Horse and Dog could come apart in constant bickering over feelings and responsibilities.

This is not to say that the Horse and Dog can never have a successful relationship in the long run. In fact one of the most important traits that the two share is a capacity for hard work. Once the partners recognize that it is as important to work at a relationship as it to let it be spontaneous, the couple will do everything in their power to make it happen.

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