Dog Female and Monkey Male

When this pairing consists of a Dog woman and a Monkey man, she is an idealist while he is an opportunist. This can cause a difference that may become too large to overcome. He likes his freedom while her trust must be earned. She wants someone who is loyal. He may be irresponsible with finances. They will probably fight a lot while they remain together.

Because the Dog and the Monkey both enjoy social situations and are fun-loving by nature, their relationship has the ability to be successful regardless of whether the woman or the man is the Monkey or Dog in the relationship. The Dog does not have trouble trusting the Monkey, allowing the couple to work well together according to Chinese astrology.

Dog Female & Monkey Male Compatibility

You admire and understand each other. Marriage makes you much maturer. The male monkey loves the cordial and secure feeling of fighting with his wife shoulder by shoulder. The female dog admires her husband’s wisdom and feels pround of her husband’s achievements. However, the male monkey often ignores constant comforts to his wife, which makes the female dog depressed.

One of the ways that the Monkey and Dog are likely to come together is on account of a shared active nature. Both signs like to be in the thick of things as well as involved in an interesting experiences and projects. Unlike the easy-going Rabbit or the leisurely Snake, neither the Monkey nor Dog would shy away from a life of events and action. Thus in a relationship, each will ensure that they have enough to do together and will love accompanying one another outdoors, whether for recreational or social purposes. Also both are cheerful and happy-go-lucky people and when genuinely interested in each other, will go out of their way to create enough opportunities for romantic excitement, fun and frolic.

Even more importantly, the Monkey and Dog possess qualities which will go a long way in complementing each other in a relationship. The Monkey is great fun to be around – he/she is zestful, widely informed and extremely ingenious in thinking up avenues for recreation and entertainment. All this makes the Monkey the ideal partner for a sign like the Dog who is prone to low moods and bouts of pessimism. While in general, the Dog is also energetic and loving, when things don’t go their way, they can become quite irritable and anxious. At such times, the Monkey is perfect companion to cheer the Dog and to reassure his/her partner that things are sure to look up again. It is just not in the nature of a personality like the Monkey to sink into negativity and depression and thus he/she stands best placed to provide positive support to the Dog partner.

On his/her part, the Dog will bring an element of commitment to the relationship which may have been lacking had the Monkey been aligned to an equally variable sign like the Horse. While the Monkey is charming and fun to be with, he/she can also be high unpredictable; they have a markedly short attention span and no sooner than they have hooked up with someone, they may be already feeling an urge to explore further. On such occasions, the Dog has the power to ground the relationship in purpose and commitment and even encourage the Monkey to focus on the relationship.

Dog Female and Monkey Male Love Match

The Monkey is bright, productive and outgoing. The Dog partner is agreeable and is more than willing to cooperate if he sincerely wants this relationship to work. The Monkey partner will be very appreciative if his Dog partner is not too ambitious and tries to outperform him as the Monkey is generally more motivated and ambitious than the Dog is. Although the Dog will be in awe of the Monkey’s talents and personality, he could also have a negative view of the Monkey’s undesirable traits. Other the other hand, the Monkey may find the Dog’s rousing and open-minded qualities restricting at times. However, these two can enjoy a good marriage as both are well-balanced and can keep the relationship going.

The potential disharmony in this union could be avoided if both partners are tolerant and forgiving of one another’s deficiencies. The wily Monkey will appreciate the sensible Dog’s responsiveness to logic and intelligence, and the Dog will appreciate the Monkey’s independence, charm and wit. Where mutual understanding becomes necessary is their approach to materialism – the Monkey’s need for luxury may clash with the Dog’s idealism, since the Monkey values wealth and the Dog, principles.

However the Dog cannot carry the entire onus of commitment in the relationship. He/she is too nervy by nature to remain positive if the Monkey takes his/her philandering too far. The Monkey has a marked streak of promiscuity, especially in early adulthood due to a natural curiosity in various kinds of experiences. And even though the Dog is an essentially loyal and honest being, there is only so much indiscretion that a partner can tolerate.

In fact when faced with an unhappy situation, the Dog him/herself has a tendency to wander away. In personal relationships, the over-riding need of the Dog is emotional security but unfortunately the Monkey is not the right person to fulfill this need. Had the Dog been allied with a more compassionate or committed partner like the Goat or Ox, he/she would have had less cause for worry. The Dog needs constant encouragement and support from loved ones if he/she is to remain faithful in a relationship. When feeling unloved or neglected, the Dog can look for appreciation elsewhere and one thing can quickly lead to another.

Also while at the outset, the Monkey may make a few attempts to lift the spirits of his/her Dog partner, the latter’s bouts of deep pessimism may in the end too much to put up with, even for the light-hearted Monkey. He/she may feel that the Dog partner is dragging him/her down with their moodiness while the Dog may see the Monkey’s quicksilver personality as evidence of frivolity and superficiality.

Even more importantly, the Monkey and Dog differ in the values and goals they hold dear. While the Monkey is essentially opportunistic, the Dog is highly idealistic. The Monkey’s wide-ranging wit and ingenuity equips him/her with the right skills of a problem-solver but he/she would much rather use them for personal benefit. In fact the Monkey will have no problems twisting the truth when it suits their ends and if they help him/her to accomplish the latest of many schemes. The Monkey is clever, but in a crafty sort of way and in an ability to manipulate others to seeing their point of view and doing what you want. The Dog on the other hand is a steady, righteous human being.

Born with an innate sense of decency and a need for equilibrium in a chaotic world, Dogs strongly denounce injustice and wrongdoing; they value honor and truth and are usually among the first to speak out against injustice and champion the cause of the downtrodden. At the same time though, the Dog can get quite opinionated and fixed in their ideals. Frequently this character becomes stubborn in the extreme since they know what is right and what they want and will not be convinced otherwise. This is turn, is unlikely to go down well with a Monkey partner who firmly believes he/she knows best and seeks to be in charge of a situation, whether personal or external.

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