Dog Female and Rat Male

When this pairing consists of a Dog woman and a Rat man, they are more friends than lovers, even if they are married. She will help him mature and he will teach her finesse. They are devoted to their children. Even though Rats finds Dogs a little boring, this match can achieve a stable union. Both share a mutual respect for the other. Chinese Dog and Rat make a pretty good pair in many cases. While Dog may seem boring to some Rats, Dog has mood swings that many Rats find intriguing.

The Dog and the Rat have quite a few differences in the Chinese horoscope when dating, but they are often able to make a great pair with the amount of loyalty each sign brings to any relationship. The Dog is honorable and trustworthy in Chinese astrology, while being loyal and committed to both friends and when involved in romantic or sexual relationships. Although the qualities of the Dog may at first bore the Rat sign (who enjoys interesting and exciting relationships and people), the Dog’s new and refreshing ideas and opposite nature of the Rat can keep him or her guessing and interested in the erotic mystery of the sign.

Dog and Rat lovers can offer quick-witted communication, humor, and plenty of comfort and generosity. Although the sign of the Dog can often bring pessimism to the table in any relationship, the Rat is not turned off, but actually enjoys the challenge and keeps the relationship stimulating and interesting for both of those involved.

Dog Female & Rat Male Compatibility

You are a couple that cannot bear to part from each other. Both of you dream of independent and quiet life. Although you are often immovable in one’s own opinions, you know how to respect the other. However, beyond is as bad as falling short. If you concede to each other excessively, it may make the distance between you much wider. Thus, try to communicate with each other often and with your true heart.

On the fact of it the Dog-Rat pair seems beset by personality differences. The Rat is shrewd and cunning while the Dog holds honor and righteousness in high regard. The former is practical, curious and extremely popular in his own social circuit while the latter is sometimes misunderstood and even disliked because of her obstinacy and critical nature. And yet curiously enough in the Dog-Rat match, these inherent differences have great potential to work in support of each other rather than to contradict one another.

Thought the Dog is usually easy enough to get along with, when things seem to go wrong she becomes extremely anxious and fretful. At such times the Dog’s worrying nature kicks in and pessimism takes over. As her partner the Rat, who is clever, fun and quick-witted, can step in and pick the Dog’s mood right back up again. If there is any character in the Chinese zodiac who can cope with the Dog’s pessimism and irrational fears, it is the Rat. He/she loves any sort of challenge and will likely consider the Dog’s temperamental nature to be interesting and stimulating. On her part, the Dog will bring depth and meaning to the relationship.

By far the most distinctive characteristic of this astrological sign and one which is well symbolized by the animal counterpart is a natural protective instinct. The Dog is very caring by nature but at the same time he/she can be quite fierce in their attempts to protect those that they consider their personal responsibility. In fact, the ancient Chinese sages considered the Dog as the Giver of Life since they are prepared to sacrifice their own dreams, ambitions and desires for the sake of others, particularly for those they love. Thus while the Rat will bring about variety and light-heartedness in the relationship, the Dog will ensure that is firmly anchored in a sense of devotion and responsibility.

Then again both the Rat and Dog are highly intelligent in nature though the form of their intelligence may differ. The Rat’s is more a practical and resourceful one, geared to self-improvement and overcoming obstacles in daily life. On the other hand, the Dog’s intellectual preoccupations are more philosophical and humanitarian in nature. And yet since they both like to be with involved with and bring about an exchange of thoughts, ideas and communication, the love match will be highly compatible on the intellectual front. A sign as mentally nimble and ingenious as a Rat needs a personal life that is challenging to the mind as well; a Dog too with all her sense of justice and duty could not be satisfied with a companion who lives only on the physical level.

Dog Female and Rat Male Love Match

This couple shares many similarities: peace loving, independent and affectionate. The Rat is charming and hardworking while the Dog is loyal and considerate. However, this may lead to a dull relationship with too much compromise.

This union has the potential to be a very happy one. Mutual respect and mutual interests are the main hallmarks of this relationship, since both are extroverted but will respect one another to give each other the freedom necessary. Although the Rat may be more affectionate, the Dog will be diplomatic and easy-going enough to prevent petty bickering.

For a smoother relationship, as with all relationships, communication is key. As the Dog is a stickler for routine and quite set in its ways, the Rat has to give as much notice of changes of schedule as possible to the Dog in order to keep the peace. The Dog should also try to be more sensitive to the Rat’s emotions as the Rat often multitasks and gets stressed when things get out of control. Communicate what you need to each other and if you respond to each other’s needs, the relationship will thrive.

While the pair’s different personality traits have the potential to complement each other in a relationship, this can also be a source of misunderstanding and friction. The prime source of conflict between the Rat and Dog may lie in their inability to agree on what are the important things of life. For a Rat it is important to use all his powers of resourcefulness and ingenuity for personal success, even if this means pulling a fast one on a rival or opponent; the Dog on the other hand is driven by a keen sense of justice and fairplay and is often a champion of the underdog.

As such, the Dog may not think highly of the Rat’s philosophy of the supremacy of personal goals and even less of the Rat’s tendency to sometimes employ dubious means to achieve them. In fact the Dog can be quite outspoken against what it perceives as injustice or absence of fairplay. At such times he/she may not only be difficult to put up with, even by the generally easy-going Rat, but may hurt a partner with sharp and biting words.

Then again, the Dog is known to be an emotionally insecure character. When the Dog is happy and peaceful, there is no one more fun and enjoyable to be with; however as soon as circumstances change for the worse, there is a profound effect on her mood and the Dog can become anxious, irritable and nervy. In order to rise above their own pessimistic natures, they need constant encouragement and support from loved ones and when they feel these lacking, they are often prone to straying in personal relationships; when feeling unloved or neglected, the Dog can look for appreciation elsewhere and one thing can quickly lead to another.

The Rat on the whole is caring and generous to those it holds dear. However the Dog’s infidelity can deeply hurt the Rat’s ego which is many times the animal’s size and goaded by the thought of being cheated can even opt out of the relationship. Thus if this pair is not strongly tied to each other by love and trust, it may suffer from a lack of stability.

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