Dragon Woman

The Dragon woman is a tough lover. While she will never have an issue having many admirers, the female Dragon is so self-reliant and capable she almost finds no reason to need another person in her life at all. If the Dragon woman does manage to find someone to love, she generally has such high expectations of him or her that they are placed on a pedestal, which they cannot hope to hold. The good news for the Dragon woman is that her ego is so strong, she will never have a broken heart; she is better off without them in her mind.

The Dragon woman requires constant attention and has no patience for anyone who has shortcomings in her book. The female Dragon is very honest and will do anything to avoid altogether those who are dishonest. She is known for her enticing beauty and is often the center of attraction, outshining all other signs on the zodiac for women. The Dragon woman is queenly and blessed with a wide array of perfect physical assets.

Dragon Woman – Personality and Characteristics

The Dragon sign confers upon its female subjects outstanding intellectual qualities. Having an acute mind, both analytic and synthetic, they can grasp the most complex problems with amazing rapidity and effortlessly distinguish the essential from the secondary – an ability that makes them win time over others. They reason with as much rigour and logic as one could wish, never contenting themselves with approximation or generalities. Their ideas lack neither drive, nor originality, nor pertinence. They force the respect of those very people who habitually are mistrustful of women.

The Dragon woman is not liable to certain drawbacks for which men often reproach the fair sex. Capable of seeing both sides of any question, she has well-balanced views and fair opinions – when her ego is not directly involved. Bias and bigotry are generally not a part of her character. She is also incapable of meanness, pettiness, or hypocrisy. She values nothing more than independence, secretly if not openly despising those members of her own sex who play clinging vines to men. Although she may sometimes appear voluble, letting her words outrun her thoughts, she detests gossip and scandal mongering. There is not a single trace of malice or perfidy in her since her honesty, sincerity, and frankness are never open to question; she inspires trust in all those who know her.

Not only is this woman a person of mind, she is also someone with a fine heart. Few would be more generous and warm than she. Loyal to her loved ones, be they her friends or members of her family, she would go to any lengths to oblige them and defends them with aggressivity and unrelentingness. Basically philanthropic and having faith in the goodness of mankind, she refuses to believe ill of other people and is firmly prepared to trust them, sometimes to the point of naiveté. This is not a person who holds grudges; if betrayed, she can forgive without too much difficulty. Only very occasionally does she let herself be overshadowed by pessimism, resentment, or vindictiveness.

The Dragon woman likes to be responsible and in a position of authority; it is because she has enormous faith in herself and is perfectly conscious of her personal magnetism. She is passionate, optimistic, enthusiastic, often on the brink of impetuosity. Nothing seems beyond her capacity, and she is ever ready to take up any challenge which offers itself to her. Whatever she undertakes, she will see it through to the good end – or she will die for it! Difficulties bring out the best in her. She vaguely senses that she has a mission to carry out in this world. Courageous, she fights doggedly for what she believes just and worthwhile, for the ideas and causes she has subscribed to. An incurable idealist – she is more idealistic than the male half of the sign – she refuses to put up with anything but the best and demands much of herself as well as of others.

In contrast to her positive qualities, the Dragon female has a number of conspicuous undesirable traits. One is frequently irritated by her superiority complex and haughty comportment. There is always a certain air of smugness and disdainful aloofness about her. Often vain and domineering, she reacts violently when she finds herself a target of criticisms or when her capacities are put in doubt. Like a spoiled princess, she may pout when she does not win her own way.

Dramatic by nature, this woman always insists on being where the spotlight falls, even if she has to push someone away or step on someone’s toes. It seems as though to her the end justifies the means when it comes to satisfying her thirst for unconditional admiration and appreciation. She may whistle in the dark, try to save people from their own mistakes, or go out of her way to praise her enemies – all this in order to get heads turn in her direction wherever she goes. She recoils neither from snobbishness nor from flattery. Other of her attention-getting devices range from a high-and-mighty attitude to eccentricity, from theatricals to fastidiousness, from boastfulness to criticalness.

Her ambitions are generally out of all reasonable proportions. No amount of success can fully content her heart. And if anyone of her countless splendorous enterprises does not come true, she becomes extremely tense and angry, cursing the whole world, instead of accepting failure gracefully.

She is adept at nursing her false pride. It would be impossible to convince her to play second fiddle to anyone in any field. She rarely cares to show consideration for the sensitivity of others, speaking her mind out bluntly, without regard to tact or diplomacy. She likes to impress people with her accomplishments, real or imaginary. Giving in is a total impossibility for her, so are verbal apologies. She will not tolerate any affront to her dignity and, like Don Quixote who fought the windmills, will attack even when no one hurts her birthright pride.

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