Dragon Female and Horse Male

Dragon Female and Horse Male - supportive of her clever equestrian spouse’s endeavors, the Dragon lady yields to nothing that threatens their cumulative success in all arenas. While she finds herself constantly consumed by some immeasurable task, whether personal or professional, he sides with her, infallibly, offering his fine-tuned wit and gamut of expertise. Hand in hand, both man and woman fuel the fire of the other’s venturesome and enterprising aspirations.

The Dragon and Horse signs work well together to make a fun and exciting friendship or amorous and sexual relationship last when they are dating. The Horse and the Dragon prefer to be free and neither will choose to settle down quick, making the relationship appealing to both signs without the fear of becoming too constrained or restricted within their lives according to the Chinese zodiac. Although the signs prefer not to settle down, they have the ability to keep each other entertained, fulfilled and happy for longer periods of time to maintain the relationship.

Both signs, according to Chinese astrology, may find that their relationship with one another is extremely fast-paced. These two signs may be physically and sexually attracted to one another quicker than other signs, basing the relationship at first, on a purely physical attraction. Over time, intimacy can easily be developed between the Dragon and the Horse, depending on how many mutual friends they have together and how much time is spent participating in activities that are appealing and enjoyable to both of them. Although the Horse tends to find himself/herself wandering and losing interest in a commitment and in relationships altogether, the fire and exciting lifestyle of the Dragon can help to keep the relationship bonded and together for longer periods of time.

Dragon Female & Horse Male Compatibility

You are a lively couple that knits together naturally. Both of you yearn for a colorful and changeable life. The male horse is adventurous, resourceful and artful, with pioneering spirit. The female dragon is outgoing and forward. She likes to accept novelties and does well in tempting originalities. The male horse usually makes full use of his perception to seize the favorable opportunities, while the female dragon can well supervise the male horse with her excellent judgment and persuasion.

Both the male Horse and the female Dragon share a supreme zest for the game of being, and they will only serve to augment and amplify each other in the quest for new diversions. They may be able to lose themselves completely in the magic of the moment. But they are bound to wake up together eventually, and then it’s time to sort things out.

The demand of the emotions may exhaust these two before they’re ready to give up their considerable independence in favor of a relationship. Any relationship at all at this point may be too much, too soon - it won’t be anything personal. Both of these Signs require admiration verging on worship, and neither will be quick to provide it for the other. The resultant ego conflicts will tear this couple that never was apart at the seams.

The Dragon-Horse pair scores high on love compatibility chiefly because of many core characteristics they share. Both are open to life and take up challenges with a zeal that would send a more passive sign like the Goat or even a Rabbit into a tizzy. A Dragon woman who is fully aware of her personal attributes is the kind who will turn heads as soon as she walks into a room. This suits the outgoing Horse male personality only too well since he is always game for a challenge which in this case is getting the female Dragon to say yes to a date. The Horse boyfriend will lead her into a whirlwind courtship which would include music, dance, action and a whole lot of fun – just like how a Dragon woman wants her love life to be.

On her part, the female Horse will not only be impressed by the male Dragon’s magnetic charm but also his expansive nature which enfolds friends, admirers and family all together in his large heart. Above all she is sure to be floored by the luxurious gifts her Dragon boyfriend is likely to shower her with since when it comes to this extravagant personality, he must have the best that money can buy.

Then again both the Dragon and Horse are highly sociable people. The best part about the Horse’s vivacious nature is that it often rubs on to others so that people around him/her find it easy to get enthusiastic or excited about life and its wonders. The Horse indeed is a natural actor and will keep people entertained with a song, dance or wise-cracks so that they are hardly aware of how time flies when they are with the Horse. As a result the Horse is generally well-liked by friends and acquaintances and highly sought after when there is need for energy and enthusiasm. The Dragon enjoys another kind of popularity among friends and admirers, one which chiefly depends upon his/her personal charisma, immense courage and deep-seated generosity. Both are likely to agree that a perfect evening is spent out, amidst new friends and old, engaged in new and challenging experiences.

Yet another reason why the Horse and the Dragon make a great romantic pair is because each is more or less self-sufficient emotionally. Neither needs a partner to offer intense emotional support like in the case of the Pig or constant encouragement as for a Dog. Both the Dragon and Horse are confident in their own personalities and a successful relationship between the two is more likely to be based on mutual stimulation and encouragement rather than neediness and excessive dependence.

Dragon Female and Horse Male Love Match

The Dragon and the Horse have many similarities. They are both fun loving, adventurous and very social. The Dragon likes the Horse’s caring nature and strength while the Horse admires the Dragon’s passion and enthusiasm. The Horse is thrifty with money while the Dragon is resourceful in bringing in money, a trait the Horse admires and appreciates.

This couple will both lead a busy, wandering life as neither is domestic enough to stay at home. Life will be delightful if they both get to keep a job as well as manage their home. The relationship strengthens when both are provided with variety and freedom. The Dragon is always enthusiastic about taking on new exciting projects. Both the Horse and the Dragon fuel each other’s enterprising spirit. The Horse is rational when evaluating the risk they are taking. The Dragon’s powerful persuasion can deal with the Horse’s inconsistencies. They can have a great partnership if they can reach a common understanding.

Among the many personality traits that a Horse and Dragon share is also a concern with ego. Both have massive egos and this is perhaps the only danger zone in a relationship between the two signs. While it is incomprehensible to a Horse that there could be anything of concern other than his/her own self, a Dragon believes that his/her place in a spotlight is a birthright and the world revolves them in the same manner as the planets revolve around their ruling planet. Thus the two could frequently clash with each other where there is even the slightest difference of opinion or interest. The inability of the Dragon and the Horse to see an alternative point of view could prove damaging in the long run and even lead to a breakup.

Also the Horse woman must learn to tone down her impulsive and rash behavior when with her Dragon partner since nothing is likely to infuriate the Dragon as much as the sight of an open rebellion by his partner. For Dragons, public image and reputation is extremely important and a partner who can keep this mind will forever win his love and fidelity apart from a large luxurious home. Similarly when courting a Dragon woman, a Horse man needs to learn to keep his spirited nature in check.

One dance too many with other women and mingling too much with female co-workers and he will meet the full wrath of a Dragon girlfriend who has been roused to jealousy. Also he must be careful never to play with her emotions. While a Dragon is usually happy to give her partner ample breathing space, being unfaithful is one of the worst crimes you can commit when in relationship with a female Dragon who will neither forgive nor forget the disloyalty in a hurry.

This is a relationship where sparks and tempers are likely to fly but if the Dragon and Horse can be more accepting of each other’s wishes and priorities, the fire of love and passion will burn for long.

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