Dragon Female and Rat Male

These two appreciate their own personal space so much that they would not even dream of invading the other’s. A relationship this trusting is one they have always hoped for, and they seem to be able to find just what they want in each other. These two are self-reliant, yet they find pleasure in each other’s company; therefore, this is not a relationship based on need. They are sure to find satisfaction in this match.

The Rat and Dragon signs are nearly perfect when it comes to compatibility as either friends, lovers, or even business partners and family members as well when following Shengxiao. The Rat is one of the best signs to keep up with the powerful and alpha personality of the Dragon sign. Because both of these signs have intense energies in with Chinese astrology, they are never bored and often keep the relationship interesting and exciting at all times.

Both the Dragon and the Rat enjoy being in the limelight. The Rat enjoys using verbal mind games and clever witty sayings when in a crowd, whereas the Dragon uses his or her charm and intelligence to draw in the crow. The two are likely compatible for nearly all types of relationships, both sexually and even friendships, and can also run a successful business together. Oftentimes, the Rat enjoys using the mind so much that he or she will opt to work behind the scenes, giving the Dragon more attention and satisfaction in a love relationship.

Dragon Female & Rat Male Compatibility

You will be a couple that treat each other with respect and affection. Both of you move straight to the goal without hesitation. You always trust each other and know to leave enough private space to the other party. The male rat admires the female dragon so much that he can even tolerate her strong vanity.

These two Signs have a synchronous effect on each other’s energy output, and make a very vibrant couple when they hit the town of a weekend night. The Rat serves as the power behind the Dragon’s radiant throne, as she shimmers in the spotlight of the crowd’s affection.

As long as the Rat is comfortable with his mate’s social popularity, he’s all set - these two are graven in stone. But should the green-eyed monster step in and interfere with their mutual ego-tripping, these two could find each other going their own volatile ways separately. Recriminations will be few, however, and perhaps they might get back together again - neither has much of a heart to break when it comes to the other.

Love compatibility between these signs is quite high since they are both share certain essentially personality traits. One of the most important among these is an extroverted nature which makes them happy to be among people. Indeed the Rat thrives on the very verbal and social exchange that their large circle of friends and acquaintances offer. The Dragon too shares this search for people and interests than can inspire him/her from within.

Both have incredible reserves of energy and can be found happily involved in several activities at the same time. While the Dragon is attracted to the world in the world of creativity and self-expression, the Rat is eager to get involved in any activity or experience as long as it is interesting and new. Thus both the Rat and Dragon can be found to lead socially hectic lives, hosting parties, meeting friends for Sunday brunches and then going out to the theater in the evenings.

For all their love of socializing, neither the Rat nor the Dragon is a mere social butterfly. The Rat has an extremely nimble mind which can quickly absorb the basics of any situation or task at hand. The Dragon too is attracted to projects which have a definite element of challenge. Thus together, the couple is likely to possess an enthusiastic approach to life and best of all they can add substance and vitality to common ideas and projects.

The Dragon will helps the Rat bring focus to his/her scattered ideas and ensure that things remain not only talk but translated into action. The Rat on the other hand can articulate the big picture for the Dragon who is often driven by impulses and lets ego come in its way. Thus the two make a great team, keeping each other interested and opening the doors to new perception. The compatibility quotient for this couple is especially high when they are business or professional partners as well.

The sexual chemistry between the Rat and Dragon lovers is also likely to be great. They both have strong sex drives and they enjoy meeting each others’ needs. More than that the Dragon’s self-assurance and solidity is exactly what the Rat requires to overcome a sense of insecurity that he/she always feels but is reluctant to show the world. At the same time, the Rat armed with ingenuity and liveliness is one of the few signs that can stand up to, and indeed, make light of the Dragon’s assertiveness.

Dragon Female and Rat Male Love Match

This combination will bring about a fulfilling relationship as the optimistic couple are brave and determined enough to work out a future together. This couple will find it easy to trust each other as both are very capable and have tremendous amounts of self-confidence.

The Dragon will be very attracted and grateful for the Rat’s loyalty, positive attitude and continuous support for the Dragon. The Dragon is very kind and giving while the Rat can be thrifty and resourceful, making this couple well prepared at times of need. The Rat is very active and lively but will always allow the Dragon to take on the dominant role. This union is a very fruitful and lasting one as long as each partner is willing to compromise and not seek absolute equality from each other.

In order to make this relationship stronger, the Dragon should be careful not be too domineering and both should allow each other enough freedom. The Dragon should appreciate the cautious advice of the Rat though because the Dragon’s magnetic personality and power will attract all and sundry and the Dragon may tend to jump into situations without thinking it through. The Rat’s ability to spot danger at ten paces will be an asset to the Dragon if the Dragon listens to the Rat. Always realise that each is looking after your best interests at heart and work from that basis for a successful relationship.

One of the most important sources of conflict in a Rat-Dragon pairing is likely to emerge from the very different personalities of the two. A Dragon, as one of the most dynamic animal signs in the Chinese zodiac system, is used to being the center of attention wherever he/she goes. Even though initially the Dragon may be pleased to find a partner the breadth of whose social circle can match her own, over time he/she might resent not being the most popular half of the relationship. The Dragon may find her Rat partner equally sought-after by friends, acquaintances and exes, unlike the Rabbit or Pig partner who might have been happy to let the spotlight shine on the other person. Add to this the obliviousness of the Rat to his partner’s insecurities or perhaps even a cool tendency to brush them away with a witty remark and the Dragon might find her hackles being raised.

Another problem which is relationship might suffer from is a clash of wills. If there is one conspicuous flaw in the Dragon’s personality it is an overarching egoism. Like the powerful mythical creature who breathed fire, the human counterpart of this symbol believes that he/she is always right and expects to be obeyed by everyone around. This might not go down well with the Rat who, the Dragon may eventually discover, has a mind of her own.

Unlike a Rabbit or Pig partner who might have been able to negotiate the Dragon’s egoistic nature with more tact and diplimacy, the Rat will simply shrug away the giant lizard’s demands and scurry away to where he/she is more comfortable. Thus in order to make their relationship compatible as well as long-lasting, the Dragon would have to learn to be less controlling while her Rat partner would need to be more respectful to the former’s many positive attributes.

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