Goat Woman

The female Goat must have all things revolve around her. She is capable of extending her universe to her family, but is generally incapable of remaining objective in life. Anything that does not agree with her or her thoughts must immediately be removed from her life. This is not an aggressive action but one of necessity for the female Goat. The Goat woman only hopes that negatives will simple go away instead of having to deal with them directly.

The female Goat is the most romantic and loving all the women of the Chinese zodiac. Love is the blood that courses her through her veins and while she demands a great deal of attention from her lovers, the Goat woman is more than capable of returning that same attention. Any discord in the home is often met with concession, as she will easily rather agree than disagree.

The Goat woman may seem carefree and gullible at times. Because of this, she may be easily tricked by those less than honest. The female Goat’s need for being the center of attention will fuel a need for constant praise, but her naturally wonderful qualities should make that a non-issue.

Goat Woman – Personality and Characteristics

There is no denying that, as things stand at present, this sign suits women much better than it does men. All Goat natives, whether male or female, share many characteristics which our basically patriarchal society normally associates with “feminity.” But when it concerns the fair sex, “feminity” is favorably considered or gently condoned, depending on its positive or negative aspects, whereas it is generally frowned upon in the bearded sex. This discriminating attitude, of course, is unjustifiable and tends to aggravate the less desirable side of Goat females’ nature.

When drawing up any native’s psychological portrait, astrologers usually make a distinction between his (or her) faults and virtues. Such a method proves awkward when it comes to the Goat woman, for the various features of her personality tend to overlap one another and it is impossible to draw a clear line between her strengths and weaknesses; moreover, she is so changing, so self-contradictory that some of her good points may suddenly become bad ones, and vice versa.

The Goat woman is first of all noted for her sweetness, meekness, air of innocence, and compliance. People can hardly ever detect a trace of aggressivity or enmity in her comportment, even when she is subjected to extreme vexation. She does not seek to provoke or withstand, preferring to keep a low figure and yield the ground under all circumstance.

It is almost impossible to pin her down on any subject as she is always reluctant to express opinions of her own and consistently adopts the tactics of the chameleon; one would be grossly mistaken, however, not to realize that behind her modest exterior hides a very quick and perceptive mind. Her unassuming attitude may point to a lack of ambition or self-confidence, but is very effective in warding off hostile reactions and activating protective reflexes in others. In this manner she can indulge in all sorts of funny little ways with immunity and successfully charm her way through life.

Another of her character traits is her absolute candor. Unpretentious and humble, she does not know the art of make-believe and behaves with remarkable transparency. Consequently, there is no doubt this subject enjoys popularity in society, all the more as she is physically alluring and likes to mix. People eagerly seek her company, confident that it will be agreeable and that they will not be confronted with bad surprises. Of all the Chinese duodecimal zodiac, the Goat-born female is endowed with the most vivid imagination. This gives her a poetic, somnambulistic appearance which seduces most people she meets but may irritate some. She is inclined to be exceedingly psychic – she always has difficulty in drawing a boundary between the phantasmal and actual worlds, and floats continually from one to the other.

Dreams occupy a paramount place in her life. Whatever her age or material condition, she eternally shows a deep attachment to fairy tales and loves stories with a happy ending. Stories about kings and queens, princes and princesses, never fail to exert a powerful fascination on her, and she is ever willing to spend money on books and magazines dealing with them.

The Goat female is also the most intuitive person known to Chinese astrology. She definitely seems to possess a sixth sense, for she can perceive what is impenetrable to the common run of mankind. No wonder why she usually says “I feel” instead of “I think.” It is in her habits to make decisions or statements quite offhand and more often than not turn out to be right, only to find herself unable to account logically for her moves or indicate how she got the information. One could not blame her for exclusively trusting her own antennae and deliberately, though always discreetly, ignoring other people’s advice.

Her memory is unsurpassed. She absorbs almost all events and experiences, especially those with affective overtones. It takes her no effort to recall what happened years and years before, without missing the minutest detail. As a school-girl she is unbeatable in learning languages or memorizing historical dates and poems.

Is this woman an egoistic, unfeeling creature, or on the contrary an affectionate, generous individual? It is practically impossible to give a straight-away answer to this question without running the risk of oversimplification. Actually, the Goat woman is born astride both these extremes, a fact which constitutes one of her major contradictions and which accounts partly for her elusiveness.

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