Goat Female and Dragon Male

When this pairing consists of a Goat woman and a Dragon man, he will be the epitome of masculinity and she is the perfect picture of femininity. They complement each other perfectly. He can be chivalrous and protective while she will fulfill all his dreams as a wife. They will be happy together, attending to each others’ needs without any problems.

Goat and Dragon signs in can be extremely compatible with the use of the Chinese zodiac. However, the only way the relationship is likely to work successfully is if the Goat him or herself is able to allow the Dragon to be the protector throughout the relationship. According to Chinese astrology, the Goat enjoys being independent and will not stand for being threatened or bullied.

However, the Goat often has trouble accepting others and trusting new people in their lives, causing insecurity when developing new platonic friendships or even romantic relationships with someone they are very interested in seeing.

Goat Female & Dragon Male Compatibility

You are a couple lacking appeal for each other. You have totally different temperament and you are unwilling to make concession to the other. The male dragon is smart, brave, decisive, adventurous and independent, while the female sheep is a good housekeeper who is passionate, fragile and sentimental. The female sheep needs frequent and persistent comfort. The male dragon may help an unfortunate woman because of his strong sense of justice, but it’s hard for him to behave so patient and sympathetic as what the female sheep desires. Both of you have to make great efforts and try not overdo a thing in order to live a harmonious life.

The male Dragon will sweep the female Goat off of her feet in the twinkling of an eye, but such a whirlwind courtship may leave dark lingering doubts deep in the Goat’s consciousness. She will feel that she cannot place the faith that she needs to place in her partner in such a one as the fickle Dragon, and her instincts shall serve her correctly.

The flash and dazzle of this relationship will be grand while they last, but in the end the Goat will reach a point of commitment at the same time the Dragon begins to yawn and make motions towards the door. Both are in it for the short term, but for opposite reasons. Both parties would be better served to relegate this unfortunate incident to the storehouse of memory.

The Dragon-Goat pair is one of those rare ones in the zodiac system where the differences in personality traits actually end up complementing each other in a relationship. Even though not as reserved as the Rooster or mysterious as the Snake, a Goat is far from being an extroverted personality. They are content being on the sidelines and taking on the supporting and nurturing role in the relationship. The Dragon on the other hand is happiest when basking in the limelight, whether at the workplace, at home or at on a social occasion. While this would have rankled other equally egoistic signs like the Monkey or distressed low-key signs like the Ox, the Goat partner is unlikely to be irked since they don’t seek the spotlight for themselves.

Even more importantly each finds in the relationship what he/she needs to feel happy and content. Most of the times, the Goat is looking for a partner who is strong and protective or on whom he/she can lavish their nurturing tendencies. The female Goat particularly, likes nothing more than to be looked after and cared for, which is why the male Dragon with his expansive and generous heart will make the ideal mate. She will evoke the fierce protective instincts in him with her sweet feminity and light seductiveness and in return ensure that he is well looked after at home.

The female Dragon on the other hand will be pleased to find a man who is highly caring and affectionate instead of hankering for attention himself. There are a few things a Dragon woman loves more than being pampered with affection and the solicitous nature of the Goat man will see that she has plenty of it. Love between the two will again probably be a highly fulfilling experience; the Dragon will bring into it fire and passion while the Goat will lend it a deeper emotional connection.

Despite basic differences in personality, the reason why Goat and Dragon make a compatible pair is because both are deeply attached to their homes and families. The Goat loves to be surrounded by homely comforts and their family members. And even though the Dragon might seem to revel as the center of attention at gatherings and parties, in the end their heart lies where the hearth is. Dragon men and women make some of the most generous hosts even though they cannot be bothered with the mundane concerns of running a household. And the perception of any danger to their loved ones, is enough to rouse fiercest instincts in a Dragon.

Goat Female and Dragon Male Love Match

For this relationship to be harmonious, much effort and patience must be applied. The Sheep’s sensitivity is often overlooked. The Sheep finds it difficult to express the need for the Dragon’s empathy. The Sheep loves family life but the Dragon may not be too concerned about domestic affairs. The Dragon is adventurous, aggressive and dominant but the Sheep is docile, emotional and moody. Ultimately, the relationship is dominated by the Dragon, as it is the Dragon’s nature to control those who are close to him.

The Sheep is fascinated with the Dragon’s brilliance and superiority while the Dragon is attracted to the Sheep’s kindness, loyalty and honesty. However, the Sheep may be too timid to follow the Dragon’s ambitious ways. The Dragon may find the Sheep unsuitable due to the Sheep’s lack of ambition. The Dragon will be able to give the Sheep much encouragement but the Dragon’s patience has its limits. Much effort is needed to smooth the edges in this union. Therefore, it can be a moderately workable arrangement.

However what could pose a problem for the Goat-Dragon pairing is the difference in temperaments. The Goat being a water sign is extremely emotional and thus likely to be hurt by perceived harsh words or actions from others. The Dragon on the other hand possesses a huge ego and often cannot see beyond their own needs and expectations. An impatient word or a dismissive gesture from the latter would be enough to send the sensitive Goat in the blackest of moods. Thus while the Dragon partner would have to be careful to tone down his/her impulsive expressions, at the same time the Goat will also have to shed some of his/her touchiness if they both wish for a lasting relationship.

Then again Dragons are highly prone to extravagant spending while Goat males are usually quite careful with their money. So if the two share a household their radically different spending habits might become a problem.

As long as partners of opposing personalities make their relationship a top priority, they are able to complement each other with their differences. But when no longer united in love and trust, the same differences become a source of conflict. In case the differing social dispositions of the Dragon and Goat may bring its own troubles. While the Dragon likes being surrounded by friends and admirers, the Goat would much rather spend an evening quietly at home. In such a situation, the Goat might end up resenting his/her partner’s socializing while the Dragon might be irritated by his/her partner’s reluctance to go out.

In the end however a Goat woman can trust the Dragon’s deep attachment to his home and family to bring him back to where his heart lies. Both signs enjoy having their families and friends over at their place and ensuring that everyone has a good time; this in fact can act as a great binding factor between the Goat and Dragon partners. Finally this is a match who is exceedingly likely to result in a marriage as well as a family with a large home and a brood of happy children.

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