Goat Female and Goat Male

Goat Woman and Goat Man have a natural empathy between them. They understand each other because they are as alike as two peas in a pod. Life will be wonderful until their childish nature comes into play. They can’t help it. They are oversensitive and they tend towards moodiness. Finances will be a problem for them since neither one has a way with money.

If the opportunity presents itself, either partner may play around. This will cause the other to exhibit intense feelings of jealousy. They may hurt each other terribly. If they can overcome these obstacles, they may make a go of it. They are meant for each other in one aspect of their lives… the bedroom. They have an incredible chemistry between them.

Goat signs within the Chinese zodiac are the most calm and relaxed in nature, allowing them to live peaceful and harmonious lifestyles that lack stress, worry, guilt, and other negative emotions. Many Goat signs prefer to live a quite, happy, and stable life, and they are often in-tune with their emotions and expressing their feelings in Chinese astrology and when following the Chinese horoscope.

When two Goat signs come together, this can lead to a long-lasting romantic relationship that is not purely based on physical and sexual attraction during the dating period, but is also a mental connection that can help with making the relationship last for years or a lifetime. When Goats are together, they are both able to provide an open and listening ear, allowing one another to feel "heard" and listened to, avoiding conflict and any feelings of potential emotional neglect. Goat signs are quite romantic and enjoy endless nights of cuddling and lying in bed together, dreaming of the future, sex, and spending time with each other on dates and exploring new adventures.

Although Goats may seem ideal together, they may run into problems when trying to financially support themselves, as they are both dreamers and less practical. When Goats are seeing each other romantically, it is important to find time to focus, as they are often caught up in one another’s lives and prefer to work to make each other happy rather than to pay their bills or go to work on time each day.

Goat Female & Goat Male Compatibility

You are a perfect combination. Both of you could devote all your love to the family, and love the other wholeheartedly. The male sheep usually works hard to guarantee a sound financial footing, and the female sheep organizes the family life in reasonably good order.

These two individuals have a natural empathy with each other that allows them to communicate soul to soul, as it were. The male Goat and the female Goat understand each other’s occasional need for a bit of private dream-time, and neither will be offended if the other wishes to retire. The cerebral dimension is greatly appreciated by these two patient members of the same Sign.

Unfortunately, someone is going to have to be responsible for the practical side of life, and neither person is going to come forward and volunteer, so some sort of rotating schedule will have to be ironed out between them. If the required responsibilities can be successfully allocated without too much friction, it should be smooth sailing from that point on.

The most significant characteristic of the Goat is perhaps their deeply emotional nature. They attach great importance to feelings and in a relationship they primarily look to develop meaningful emotional connections with the partner. Attuned to emotions, the Goat often seems to have an innate ability to sense the moods and feelings of others around them. This is what chiefly works in favor of Goat-Goat love compatibility. A Goat is best placed to understand what is expected of him/her in a relationship.

Both partners of this sign are able to provide the emotional intimacy they crave so much and without which a relationship holds little meaning for them. On the other hand if a Goat is paired with a practical sign like the Ox or an effervescent one like the Horse, they might have to wait a long time for the partnership to develop an emotional bonding. Thus it is with another person of his/her own kind that the Goat can best expect their emotional expectations to be understood and returned.

Yet another aspect which works to bring men and women of this zodiac closer is their mutual love for home and family. In women of this sign, this trait is manifested in a maternal and caring nature while in case of men it expresses itself as a preference for domestic pleasures and a readiness to settle down with a partner. When Goat partners date, they are much more likely to prefer a quiet intimate dinner before the fireside rather than a night out at the discotheque or the bar. This is also one reason why problems can crop up when a Goat dates a highly extroverted sign like the Rat or the Dragon. The latter will want to go out and party while the Goat would be only too happy to stay at home. Thus when dating a fellow Goat, it is easy for them to agree upon the best way to spend a romantic night, which could be whipping up a romantic dinner for two or watching old love movies on the DVD.

Then again it is extremely important for a Goat to feel secure in a relationship. This is perhaps a consequence of their highly emotional natures which is why they need to be assured repeatedly that they are the only one for their partners. Both Goat men and women can get extremely jealous if they believe that their partners are not paying adequate attention to them. As a result of this tendency, it is difficult for a Goat to pair up with signs like the Horse and Monkey who are known for their outgoing social natures. On the other hand a fellow Goat will understand their need for emotional security and not balk at their possessive overtures.

Goat Female and Goat Male Love Match

Being from the same sign, they share many similarities. Both are homely, love luxury and dependency. Although there are some shortcomings in this relationship, they could succeed together if they combine their strengths and put aside their weaknesses. Both can be responsible partners if there is no one else to do so and both will support each other. Both are good homemakers and are kind-hearted enough to put up with each other’s flaws.

Both share artistic abilities and creativity and love staying home and enjoying the peace and quiet. They are both very sensitive and quick to forgive. They know how to make each other feel appreciated. Together they can provide each other with a strong sense of security. However, they should take care about being over protective or indulgent with their children.

However the emotional nature of the Goat also poses the primary obstacle to their mutual love compatibility. The overwhelming focus on feelings ends up making Goat extremely sensitive as a result of which an indifferent glance or an impatient gesture can wound them deeply. They are quick to take offence when confronted with an alternate opinion or opposition. Any hint of criticism and the male Goat will probably withdraw into a shell while a female Goat would begin to sulk or dissolve into a flood of tears, all the while refusing to talk about what went wrong.

The problem is that when both partners are completely given over to feelings, the relationship can lose in touch with reality. What each feels, thinks and perceives will begin to assume greater importance that what is actually going on in the relationship. At such times, the practical nature of the Ox or the airy detachment of the Tiger might have helped to put things in perspective and search for realistic solutions to any problematic issues.

Then again this sign does not take too kindly to hard work - thus though a home made up Goat partner is likely to be full of comforts and pretty things, neither partner will be ready to tackle issues like daily maintenance and domestic drudgery. Also finances may be a concern since the Goat is not very good at wise spending and saving. Thus a Goat-Goat couple may find their expenses more than income or a mortgage piling up.

Also the Goat’s nurturing bent can get rather overwhelming at times. Too much care and mothering from the female Goat can turn out to be smothering while the male Goat’s protective instincts can appear to be controlling and overly possessive. However these traits are more likely to bother other independent signs like the Tiger or Horse which require ample breathing space about them.

Finally the Goat-Goat partnership shows great promise of romantic compatibility. All it needs is a little common sense to balance out the excessive emotionality of the sign and the couple can find themselves set for a lasting, fulfilling relationship.

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