Goat Female and Monkey Male

When this pairing consists of a Goat woman and a Monkey man, he may be attentive at first, but will take her for granted as time passes. She needs constant attention and reassurance. She sees love as her passion, while he sees it merely as a form of friendship. Both may be inclined to be unfaithful. He can shrug this off, but she will not be able to.

Goat and Monkey signs often make for a greater friendship than a romantic or sexual relationship in the Chinese zodiac, as the Monkey’s wild side and need for social stimulation can become too much for the Goat, causing stress and worry to develop within the relationship over time. It is not that the Goat is possessive, he or she simply prefers a quiet and stable life, whereas the Monkey is often always open to new situations, ideas, and meeting new people. This can worry the Goat and cause an intrusion in his or her otherwise safe and secure world. Monkey and Goat signs are likely to meet in larger social situations where the Goat feels confident, open, free, and unconstrained to the current atmosphere around him or her.

Because the Goat adores being sexy and sensual and being "in love", he or she is quickly attracted to the Monkey’s adorable charm and intellect. However, because of the Monkey’s nature to move from "branch to branch" within social groups, this can quickly lead to disappointments with the Goat and his or her emotional feelings towards the Monkey.

Goat Female & Monkey Male Compatibility

In nature, it’s hard for you to communicate and live harmoniously, since you are not able to accept each other’s living habits, ideas and concepts. In your marriage, the male monkey appears too selfish, and cares little about the dependent female sheep. The female sheep is not so calculating as the male monkey, but she can easily become resentful due to endless sacrifice. If you could correct your shortcomings, you can be a good couple.

The female Goat and the male Monkey will never be bored with each other’s company. With the Monkey’s quick wit and the Goat’s fervent imagination these two will never lack for things to do, and their physical mattress trysts will sparkle with erotic ingenuity. The male Monkey may not be able to provide as much reassurance as the female Goat will require, but their meeting of the minds will be too good to pass up.

These two Signs will be more than happy to overlook the few points of conflict in favor of a relationship that will outshine the stars themselves, and they are both bright enough not to tear it apart with unrealistic expectations. Truly this is a very good combination of personalities, and should last for a good long while.

The secret to romantic compatibility between the Goat and Monkey lies in their willingness and ability to support each other in a relationship. The Goat is essentially a shy personality and prefers homely pleasures and personal comforts instead of external stimulation. The Monkey on the other has one of widest range of experience and information among all the animal signs of the Chinese zodiac.

Thus at the first instance the two will probably be drawn together on account of opposing personalities but soon find that they have a lot to give each other too. The Monkey could infuse more optimism and variety in the relationship and help the Goat to lighten up; the Monkey’s wit, humor and chatter will drive away the blues of the Goat and both will be ready for a fulfilling relationship. On the other hand, the Goat will anchor their partnership in emotional belonging which had it been left to another Monkey or Horse partner would have been too temporal and superficial.

Then again the Monkey is a social live-wire and impresses everyone with his/her far-reaching experiences as well as quick resourcefulness. As a result this character is familiar face on the social circuit and has a large circle of friends and contacts. The Goat on the other hand is more reclusive in nature and prefers to stay indoors. In a relationship marked by mutual trust and love, the Monkey partner will encourage the Goat to socialize more and go out more often.

And the Goat’s inherent pride in his/her home will in fact make him/her the perfect host or hostess. Likewise in a happy relationship, the Goat may be able to calm down the Monkey’s ever-curious personality and reveal the importance of things like home and family in a relationship. So while the Monkey will see to it that they never lack things to do and places to go to, the Goat will ensure that their home is pretty and comfortable.

Goat Female and Monkey Male Love Match

The Sheep may not be too attracted to the Monkey’s complicated and egoistic nature. The Monkey’s craftiness and expertise only serves to annoy the Sheep. The Monkey cannot keep up with the Sheep’s unreasonable demands, but the Sheep is clever enough to use the Monkey’s weak points to manipulate the Monkey.

The Sheep may be too demanding and possessive over the Monkey for the crafty Monkey to endure. While the Monkey possesses excellent patience, the Monkey may still find more flaws than virtues in the Sheep. The Monkey more often than not does not take the Sheep seriously as he takes advantage of the Sheep’s kind and giving nature. Hence, the Sheep stands to lose out more in this relationship as opposed to the Monkey. All in all, they both live in separate worlds.

Over time though ingrained personality differences may come to play a big part in course the relationship takes. Since the Goat is calm and prefers a leisurely pace of life, a Monkey is likely to assume that their partner is slow or worse, stupid. This is also because Monkeys tend to think that anyone who is not a quick thinking, quick acting go-getter like themselves is beneath them. And though the passive nature of the Goat will not seek any confrontation initially, if the Monkey keeps putting down the Goat repeatedly, the latter may react with his/her own brand of stubbornness since Goats are known for their powers of passive resistance. The Monkey’s inherently domineering nature is unlikely to make things better since he/she feels compelled to have the upper hand in every situation; however the Goat too has horns and can fight back when pushed too far. In this way this potential of conflict does not bode well for a Goat-Monkey partnership.

Even when the two partners are careful to avoid a full-scale confrontation, the very fact that each wants different things in love may spell trouble for the Goat-Monkey pair. The overriding need of the Goat in a romantic relationship is emotional security which is simply not in the nature of the active and curious Monkey to offer. The latter is attracted to novelty and variety as well as needs to be able to interact with a wide variety of people and immersed in a wide range of interests to feel alive. Remaining closeted with one person may soon drain away her all his/her spunk and vivacity. The Goat on the other hand is likely to feel extremely insecure when he/she finds the Monkey partner unable to return his emotional commitment and may even be goaded into a simmering jealousy.

Then again difference in social disposition and interests could also play spoilsport for the couple. Just like the animal from which the zodiac takes its symbol, the Monkey is energetic and adept at flitting from one interest and activity to another. As opposed to this, the Goat is primarily devoted to their home and family. Thus on occasions when the former would want to go out, to party and get involved in various hobbies, the latter would like nothing better that to have a quite intimate dinner at home or watch romantic movies on the DVD with a partner.

Finally neither the Goat nor the Monkey is very good at saving money which is why their relationship may also have to deal with money issues. Both are spenders – the Goat on creature comforts and personal luxuries while the Monkey on tips at the races or stock market that always seem like a "sure thing" but often fizzle out. Thus a home where neither partner is able to save may be susceptible to financial insecurity and chaos.

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