Goat Female and Snake Male

When this pairing consists of a Goat woman and a Snake man, they seem like the perfect couple. Underneath, however things are not so perfect. They will most likely have financial difficulties since neither one is good with money. He may also be a source of distress through infidelity.

The Goat and the Snake can form a solid and stable relationship, either sexual and amorous or even a platonic friendship according to Chinese astrology. The Snake and Goat are able to keep one another balanced emotionally and mentally, as the Snake uses his or her charm and wit in order to provide mystery and to seduce, whereas the Goat enjoys the emotional connection the Snake has to offer and is able to offer creativity and unusual thinking in return to keep the relationship refreshing, interesting, and unique.

The Goat and Snake often connect best when they are pursuing a romantic relationship with one another, as both signs are well-adjusted to their emotional and sensual nature, making it easier to feel relaxed and comfortable when the signs are with one another. The Snake is sexually attractive, charming, and mysterious to the Goat.

The Snake views the Goat as loving, nurturing, and soft, which can help to keep the Snake grounded when looking for a long-lasting and committed relationship in the Chinese zodiac when they are dating. If the Snake in a love relationship between a Snake and a Goat becomes too jealous or even possessive of the Goat, the Goat may retreat and attempt to dissolve the relationships entirely. It is important for the Snake in the relationship to provide an adequate amount of love, care, attention, and affection to the Goat to keep the bond nurtured and satisfying for everyone involved.

Goat Female & Snake Male Compatibility

You are a couple that can share happiness but not the difficulties. The male Snake is clever, efficient and calculating. He longs for being loved, but also pursues freedom. The female sheep is fanciful, sentimental and fragile. She depends greatly on the male Snake, which often makes her husband stressed.

Both the male Snake and the female Goat despise the routines of ordinary life and prefer to break out of the ordinary once in a while. The Goat’s imagination dovetails nicely with the Snake’s accumulated knowledge. The male Snake will be able to slip away from shared activities that he considers superfluous or annoying, and the Goat will be none the wiser.

Any attempt on either partner to force the relationship into a straitjacket of strict rules and regulations will result in the psychological pressure building to an explosive head that will wreck everything. It is up to the Goat’s ability to tone down her need for emotional reassurance, so that the Snake doesn’t feel ensnared by something he feels is outside his control.

This zodiac pair will probably come together in their shared interest in the finer things of life. Both the Snake and Goat are lovers of sensual pleasures and are attracted to things in which the senses take delight like good food, nice clothes and even artistic pursuits like music. In fact if resources are not a problem, the Goat can even spend a small fortune in tailored dresses and personal adornments. This trait owes not so much to a sense of vanity or love of spending but actually an inherent trait in the Goat to arrange things prettily. While the Snake may be motivated differently, he/she too has a highly discriminating nature.

At any party or social gathering, the guest who is most elegantly dressed, who samples the chocolate truffles appreciates the champagne with the greatest degree of awareness is likely to be a Snake. He/she is apt to engage in polite social discourse and impress others with their high level of sophistication. Thus the Snake and Goat will enjoy common tastes and pamper each other with similar indulgences in a relationship. This bond of mutual interests will go a long way in strengthening their romantic bond since when couples do enjoyable things together, they are more likely to remain with each other in the long run.

Likewise, another equally strong reason for the Snake and Goat staying together comes from the mutual attachment to home. This is more so in case of the Goat who takes immense pleasure in domestic comforts and interests. While the Snake is not as home-bound as the Goat, he/she will still prefer to bask in sun in their own garden or terrace instead of going out to party at a nightclub or a bar. Also the Snake can be quite particular about getting the best of food and drinks and so a homely partner as the Goat suits him/her who can cater to such indulgences of the Snake. Essentially both are alike in their social inclinations – while neither is unfriendly and in fact can even lay claim to a measure of social popularity, each is comfortable in intimate and familiar surroundings instead of hankering after novel and external stimulation.

Then again the Snake and Goat also serve to complement each other in a relationship. The Goat is quite an emotional creature and can be quickly upset by the vagaries of life. On such occasions, the Snake partner with a steadier mind and greater self-possession can help the Goat to find his/her emotional moorings. On the other hand the Snake can be susceptible to extreme jealousy when allied to restless or straying partners like the Horse or Monkey. However the Goat with his/her total and emotional submissiveness will give the Snake no reason to give way to negative feelings.

Goat Female and Snake Male Love Match

Things may not be perfect in this marriage but it can work out if both make sincere effort. Both the Snake and the Sheep are materialistic and attracted to beauty. These characteristics could seal their relationship. The Sheep may lack diligence while the Snake can be too secretive. The Snake is guided by logic and wisdom, while the Sheep is governed by emotions and artistic inclination. Occasionally, they will disagree on each other’s behavior but they may find many points that they can agree on.

The Snake may be possessive but the Snake can also feel suffocated if the Sheep becomes clingy. The Snake is very realistic and efficient and would make sacrifices for greater goals while the Sheep is sensitive and gets discouraged easily when things get tough. The Snake is very intelligent while the Sheep is very emotional, a gap they may find difficult to bridge in times of difficulty. This makes the relationship compatible only to a certain extent.

Both the Goat and Snake have different levels of inner stamina. The Snake is much stronger and more courageous, persistent than the Goat; even though it is not always evident on the exterior, the Snake is capable of feeling things with great intensity which is why it is often known to be a jealous or at least a highly possessive lover. When there is lack of mutual trust and understanding between the partners, such intense emotions on the part of the Snake can sometimes overwhelm a softer being like the Goat. The latter might find him/herself wilting under the heat of their partner’s intensity and in fact the Snake is not even above some shrewd emotional manipulation when it can suit their needs. In the end the excessive emotionality might drain away the life force from the relationship and goad them hurt each other to the point of no return.

However a far more likely cause of unhappiness in the Snake-Goat relationship may be a lack of dynamism. Both the Snake and Goat are rather low-key personalities and each likes to be left to him/herself for most of the time. Thus neither will be able to provide to the other the input that is needed to express themselves to the full and that a far more assertive personality like the Dragon or the Monkey may have brought about. While this may not cause the Snake-Goat couple to break up, it could leave them with a sense of something wanting in the relationship and in case things get worse, it could also lead either partner astray.

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