Goat Female and Tiger Male

Goat Woman with a Tiger Man definitely a difficult but not an impossible alliance. They are initially attracted to each other. Although her fluctuating mood-swings could frustrate him, his Briticism gets her to do so. she is cranky and he is critical. She has the good ability to laugh it off, while he may take offense to it out of male superiority.

The Goat and the Tiger can work wonderfully if the Goat has excellent communication skills, and if the Tiger is willing to be understanding to the Goat’s emotional needs when involved in a romantic relationship. Tiger and Goat compatibility depends on whether or not the the pair shares a romantic relationship and how committed each one is to the relationship and its future as well. Tigers are bold and attractive to the Goat, but sheep often demand more of the Tiger than he or she can provide once the two are romantically linked and involved with one another.

The Tiger enjoys serving as the protector of the Goat sign when following the Chinese zodiac and when dating or seeing each other sexually, although, as the Goat begins to feel more secure in the romantic relationship, he or she may begin demanding more time, attention, and other care that the Tiger is not ready or able to give at the time. The emotional needs and persistence of the Goat may turn the Tiger off, causing the sign to flee and to never return to the relationship, leaving unanswered questions and never solving the root of the issue.

Goat Female & Tiger Male Compatibility

In general, you are a couple with different personalities. But if you can be tolerant, understand and accept each other, you can step on the red carpet happily. The male tiger has a strong personality and is bold in exploration, while the female sheep is sentimental and dependent. The male tiger strives for exploring wider fields, so he is not able to take care of his wife wholeheartedly. In most cases, the female sheep is tolerant and generous, but she will feel depressed when finding her husband’s impatience and perfunctoriness.

The male Tiger requires the freedom of his emotions in order to enjoy life, while the female Goat also requires her own brand of freedom - the freedom of the intellect. But she also needs a firm place to stand and confront the world on her own terms, and the Tiger is not going to provide the stability she needs.

The Tiger doesn’t know how to fend off the regimented forces of life, and wouldn’t if he could - he’s all about grabbing a bit of diversion while he can still enjoy it. The female Goat would be better off terminating this sorry attempt at a relationship and looking elsewhere for her security, which is why she so frequently does exactly that. The Tiger will be content with the enjoyment he had while it lasted.

At the outset, these two signs seem ill-matched on various fronts, including the social. While the Goat is a shy and retiring creature, the Tiger is known to have a large circle of friends and admirers. And yet there are other sides to the matter too. One of the most intriguing aspects of the Tiger in fact is the co-existence of a sociable and highly individualistic personality. While this character delights in the exchange of ideas and opinions that a social network affords, he/she can be intensely private too. Very often the Tiger feels the need to get away from all company in order to be themselves or to collect their thoughts. This is a tendency that the Goat is well placed to understand and accept, as opposed to a highly gregarious sign like the Rat or Horse who may have been put off by the Tiger’s bouts of solitude.

Then again though the Goat is somewhat shy, he/she is by no means unsocial. Far from it, in fact, since the Goat can be utterly charming and a pleasant person to know in a social situation. They are almost unfailingly polite and well-versed with the behavioral niceties that social situations demand. Their inherent expertise in hosting people and their pride in their home-making skills means that the Goat would always be welcoming of guests in their abode, even if they are somewhat colorful characters as the friends of an unconventional Tiger partner. In a larger sense, the Goat armed with an adaptable and caring nature is one of the few signs that can best put up with the highly original and erratic personality of the Tiger. Certain views and actions which may seem unacceptable to a more conventional sign like the Ox or an opinionated one like the Dragon may be treated with more understanding by the gentle Goat.

Another area where the Tiger and Goat may come together is in their common helpful natures. While the Tiger has a marked altruistic nature which is devoted to working out solutions and systems for the betterment of humanity, the Goat too has a strong nurturing instinct and is often associated with areas like healthcare, childcare and volunteer work.

Goat Female and Tiger Male Love Match

The Sheep loves the Tiger’s magnetism and beauty, and the Tiger loves the Sheep’s creativity and sensitivity. However, the Tiger doesn’t like his partner’s dependency and possessiveness. The Sheep might complain that the Tiger is indifferent to feelings and rude. The ambitious Tiger may find the Sheep to be lazy. One loves to socialize and the other loves to stay home. The relationship can only work out after a great deal of adjustment on both sides.

The Sheep is a gentle person, while the Tiger is temperamental, which often hurts the gentle Sheep’s feelings due to sudden anger outbursts. The Sheep prefers a quiet and comfortable home, but the Tiger likes a fast paced life and cannot tolerate his worry-free ways. The Tiger often supports the Sheep’s need for their pursuits, however if the Sheep becomes too needy, the Tiger will feel trapped and look elsewhere. The Tiger too willful for the Sheep’s liking and the Sheep is too weak to dominate the relationship. Both may end up being dissatisfied in this combination.

The primary hurdle to romantic compatibility between a Goat and Tiger appears to lie in the conflict between the heart and the mind. Goat is deeply emotional and follows the compulsions of the heart when engaging with the world. The Tiger on the other hand uses the mind to make sense of the world around them. Thus in the Goat-Tiger pairing the former sign might be keen to seek an emotional attachment with a partner whereas the latter might be looking for an intellectual companion with whom they can exchange thoughts and ideas. In the process the Goat can come off as overly touchy and sentimental to the Tiger while the latter might appear as emotionally distant and disinterested to the former.

Driven by opposite needs, a relationship is bound to mean different things to either sign. While a Goat is primarily looking for emotional belonging, a Tiger is extremely possessive about his/her personal freedom. A Goat either tends to smother a partner with love and affection or expects to be taken care of and pampered. The Tiger on the other hand prefers to maintain a distance from the emotional complexities of a relationship which is why if they finds their Goat partner give into overwhelming emotionality, they might take wings and move to a rarefied atmosphere. The Goat on the other hand might feel rebuffed by the Tiger partner’s unwillingness to develop deeper emotional intimacy with the result that he/she will feel insecure and unloved in the relationship.

Then again even though both the Tiger and Goat are concerned with helping others, their efforts are turned in different directions. The Tiger likes to be involved with large projects or thought systems affecting significant sections of the humanity while the Goat’s caring nature is often limited to the circle of family and close friends. Though the Goat has a nurturing streak, he/she is unlikely to be involved in large-scale humanitarian projects, especially those which take him/her far from the immediate domestic setting. The Tiger is likely to look on the Goat’s restricted context with impatience and even disapproval while the Goat may find it difficult to be involved with idealistic ventures and philosophies when there are so many issues closer at hand that are worth attending to.

Finally both signs will have to make an effort to bridge mutual personality differences if they are to stay together as a couple - the Goat will have to be more accepting of his partner’s need for breathing space while the Tiger will need to make a greater effort to connect with her partner emotionally.

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