Horse Woman

The Horse woman is known for her intense feminine but equally aggressive behavior. She balances both well and requires her mate to on equal with her at all times. If the female Horse feels they are falling short of her attention she will quickly bite at them and hope to make them aware of their shortcomings. If her words cannot do this, the Horse woman will begin to refuse intimacy and ultimately end the relationship.

Because she never trusts her own femininity, the Horse woman can seem cold and insensitive. She may always seem a bit emotionally detached as she is concentrating on her own inner issues. Because of this the female Horse can reach out in different way to express her feminine side, often resulting in erotic lovemaking instead of emotional methods.

The female Horse will not tolerate begin subordinate to anyone, and will rebel if anyone tries to exert any type of authority over her. She is often quite self-absorbed and prefers the private to the social gathering arena.

Horse Woman – Personality and Characteristics

The general belief that women are weak-willed could not find confirmation in the Horse female. This is an individual of unusually strong personality and character, who knows exactly what she wants and does not allow anything to discourage her from pursuing her objectives. Once she has made up her mind, she carries through with as much energy and dedication as could be wished.

Her greatest gift in life comes from trusting herself, which enables her to look forward to the future with unshakable confidence and enthusiasm. She is quite prepared to meet life frontally, unflinchingly, never bothering to blame her difficulties or failures on others or circumstances. Capable of great brilliance and daring, she has the courage of her ideas, dreams with force, and firmly believes in what she does or projects. Her convictions are usually so total and strong that it is rarely difficult for her to convert other people to her viewpoint.

This subject is endowed with outstanding intellectual qualities. Her reactions are rapid and accurate, which allows her to handle with great ease most difficult situations that have arisen unexpectedly. One can always rely on her resilience and presence of mind.

Having a lucid, unbiased intellect, she thinks quickly and, aided by her sharp intuition, can find the right solution to problems which would require much more time of other people. Her avidity to know seems insatiable. She is interested in everything imaginable, reads voraciously, and large opportunities are sought out which may enable her to grasp the meaning of the entire universe. An eternal student, she finds it hard to understand those who are not keen on seeking to expand their knowledge. Her wide views and open-mindedness are indeed high on the list of her strengths.

Exactly like her brother of the sign, the Horse woman is uncompromising in her love of freedom. To her, a lack of freedom is synonymous with death; it is why she always insists on going her own way and views with a jealous eye anything that may directly or indirectly impair her liberty of choice. As a consequence, she is uniformly unorthodox in her beliefs, detests convention and snobbery above everything else, deliberately chooses her friends from every walk of life, and takes pride in her ability to change her ideas or way of life at a moment’s notice. She makes it a point of honor to combat conformism and bourgeois-inspired behavior. And she is never afraid to pose as a diehard iconoclast in her tastes and manners.

Few people would be imbued with as much optimism as this woman. Dejection and despondency are practically unknown to her; so is cynicism. She is always confident that things will straighten themselves out in the end, however adverse present circumstances may be. Later in life she will certainly lose part of her high hope, but will still retain her tendency to look on the brighter side of life and preserve her high spirits, motivation, and impetuosity.

Although excessively emotional more often than is warranted, the native proves guileless for the most part. She is forthright, frank, open-hearted, direct, and likes so much to tell the truth that she simply ignores tact and diplomacy. Her honesty and integrity are above any kind of reproach – she would never stoops to do anything devious or duplicitous. On the other hand, she never lacks the courage to speak out her mind or act in accordance with her own convictions.

The Horse female undoubtedly ranks among the most sociable creatures on earth. She has the amazing ability to make friends everywhere and with a minimum of time. People are attracted to her by her above-board and straightforward manner. She sincerely enjoys crowds and likes having fun with others. Her conversation is often witty, gay, and amusing. She loves giving parties and entertains with such expertise that her guests, including the most difficult ones, can always have a good time. No wonder why she almost never suffers from solitude and moodiness.

Her main secret in keeping friends is her irreproachable loyalty. She will remain absolutely faithful and dependable once she has formed friendly relations with somebody. One can never see her turn down a friend in real need. It is here that she does honor to her own sex by proving that women are perfectly capable of true friendship.

In contrast to her prominent qualities, the native does have some notorious drawbacks, which however make her all the more human. Her worst defect is indisputably her exacerbated egoism. She only lives for herself and serves her own interests. It would be useless to try to win her over to any humanitarian cause, for in general she is completely insensitive and indifferent to the world’s ills.

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