Horse Female and Horse Male

Horse Woman with Horse Man together should focus on travel and adventure. This may help keep them interested in each other. They can build a good relationship as long as they keep the excitement alive. They both understand each others’ need for space. Both partners are prone to temper tantrums and moodiness. They both want the spotlight, and each will have to deal with their jealousy when the other is getting all the attention.

When Horse signs come in contact with one another, they immediately have a sense of platonic or amorous attraction, whether it is purely physical and sexual or even a mental and emotional connection that they share. Horses enjoy having a free spirit, communicating with others, and getting involved in a wide variety of social activities and gatherings. Although Horses are so similar in Chinese astrology, this can lead to one feeling "overshadowed" or out of the spotlight from the other, leaving a disconnect in the relationship. It is essential to have plenty of active communication going when two Horses are in a friendship or even a romantic or sexual relationship with one another, in order to help with maintaining a completely satisfying relationship over time.

Horses, in the Chinese zodiac, tend to love and enjoy sex more intensely at the beginning of the relationship, which often leads to quite a passionate relationship when two Horses first come together or date. However, because Horses are one of the most unpredictable signs of the Chinese zodiac, in Chinese compatibility it is possible that the Horse can lose interest quickly in any relationship he or she has developed and is currently committed in or dating. It is essential to continue to add new adventures and exciting times into life when two Horse signs have found one another.

Horse Female & Horse Male Compatibility

You can be a good combination, since you share the same rhythm of life and work. Both of you are enthusiastic, independent and never satisfied. Your wisdom, vigor and streak of adventure makes your life very colorful and exciting. However, both of you hate the restraint of daily trifles, so your family may be not so stable.

The shared energy of the male and the female Horse in tandem will be enough to keep either of them from worrying about intangibles such as the future of their relationship - they’ll be too busy having fun. Their passion will overflow into all areas of their lives, from sex in the bedroom to work at the office, and both will be the better for their strong emotional outpouring.

They do need to learn to pay more attention to each other, however, as both are very self-centered and need to learn to recognize the importance of the other. Being Horses, both are fairly cheerful about life and not quick to take offense, so there is some built-in resilience in this combination. These two will create and sustain a fairly workable relationship.

Men of this zodiac are mostly energetic, independent and masculine while its women are brimming with an effervescence and confidence that is difficult to resist. They are happiest when in the thick of action; they love been driven by one activity to another, firing up ideas and motivating everyone around them including co-workers, friends and lovers to join the fun. Whereas such a hectic lifestyle would have made the peace-loving Snake or Rabbit dizzy, it suits another Horse just fine.

Both Horse men and women seem to burn with a sizzling energy and unflagging enthusiasm and together they will love juggling multiple interests and passions. Each will stimulate the other by including as much variety as he/she can in their dating activities since both know that their partner is the kind who needs the thrill of doing new things and if they cannot give that to him/her they may quickly lose interest in each other.

One great thing about a Horse man and Horse woman couple is the intensity and lively passion they stand to bring to their sex lives. Both are great at experimentation and can be counted upon to come up with fun and energetic ideas in order to make sex a fulfilling experience.

Yet another aspect of the Horse personality which makes for a successful relationship between both genders of the same zodiac is their frank and honest natures. Despite their clashing egos, they often manage to keep the faith with each other by staying away from deceit and underhand motivations. A Horse couple can drive each other round the bend and even make one another jealous by open flirting with someone else, but rarely will they engage in a furtive affair.

More importantly the Horse needs a degree of freedom in a relationship and who best suited to understand this compulsion than a partner of the same zodiac personality. The Horse is marked by a strong independent personality which detests being bound by too many rules and conventions. Their fiery independence also comes through in relationships as the Horse lover cannot be dominated not or held down to others’ expectations of how one should and should not behave. While this may have rankled with the romantic expectations of the Goat or goaded the complex Snake into jealousy, another Horse will be far more understanding and accommodating of the need of breathing space, since he/she expects the same from the other partner.

Horse Female and Horse Male Love Match

Both are attracted to each other very strongly. Both love adventure and are charmed by each other’s good looks. The fact that the two are identical makes teamwork and cooperation possible because they work at a similar rate. This enables them to be perfect partners, friends, and companions. They are both passionate but independent and restless, making life together very hectic with no guarantee where they will end up unless one is skillful enough to control the other.

They may not be able to have a solid family life as both get bored with routine and restrictions. One may feel overshadowed at times if the other gets more indulgences. If they can overcome these obstacles, they may have a joyful relationship.

The above characteristics of the Horse personality in general and the Horse lover in particular are enough to indicate that an Horse-Horse romantic equation is not the easiest to pull through – because high-spirited and impulsive tendencies on both sides, the relationship between a man and woman of this zodiac a potentially volatile one. Most important of all, the Horse is infamous for possessing a massive ego and both men and women are prone to think that they know the best and others need to take advice from them. This often leads to conflicts where each side is unwilling to bend or give an inch to the other and which is why the two Horses can often be found locking horns with each other.

The male Horse is especially quick to anger and may give in to nasty outbursts of temper if they feel their ego has been wounded. Horse women on the other might not express her anger physically but she is equally likely to possess a nasty temper which may reveal itself in sharp words and rash impulsive actions. Both Horse men and women can stretch an argument till Kingdom come and often their know-it-all attitude can degenerate into arrogance, taking the relationship to breaking point yet neither willing to admit that the other might have a point.

Yet another aspect of the Horse lover is his/her constant need for variety. Both the Horse man and woman thrive in the heart of action and are in perpetual search for new things to do and experiment. This hankering for novelty might not make for a steady long term relationship between both genders of the zodiac. While the two can hit off instantly and sparks fly on the first few dates, each might find it difficult to maintain interest in the other over a longer period of time. The reason for this is that the Horse personality needs new challenges in order to feel alive and when not presented with enough to do might eventually lose interest in a prospective partner.

The secret to making Horse man and Horse woman love compatibility is for each to become less ego-centric. Easier said than done considering that the self is of the utmost importance to the Horse personality and even in love, a Horse can seldom look beyond himself of herself. Once a Horse couple learns to tone down their egoistic selves more often, there is a lot that they can do look forward to in their relationship.

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