Horse Female and Monkey Male

When this pairing consists of a Horse woman and a Monkey man, The horse woman loves his sense of adventure and dare-devilry. She is also able to maintain her own individuality. They are neither competitive nor jealous. They work well as a team. They may have some communication issues, though they shouldn’t be serious.

The Horse and the Monkey work well together for shorter periods of time according to the Chinese zodiac, but long-lasting romantic relationships are not likely with this pair, as they are often too similar to one another for their own good. The Monkey and Horse both enjoy being free-spirited, which works to their advantage.

However, the Monkey’s highly competitive nature may leave the Horse fleeing from the relationship due to the overwhelming pressure the Horse feels and does not want. Most of the relationships between a Monkey and a Horse sign are fun and filled with adventure and energy, but are short-lived. It is often the Horse who finds him or herself dissatisfied and ready to move on according to Chinese astrology.

Horse Female & Monkey Male Compatibility

You need mutual care and concession to have a long and happy life together. Both of you are brilliant and outgoing, enjoying high popularity among your friends. Becuase of this, neither of you is willing to be subordination of the other.

Any attempt at a relationship between these two wildly divergent Signs will end in unmitigated disaster. The female Horse will consider the male Monkey’s celebrated intellectual powers too cold and calculating to feel reassured by his advice in any situation, while the male Monkey in turn will regard the female Horse’s boundless enthusiasm as childishly naive, or, even worse, just plain stupid.

Mutual suspicions of mental inadequacy are common in any relationship, but in this case these two will just accurate enough in their assessments to realize that it wouldn’t be worth the effort it would take for them to stay together. Antipathy will save these two from making a huge mistake with each other, and just in time, too.

What bodes well for the Horse-Monkey love match is that both signs can find common ground in their love for action. Each will keep the other entertained by thinking up lots of new and fun things to do unlike say in a Horse-Ox couple where the latter would find the former’s pace of life quite dizzy and too shallow for comfort. Both Horse and Monkey are experts at thinking up new adventures and planning new things to do together. Their energetic spontaneous selves will on the whole ensure that their relationship always remains fun and enjoyable. And though they might wander off now and then to explore other horizons but will eventually find that they make each other feel alive like no one else can.

Then again both the Horse and Monkey are highly sociable beings. They love to be out and socialize with a great variety of people. Unlike a Snake or Goat, they are not looking to hang out with close friends and family only. It is this love of variety in people and experiences that is likely to bring the Horse and Monkey together. More importantly each is likely to understand the other’s social impulses, unlike say the Rooster who would have much preferred to remain busy indoors or at work rather than paint the town red!

Horse Female and Monkey Male Love Match

Adaptability and flexibility are the attributes of both partners. Both are also outgoing, independent and practical individuals who can work along with one another if they choose to because they both have swift minds and strong abilities. The advantage of this match is the very fact that they can coexist seeing the needs of a well-balanced relationship.

They are both adaptable and intelligent enough to leap over obstacles to success. While the Horse is practical and opportunistic, the Monkey can be deceitful. The Monkey is versatile and skillful and the Horse may annoy the Monkey with his temperamental traits. Neither have the patience to withstand each other’s differences. Hence, they will have to put away their self-centered personalities to strengthen their ties as a couple.

The biggest problem that plagues this love match is likely to be the direct consequence of their large egos. Both the Horse and Monkey have a lofty sense of selfhood and believe that they are far more capable than others. While Horse tends to put him/herself first, always and every time, the Monkey has the natural arrogance of someone who knows everything about anything under the sun. Thus even the most minor disagreement between these partners is likely to snowball into a battle of wills, with neither willing to give in, not even a little. In fact things are likely to be made much worse when the Horse gives in to their raging tempers and the Monkey’s innate desire for revenge has been aroused.

Also their mutual desire to be the center of attention could draw out the more competitive sides of their natures. Though the Monkey actually has varied experience and knowledge, he/she also has a tendency to show off when surrounded by avid listeners; this is unlikely to go down well with a Horse partner who is used to being in the spotlight him/herself. In fact, when pitted against each other, the Horse may refuse to play by the Monkey’s rules outright. Though the latter loves to rise to any challenge, if a competition ensues between these two, the Horse could surprise his/her partner by suddenly getting up and simply leaving the scene! The Horse is a highly unpredictable personality and there is just no saying on what he/she can do or how will he/she react to a situation.

Then again, neither the Horse nor the Monkey is particularly suited for long-term committed relationships. The Horse tends to throw itself into new relationships, being rather in love with love, but as soon as its interest begins to wane this sign is ready to move on, being generally unwilling to stay and try to work things out. Motivated by an essentially curious nature, the Monkey too is far more attracted to variety in personal experiences rather than the love of the familiar and faithful.

In the event that these two partners set up house, it is again likely to be marked by untidiness and chaos since neither of the two is particularly interested in domestic responsibilities. Thus where the relationship can ultimately fail is in finding its moorings in the long run. Since both Horse and Monkey signs are suckers for novelty, it can be quite a challenge to develop a deeper emotional connection without which it is difficult for a relationship to survive over a length of time.

In the end though, their best chances lie in giving each other space and a little more understanding. Once the Horse guy realizes that his/her Monkey partner cannot be forced to pamper his ego, he will stand a better chance of encouraging the latter to stay in the relationship. Likewise the Monkey needs to understand that the Horse’s brilliance thrives on a fiery sense of self-respect and he/she expects the same kind of honesty and forthrightness as they are willing to give to a partner.

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