Horse Female and Ox Male

When this pairing consists of a Horse woman and an Ox man, he slowly comes to the realization that he cannot possess her fully as he would wish. She wants her independence too much. She isn’t happy being a domestic and wants her own excitement.

Horses and Ox signs may not always get along and are not always compatible within Chinese astrology, but the differences each sign possesses can help to prove complementary, especially with a bit of communication and understanding from both of those involved.

Although the Horse has a wild and free spirit versus the Ox’s nature to maintain a steady and dependable lifestyle in the Chinese zodiac, the two can live together with understanding and with enough commitment within the relationship, whether they are just friends, dating, or pursuing a relationship that involves passion.

Horse Female & Ox Male Compatibility

You can’t be an ideal match, since it’s hard for you to cooperate harmoniously and to understand each other. The female horse, an innate optimist, strives for freedom. The male ox is accustomed to be cautious and attentive on everything, and hopes to build a warm family through tireless efforts. He can’t often understand the female horse’s constant change. The female horse also pays less attention to caring about the male ox, and is always thinking of her own idle pleasures.

The male Ox may often find himself left in the lurch by the female Horse’s restless energy - she will leap while he is still peering uncertainly ahead. This will irritate the Ox in time, but in the early stages of the affair he will be amazed and delighted by the versatility of his companion. The female Horse in her turn may be put off by the fact that her companion is so sedate and reasonable.

Many arguments will arise from this mismatched arrangement of temperaments. Eventually the understanding nature of the Ox will reach the breaking point - probably around the same time the Horse’s boredom level reaches critical mass. This couple is highly unlikely to remain together for any length of time, but the relationship could be a learning experience for both while it lasts.

Driven by widely varying personalities the Ox and Horse at first glance do not appear to make the most compatible of romantic partners. And yet if they decide to use their respective characteristics to support each other, their relationship can turn out to be a success on multiple fronts. The Ox partner could provide the relationship with a strong base and take care of practical details of running a home or family. In fact he/she can even teach their partner the virtues of planning things beforehand and letting reason guide the decision-making process at least some of the times.

On her part, the Horse would bring a healthy dose of fun and enthusiasm into the relationship and prevent it from sinking into the deadly morass of routine and materialism, which would have been a strong possibility had the Ox been paired with someone of an equally stolid nature. The Horse’s natural ebullience and the fact that he/she doesn’t take life seriously at all can act like a burst of sunlight for partners who are prone to low moods, like the Ox. Also the Horse is well-versed with the subtle art of flattery, something that the Ox is particularly susceptible to and which is often the most effective way to get the Ox to come around instead of direct confrontation which is sure to bring out the worse of his/her obstinacy.

Despite their many differences both signs share a capacity for hard work even though a Horse usually works in short bursts of energy while an Ox makes its way by slow and steady perseverance. What this means for the Ox and Horse pair is that each will do his/her best to please the other and keep a partner happy. Horse men and women can sweep their partners off their feet with breathless wooing and scintillating romance.

Ox partners on the other hand will court their beloved with luxuries and material indulgences and once they decide that this is where their heart belongs, will prove to be a faithful lover. In his/her own way, both the Ox and Horse partners can be loving and generous should they decide to make their relationship a top priority.

Horse Female and Ox Male Love Match

This is a difficult couple as they are almost opposite. The Ox is methodical and wants a family while the Horse is carefree and finds it difficult to settle down. The Ox is down-to-earth, and cannot stand the Horse’s lack of attention to the Ox.

The Horse is outgoing and always filled with excitement, while the Ox is too organized and proper to share the Horse’s excitement. The Horse may have a great deal of respect for the Ox but feels the Ox is too rigid. On the other hand, the Ox feels an inability to depend on the Horse due to the Horse’s unpredictable moods and impulsive attitude.

The Horse, on the other hand, may find the Ox humorless and insufferable; the Ox will feel a need for someone more disciplined and responsible. While these two signs have very little in common, there is a little chance for a happy cohabitation if both realize their contrasting characteristics and accept each other as they are.

Vastly different personality traits make up the chief site of conflict in an Ox-Horse pair and one of the most significant of differences could arise from their opposing social compulsions. While the Ox will be initially attracted to the scintillating passion of the Horse, very soon he/she will feel that the latter is too restless for his/her peace of mind.

The Ox feels most comfortable when surrounded by familiar sights and following a relaxed predictable routine – the constant hankering after novelty and action which is intrinsic to the Horse might unnerve and unsettle the Ox partner. The Horse on the other hand might find his/her partner’s desire to stay at home on a Saturday evening quite off-putting and may leave in a huff to join his/her friends.

Yet another hurdle to Ox-Horse compatibility could lie in their inability to back down from a potential conflict. The Horse’s tendency to believe that she is always right might not go down well with the typical Ox-like obstinacy. While the Horse may have been used to having his/her way with others, when confronted the unshakeable stubbornness of an Ox partner, he/she may fly into a rage and say angry words in the heat of the moment. An Ox on the whole is a lover of peace and quite content to be left alone but if there is anything that will send him/her into a rage like the actual animal, it is an attack on their ego and being derided about their self-hood.

Yet another common point of conflict between an Ox and Horse partner could be money and expenses, especially when they share a home. The male Ox who usually likes his role of being the family breadwinner might frown upon what he sees as unnecessary expenditures of his Horse partner while she might view them as vital for enjoying life.

In the end what might save an Ox and Horse pair from a disastrous end is a mutual ability to understand each other’s drives. A female Ox could make an effort to join in some of her boyfriend’s zestful outings and who knows she may even enjoy the one-off experience. The male Horse on the other hand could plan their dates well ahead and discuss plans in advance so that his girlfriend does not feel she is being rushed into something.

Then again the two might also keep their checking accounts and credit cards separate so that the Horse does not feel restricted in his/her spending habits while the Ox partner does not feel that he/she is indulging in wasteful expenses. As far as sex lives are concerned, it would help if the Horse lover used a little patience and tact while introducing something new to the Ox beloved. The latter on the other hand might find him/herself enjoying new sensations if he/she stepped out of the boundaries of the familiar and explored a little more.

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