Horse Female and Rabbit Male

When this pairing consists of a Horse woman and a Rabbit man, it can be very difficult for them. He likes to stay at home while she wants to be out with other people. Fights over money, a woman’s place and other issues will likely make them split up.

Whether pursuing an amorous or a platonic relationship, the Horse and the Rabbit may need to work at perfecting a working dating and sexual relationship between the two of them. Rabbits and Horses are compatible in Shengxiao, although more of the work in the relationship is likely to be done by the Rabbit rather than the Horse.

The Rabbit is more nurturing and understanding than the Horse in the beginning of the relationship, as Horses are often very free-spirited and still enjoy independence and freedom. Horses enjoy changing their minds in split seconds and are complete with wit and intelligence according to the Chinese zodiac. Although Horses are most often loyal, they can become bored and may begin to look into new lifestyles if the relationship when the Rabbit becomes to mundane and repetitive.

Horse Female & Rabbit Male Compatibility

You are a couple requiring constant encouragement and long-term joint efforts to make your relationship harmonious. Both of you are practical and self-centered. The male rabbit is elegant, steady and intelligent, while the female horse is too confident, flighty and greedy. Every time when the female horse is enthusiastic and active, the male rabbit appears cold and tired.

The male Rabbit and the female Horse can get along quite well together. The female Horse is full of excitement and spontaneous passion, and the male Rabbit has his ego stroked and flattered by her vibrant displays of obvious affection - not to mention his physical needs amply satisfied after hours.

The Rabbit needs this sort of attention in order to satisfy his security needs, and this reassurance is exactly what the rampant desires of the Horse deliver to him. The Rabbit stands in awe and envy of his partner’s evident energy, while the Horse can rely on the Rabbit to always be there for her when times are tough. These two Signs support each other beautifully, in a match destined to go the distance.

It is quite likely that the Rabbit and Horse first met at a music concert or at a mutual friend’s get-together where the former was impressed by the latter’s infective energy and can-do attitude which makes any task on earth seem so easy. Similarly the Horse probably fell for the subtle beauty and the polished conversation of the Rabbit partner which makes them so charming. In this way what brings both the Rabbit and Horse close is a social, outgoing nature. They are quietly likely to be happy hanging out at common friend’s parties, the Horse being the first to organize games and mix the drinks while Rabbit charms his/her way into the company present. And even though the Horse may be more gregarious than the Rabbit, both love company and would like to have a night out among mutual friends or like-minded people.

And yet the success of a love match between the Rabbit and Horse need not depend only on external circumstances. The secret to romantic compatibility of this pair also lies in digging into the wealth of common traits they share. Both of them love intellectual stimulation and are extroverts. In his/her personal life, the Rabbit is always on the lookout for variety in experiences and while the Horse has a much higher energy level, he/she can make the apt guide to accompany the Rabbit on a whirlwind of activity.

Also they are likely to have a fulfilling sex life where the ardor and passion of the Horse will be nicely balanced by the soothing and patient temper of the Rabbit. All they need to do is to adjust a little on the personality front and the two are set for a long haul.

Finally both the Rabbit and Horse are likely to have similar expectations in a relationship; this is because unlike the Goat or Pig, neither is particularly emotionally dependent upon a partner. The Horse needs to have ample personal freedom in a relationship and could feel trapped in a situation where the partner is emotionally demanding. The Rabbit too, for all his/her social popularity, has a marked streak of emotional detachment in his/her personality and prefers not to get too tangled in torturous matters of the heart. The Rabbit has an intrinsic ability to remain aloof from an emotional situation even as he/she maybe charming an individual to the hilt. Thus neither is likely to have high expectations of emotional intimacy from one another and on most occasions would allow enough breathing space to a partner.

Horse Female and Rabbit Male Love Match

This relationship will never work unless each partner gets adjusted to the other. Because the Rabbit is sensitive and conservative, while the Horse is fickle and hasty; both may find each other quite insufferable. He prefers solitude, while she is constantly on the go. The both of them are usually too self absorbed that they don’t take the time and effort to make the relationship work.

These two signs may not find harmony because of the differences in their personalities. Although the Rabbit can be affectionate and encouraging once the Horse reaffirms his dedication and capability to provide for the family, the Horse often gets annoyed to have the Rabbit place all the responsibility and hopes solely on him. Although the Horse will definitely perform well, the Rabbit cannot tolerate uncertainty and insecurity. This results in a discontented and unhappy relationship. For this relationship to work; the Rabbit must learn to be independent and the Horse needs to learn to focus on the relationship. If they can do this, the relationship is likely to work.

Differing psychological compulsions usually make up the primary site of conflict in a Rabbit-Horse pair. The Horse thrives when surrounded by action and loves to be on the go but the Rabbit on the other hand is attracted towards whatever makes life pleasant and lovely. Thus while the Horse can be found crackling with energy and drive, it can also at times erupt in flared tempers. The Rabbit on the other hand likes life to be calm and harmonious and may be keenly upset by a tempestuous partner.

Then again the Horse delights in living for the moment and can often be found to do something now and think about the consequences later. The Rabbit on the other hand will consider the pros and cons of a situation at length and only then take a decision. To the Horse, the Rabbit’s tendency of deliberation may smack of indecisiveness and timidity while the latter might feel that the former is too rash and impulsive for the good of the relationship. Essentially it is how both signs go about dealing with a job at hand that marks the chief difference between them.

After their initial attraction has burned away, the Rabbit and Horse can get along only if each agrees to adopt a little of the other’s perspective. If on one hand the Horse can tone down his/her excessive brightness and channel their energy into well-thought out projects while on the other, if the Rabbit can be a little more decisive and let go of their compulsions of order now and then, there is no reason why the two cannot make a happy pair in the long run. One can trust the innate drive of the Horse to inspire the Rabbit while the latter can subdue the rash impulses of the former into a harmonious arrangement – which is after all what a relationship is all about.

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