Horse Female and Rat Male

When the pairing consists of a Horse woman and a Rat man, she will overwhelm him with her strong personality. They are mismatched from the start. They are probably one of the worst pairings in the Chinese zodiac. They are completely opposite in how they approach a relationship. Ouch! It is always painful to prophesise so, but the truth has to come out as bluntly as possible.

Officially, the Horse and the Rat are opposite signs on the Chinese zodiac, although this does not mean the relationship is not compatible in Chinese horoscopes and in Chinese astrology. However, the relationship will be quite interesting as the Horse often needs plenty of independence and alone time, whereas the Rat enjoys being around friends and constant mental entertainment and stimulation.

When in a relationship as lovers, the Horse and Rat may find themselves in an intense relationship at first when they are dating and involved sexually, but this may not last long-term according to the Chinese zodiac. Rats, however, do enjoy the challenges and new adventures they will enjoy when with a Horse, as the Horse’s nature causes unpredictable life events to occur on a regular basis. Business partners is an option when a Horse and Rat are doing so together. The Rat enjoys dreaming and being optimistic about future plans, whereas, the Horse does not think as much about the future and likes to work "in the now" by getting tasks and challenges completed.

Horse Female & Rat Male Compatibility

You will be a good match if you are tolerant enough to each other, since both of you have strong sense of self and initiative. You can’t accept the other party’s points at usual time. When encountering an obstacle, it seems hard to avoid finding ways out individually. The female horse always goes back on her words, while the male rat will not yield a step in daily life.

Rats and Horses both have strong emotions, and the male and the female of each species may initially find themselves swept into the clutches of a whirlwind of passion. For the longest time they will be oblivious in each other’s firm embrace, but after a while the Rat may become wary of losing his identity in the shuffle and may begin to draw back a bit from such a total association.

This will send the Horse into a spiral of anxious rage, which will cause the Rat to withdraw further, and so on and so on, until the relationship is on the rocks. It will take a great deal of patience (and perhaps a degree of maturity that the female Horse does not possess) for these two to make things work. The bets are far from certain, and should not be placed.

Both the Rat and Horse are highly social in nature – they love going out and mingling with people and not always from a familiar network of friends and family. Apart from this, both the Rat and Horse like trying out new things to do and are open to varied experiences. The Horse is hooked to change – he/she must have novel experiences in order to feel alive and kicking.

As is evident from the name of the creature who symbol he/she shares, the Horse likes to be on the go and are forever on the lookout for what will engage their interest next. The Rat is one of the few animal signs in the Chinese zodiac that can keep up with such high energy and interest levels. Armed with a clever ingenuity and practical resourcefulness, the Rat can not only meet the Horse’s constant demand for thrilling experiences but in fact can think of ways – one after another – to keep his/her partner interested in the long run too.

Yet another source of their mutual compatibility may lie in a quick and agile mind that both the Rat and Horse share. The Rat has one of the cleverest minds among all the animals of the Chinese zodiac and is known for their quick thinking as well as far-ranging resourcefulness. The Horse too for all her extrovert and energetic natures is not an empty gasbag. This personality is armed with a lightning-quick mind, one which can directly see through the heart of a situation and is able to come up with a solution in a matter of minutes.

Probably it is because of this amazing mental acuity that the Horse is able to work through a situation or experience quickly and thus feels ready to move on to the next one while others around him/her may be still struggling with the basics. This suits the Rat very well since he/she is attracted to partners who can provide an element of challenge in the relationship and lots of intellectual stimulation. The Rat and Horse thus will always have new things to interest each other with and keep one another hooked.

Horse Female and Rat Male Love Match

This couple might not agree with each other’s views and may lack the effort to work out the relationship. The Rat doesn’t like the Horse’s restlessness and unsteadiness; on the other hand, the Horse will be annoyed by the Rat’s petty quarrels. The Rat does not reveal his or her inner self easily while the Horse is very open.

The Rat is hardworking and affectionate, and enjoys the company and the closeness of family. The Horse, however needs physical and mental freedom. These two will find it difficult to see eye to eye because of their different personalities. The Horse sees the Rat as selfish and inconsiderate, while the Rat sees the Horse as possessive and unreasonable. Neither will find the other attractive to remain in a permanent relationship.

In order to try to make it work, the Rat needs to realise that the Horse’s need for freedom doesn’t mean that the Horse does not treasure the relationship. The Horse must also realise that a relationship is about two people and not just about what the Horse wants. Compromise and understanding are the keys to success.

The primary source of conflict between a Rat and Horse may lie in the different ways they engage with relationships. Even though both are gregarious by nature, the Horse needs a higher degree of independence as compared to the Rat who tends to lean towards a network of familiar people, including friends and family. Thus while the Rat likes to know who and how much it has on its side, from friends to money, The Horse can end up feeling trapped when in too intimate a relationship.

The Rat may not be able to understand the Horse’s need for space and may regard its desire for personal freedom as disinterest in the relationship or even worse, an attraction to other members of the opposite sex. Even though the Rat is not the most emotional of lovers, overall, he tends to treat a partner well. The Rat likes showering love, attention and gifts on a beloved but a surfeit of pampering may not appeal to the Horse. He/she is likely to feel tied down and every once in a while may shake off the pretty strings of belonging and take off for wilder pastures – an act which will probably leave the Rat hurt and neglected.

Then again, it can be difficult for anyone, even the Rat, to keep up with the extreme levels of energy and enthusiasm displayed by the Horse. All this whirlwind of activity has the effect of making the Horse rather impetuous and erratic. She can become unpredictable and there is no saying what will catch their interest tomorrow. At such times, the Rat as the partner of the Horse may find him/herself too rushed and all the action overwhelming.

As spouses and partners, the Horse can be trying to live with because of their general disregard for household chores and other niggling responsibilities of the domestic life. The Horse is forever on the lookout for new and interesting things to do and when bound to the boring routine of domesticity or office work can become querulous, restless and sulky. The Rat too is not too keen to keep things neat and tidy and while he/she does not have the airy unconcern of the Horse, the Rat does tend to gather and clutter things.

Finally the love match between the Rat and Horse may suffer from a lack of permanence. Both are capable of wandering in personal relationships, the Horse to a greater extent than the Rat. And this, coupled with the fact that neither is emotionally attuned to the other’s needs and requirements, may bring about a kind of temporality to their relationship.

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