Horse Female and Rooster Male

When this pairing consists of a Horse woman and a Rooster man, his feelings of inadequacy make him suspicious of others. Her outgoing nature will be challenging. She doesn’t like jealousy. She thinks it is an insult. He can’t help it though. His natural misogynistic tendencies show through even though he tries to hide them.

In Chinese astrology The Horse and the Rooster signs have the potential to make a well-matched pair, even with a sexual or romantic relationship. The Horse is quite flexible, which is what this relationship relies on, as the Rooster generally prefers being neat, organized, and punctual as much as possible, which the Horse is most likely to accept. Because both signs enjoy gathering knowledge and wisdom from a wide variety of subjects, it keeps the excitement of the relationship going and both of those involved together happy and satisfied more often.

At times, the Horse and the Rooster do not work well together, especially as Horses tend to begin house projects, leaving the materials and items lying all around, which is bound to aggravate the extremely organized Rooster in the Chinese zodiac when they are dating one another. However, the cerebral connection aside from a sensual connection offered from this relationship is a key to its survival, and can contribute to long-term romantic relationships and even marriage.

Horse Female & Rooster Male Compatibility

The course of your marriage life is bumpy, but you are able to move forward together. Both of you are independent,stubborn and with distinct personalities, so it’s easy for you to gave each other tit-for-tat. The male rooster can’t bear the female horse’s changeability and disorder, while the female horse also can’t stand the male rooster’s pedantry.

These two Signs can get along quite well together. The female Horse will initiate things, and the male Rooster will follow through and complete them. They are, however, both sensitive to the opinions of others while being completely tactless with each other within the relationship. This could result in bruised egos and problems between them, unless and until they learn the meaning of the word "mercy".

Since neither the male Rooster nor the female Horse are big on apologies, a casual offense could cause either one to flee from their troubled life together - both Signs are big on avoidance tactics. If they decide to sit down and talk their problems out, they should be able to go the distance. It’ll about communication for this match to succeed in the long run.

Both the Horse and Rooster like to live a life of action and motion. Neither of them believes in remaining still and content with things as they are. While the Horse is driven to seize the initiative in any project, the Rooster cannot rest until it is executed with perfection. In this way when both partners share the value of hard work, any venture that they involve themselves in, including a romantic relationship, is likely to be successful.

Along with a capacity of hard work, the Horse and Rooster share yet another important trait – ambition. Both are serious go-getters at heart, even though they may differ on how they realize their ambitions. Roosters are extremely focused on what they intend to accomplish in life and they set about this by taking care of every little detail whereas Horses just throw themselves into things as hard as they can and hope for the best.

The Horse and Rooster may seem to have different social impulses, with the former being the more gregarious of the two. And yet the Rooster likes to be the center of attention like his/her more popular partner. A Rooster prefers to be admired for her appearance rather than her social skills; indeed this sign is known to be very particular about their clothes and accessories and is one of the best dressed signs of the Chinese zodiac. Just like the care that the Rooster lavishes on his/her personal style, so too their homes bear the sign of the Rooster’s attention to detail. A home made up of a Rooster partner is likely to be neat, well-managed and shiny as a new pin. This suits the Horse only too well since for all his/her love of friends and people, the Horse is too slapdash and chaotic to be a perfect host or hostess.

This ability to complement each other could also work well in other areas of the couple’s lives. The Horse would infuse the relationship with initiative and energy while the Rooster would take care of the business of daily living and domestic details.

Curiously enough, despite their ingrained personality differences, the Horse and Rooster can have an amazing life. While an Horse brings the full force of his/her passion and ardor to their lovemaking, a Rooster’s attention to details and a deeply affectionate nature makes for an all-round fulfilling experience.

Horse Female and Rooster Male Love Match

This is an absurd but sometimes functional arrangement. The Horse is amusing and skillful while the Rooster is serious and jealous. The Horse has the personality to dash off when bored leaving it up to the Rooster to clear up the mess, an attitude that is not tolerable by the Rooster. The Horse is too carefree to be annoyed by the Rooster’s outspoken and faultfinding attitude. The flamboyant nature of the Horse will not want to be tied down by the simple life the Rooster has planned. The Rooster wants to follow a straight road but the Horse wants to follow an adventurous path that is changeable and has no fixed plans.

One cannot understand the rationale of the other and when listening to conversations between them it will be clear that they are not on the same wave length. This marriage may only work if they are attracted to opposite personalities and find a special interest between each other.

The many points of divergence in the Horse and Rooster personalities makes their romantic pairing something of a challenge. While the former is impulsive and often reckless, the latter is wont to consider all aspects of a situation before taking any decision. This can make a Rooster partner come off as rather timid to a Horse while the former may consider the latter as too rash and thoughtless to be suitable as a partner.

Then again Rooster trait for criticism might not sit well with the egoistic Horse who believes that their way of doing things is the only way. Because the Rooster sets out to work with such perfection, they expect others to live up their own high standards. And this eventually results in the Rooster being quite open about other people’s faults and fallacies. While the Rooster’s exacting nature may have been better tolerated by a mild-mannered sign like the Rabbit, the Horse has a superior sense of selfhood which is unlikely to take kindly to the Rooster’s negative feedback, no matter how objectively it is intended. Thus an excess of criticism or even nagging may upset the Horse partner who would simply take off for greener pastures.

One of the main traits of the Rooster, especially in a woman, is a solicitous nature – indeed few things please them as much as being of help to others. However in a relationship, this tendency to mother and fuss may irritate a sign like the Horse who is very particular about his/her personal freedom. After the initial attraction is over, the Horse might find the caring and concerned nature of his partner rather suffocating; he is a guy who likes to have a bit of breathing space about him and a woman who is intent to shower him with affection all the time is only likely to put him off.

Further ingrained differences may also upset the romantic equation between these two. The Horse may be irritated by the Rooster’s fastidious nature and the latter’s slow methodical way of doing things. The Horse is a person who lives and spends for today and does not understand the careful planning that goes on in the minds of Roosters in order to prepare for a secure future. The Rooster partner at the other end could be puzzled by the constant hankering for novelty that he/she sees in the Horse mate. Then again the Horse’s penchant for taking chances and indulging in reckless pursuits may be completely incomprehensible to the Rooster whose bent for excessive concern with health and diet in turn might seem curious to the Horse.

In the end what could strengthen the Horse-Rooster relationship is a hearty chat with each other and without giving way to criticism or temper. Both signs are essentially truthful and honest in nature and once they see what is required of them to sustain their relationship, they are most likely to be willing to put in hundred percent of their effort.

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