Horse Female and Tiger Male

When this pairing consists of a Horse woman and a Tiger man, he will be the perfect gentleman as long as she plays along with the idea of masculine superiority. He won’t care if she’s just playing along. They will get along famously in almost every aspect of their lives.

The Horse and the Tiger make a fine pair when matched together, whether for romantic and sexual purposes, running a business, or just as great friends according to the Chinese zodiac. Because both signs are naturally independent, there are often no issues with pursuing new ventures and exploring new realms of life when the two are together or when they date.

Although in a romantic relationship, the Tiger’s personality may make him or her appear to be the leader, the Horse does not mind as he or she is just as independent and free-spirited, but does not crave as much of the attention as the Tiger naturally does. When the two signs find a common ground of interest and future goals in life, this relationship works out for the best when abiding by Chinese astrology.

Horse Female & Tiger Male Compatibility

Both of you are open-minded, enthusiastic and good at communication, which makes you a happy and vigorous combination. The male tiger is humourous, steady and thoughtful, and the female horse is sweet, virtuous and smart. The male tiger works hard for the family and his career, while the female horse can tolerate her husband’s changeability and integrate their strength wonderfully.

The male Tiger and the female Horse are equally interested in new experiences and diverting antics. They will tumble over each other in their excitement at sampling everything the world has to offer, urging each other on to new feats of novelty. This may make for grand fun, but is it enough to establish a relationship of the heart?

That depends upon the hearts involved, and neither the Tiger nor the Horse is very sentimental. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, true, but if either of these characters is looking for something a bit more fulfilling in their personal life, they’ll break the fun deal and seek elsewhere for their heart’s desire. It may be a question of maturity versus a question of commitment for both of these unrepentant hedonists.

One of the greatest bonds between the Tiger and Horse couple would be a love of mental and physical activity. In Chinese astrology, the Horse is a highly energetic and supremely confident personality who is capable of shooting brilliant ideas and quickly understanding how things work. Likewise the Tiger possesses much of the same agile mental faculties and ability to conceive far-reaching ideas.

While the Tiger will appreciate the fact that like him/her the Horse partner can also visualize brilliant plans and fire up scintillating ideas, the Tiger will be even more impressed at the manner the Horse has the capacity to seize the initiative in putting those plans into action. On his/her part, the Horse will be attracted to the Tiger’s deep intellect as well as high-flying idealism and even find the latter’s streak of inscrutability a delicious challenge.

An important aspect of the couple’s shared pursuits is likely to be a good amount of socializing. Both the Tiger and Horse are known to be sociable in nature. And though the latter is more gregarious than the former, both thrive on intellectual and verbal exchange that a large network of friends, acquaintances and followers provides.

However what is most significant for a compatible romantic bond between the Tiger and Horse is the love of freedom that they share. While the Horse cannot tolerate anyone ordering him/her around, the Tiger is the original rebel of the Chinese zodiac system, doing what they wish to do and believing in their own systems of values. They not only like living by their own rules and having enough breathing space about them but are willing to accord the same degree of freedom to their partners. Not for them the cloying emotional intimacy demanded by a Pig partner or the jealous possessiveness of a Snake spouse. Both the Tiger and Horse delight in leading independent lives and coming together every now and then to indulge in their romantic fancies.

At the same time the Tiger and Horse also possess certain varying traits – the former for instance can be quite reclusive and given to pessimistic moods while the latter is more outgoing and cheerful in nature. However if the couple decide to make their relationship a priority, they can complement each other well. While the Horse will bring about a sunny and positive outlook in their lives, the Tiger will infuse their relationship with meaning and purpose.

Horse Female and Tiger Male Love Match

This is a couple that will enjoy a happy relationship. The Tiger partner is the stronger of the two and serves as the fuel to their relationship. Both are also equally sociable and enthusiastic. The Tiger appreciates the Horse’s spirit and the Horse enjoys the Tiger’s unpredictable and independent nature.

Both signs have similar characters and the animated, lively and passionate way they relate to life. The Tiger is attracted by his partner’s lively personality and the Horse is attracted to the Tiger’s vibrant and confident personality. They are active, sociable, and lovable. The Horse is capable of managing finances. Since they share the same view in life, they tend to be drawn to the same goals. They share a terrific sense of humor, and have much respect for each other and their way of life. Much closeness can be achieved in this marriage. The pairing of these two zodiac insures an exciting life together.

This is one pair where the traits that they share could also lead the relationship to falter along the way. For instance both the Tiger and Horse are temperamental and unpredictable in their own ways. The former is driven by a highly original mind and deep-rooted individualism to work, live and love as they please; while this may make for an interesting and even attractive personality, for the same reason the Tiger can be prone to making sudden changes in their personal lives which may have the potential to endanger a romantic relationship.

Likewise the Horse is hooked to change – he/she must have varied experiences in order to feel alive and kicking. They love to do new things and try out new tasks and are forever on the lookout for what will engage their interest next. All this can make a relationship between the Tiger and Horse rather unpredictable and erratic. Today they may be sharing great chemistry and a buzzing social life while the next week, each may have moved on to different personal compulsions. In this way the extreme individualism of the Tiger as well as the variable nature of the Horse can make it difficult to continue the relationship in the long run.

Commitment to the relationship can also become a serious issue in a love match between the Tiger and Horse. Like other areas of life, the romantic zeal of the Horse also works in short bursts of enthusiasm. It is difficult for them to maintain the same pitch of attentiveness and devotion in the long run and for some, even being faithful over time can be something of a challenge. On their part Tigers too are apt to wander off by themselves, every now and then. The Horse partner may not always be able to understand their Tiger partner’s need for isolation and on such occasions they may give in to their social urges and eventually drift away.

Another area which may pose potential problems in the love match between the Tiger and Horse is the lack of practicality in the relationship. Unlike the Ox or Rooster who may have ensured that the partnership was based on the firm foundations of material success or practical comfort, here neither of the signs can be bothered about material and financial security. Also the lack of a sense of responsibility in either sign might make its survival in the long run a challenge.

In the end though what may prevent the couple from drifting apart is the intellectual companionship they share; the Tiger and Horse are soul mates in intellect and spirit and it is this mutual recognition that will keep the bond forever new and inspired.

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