Dog Woman Jealous

In the Chinese horoscope, the Dog symbolizes loyalty, devotion. The woman of this sign is a reliable partner. The chosen one can be sure of her feelings, she will not deceive her loved one. The Dog extols his partner, bestows it with the best qualities. At the same time, she will not tolerate humiliation and insults, she strives for harmonious relations. Excruciating suffering, morbid jealousy is not her element.

Jealousy is able to awaken anger and aggression in a Dog female. She completely trusts her partner, she does not expect betrayal at all, therefore she takes it to heart. The wounded woman will indefinitely blame the chosen one, the certainty of her rightness gives her strength. The representative of the sign will not tolerate an unworthy man next to her, she deserves a better relationship.

How to Make a Dog Woman Jealous?

The character of the Dog female largely determines the element of the year of birth. People of water element have intuition, they are inclined to constant doubts and anxieties. Being diplomats by nature try to suppress a sense of jealousy, but for the time being. The Water Dog will sooner or later get tired of doubt and find a way to entertain itself, it has no lack of communication. The impulsive representative of the sign will not try to return the unfaithful lover, she will plunge into inspiration with a new life.

The Wood Dog enthusiastically engaged in the affairs of close people, trying to help in everything. A wonderful mistress, a faithful wife, causes admiration of those around her. Jealousy can provoke the defiant behavior of a partner when his interest in another person is too obvious. But the woman of this sign will prefer to close her eyes to her doubts and suspicions. The Earth Dog is too cautious, she will first check her guesses, only then draw conclusions. The jealousy of the woman of this sign will not be obvious, the patient person is hard to get mad.

The metal Element determines the character traits: determination, straightforwardness. The woman of this sign will not tolerate uncertainty, her goal is a strong family. If the partner has neglected such a treasure like her, then you will have to go through the life path without him. The Metal Dog will not become angry with jealousy, will continue to move towards its goal with another chosen one. This attitude to life distinguishes Fire Dog, too emotional a person will not tolerate treason. The outbreak of jealousy will quickly lead to a break in relationships.

How to Deal with a Dog Woman Jealous?

Get rid of the Dog female jealousy is quite simple. The patronage of the animal of this Chinese sign influences the character. Trusting a person is not prone to suspicion. A faithful woman seeks a strong marriage, she does not consider the possibility of parting. From her beloved, only a willingness to meet her expectations is required. Do not make significant efforts to achieve her love. It is necessary to be a loyal and faithful partner, it is not so difficult.

Too serious a Dog needs diversity. She likes energetic natures, inclined to adventure. You can please your girlfriend and organize a trip to an exotic country. A woman’s gratitude will not be the limit. Joint vacation is the best way to strengthen relationships.

The Dog woman is a wonderful mistress, she strives to create intimate cozy surroundings. Too practical representative of the sign prefers to put the interests of the family above her own desires. It is worth to surprise her with a gift without a reason. You can give a refined decoration or silk scarf, she will feel loved and desired.

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