Dragon Woman Jealous

The Dragon Woman is an extraordinary person, it is rather difficult to win her position. She has an attractive appearance and sharp mind, invariably enjoys success with the opposite sex. The charming person sometimes shows absolutely non-feminine qualities: stiffness, stubbornness. She will not tolerate a weak partner beside herself, she is interested in bright and successful men. Of course, the life partner must unconditionally recognize her absolute authority in the family.

Jealousy of the Dragon is quite stormy. A temperamental woman does not take remarks in her address, it is easy to bring her out of herself by rash criticism. A man body and soul should belong to her alone, the slightest flirtation causes anger and irritation. Despite its attractiveness for men, the representative of this sign is a faithful spouse. She expects similar behavior from her chosen one.

How to Make a Dragon Woman Jealous?

Call Dragon jealousy can any rash action, the representative of the most powerful sign of the eastern horoscope does not differ gentleness and patience. Depending on the elements of the year of birth, women show their feelings in different ways. Earth Dragon has a strong character. The woman of this sign can always be relied upon, she will support in a difficult moment. However, in response requires submission, jealousy can cause the most innocent flirting of a careless partner.

Wood Dragon has a cheerful disposition, likes noisy companies. Unfortunately, it can be too demanding for close people, because they are waiting for their participation in all matters. The Chosen One should give her constant support, otherwise she will wipe him with her whims. Metal Dragon is an ambitious person. She is focused on a brilliant career, she has no time to be distracted by stupidity. A woman will not tolerate the frivolous behavior of a partner, prefer to stop the relationship.

Fire Dragon differs stormy temperament. Has a sharp mind and cunning. Extremely vindictive nature will not rest until he punishes the traitor and rival. Does not allow even the thought that someone can compete with it. Jealousy can cause any hint of a partnerโ€™s interest in another woman. A completely different behavior is characteristic of the Water Dragon. Feminine person is suspicious, she doubts in lover honesty. Do not seek to scandal, prefers to lead a quiet life. Jealousy is quite restrained, trying to avoid embarrassing moments.

How to Deal with a Dragon Woman Jealous?

Getting rid of the Dragon jealousy is quite simple, itโ€™s best not to provoke it with your defiant behavior. It should be remembered that it is almost impossible to circle this woman around your finger. She easily recognizes all the tricks, will not listen to excuses. From the partner she waiting for ultimate honesty, will not indulge the weaknesses of the partner and endure his treason.

A Dragon girl can not stand when she is compared to other women. It is absolutely unacceptable to praise a talented employee or a charming acquaintance in her presence. It is worth constantly repeating about her excellent business qualities. As often as possible, be interested in opinion, consult on any issues. The Dragon will feel absolutely happy person, she aspires to a recognition in all spheres of a life.

In her dreams, the Dragon woman sees herself as the mistress of the castle. Representative of the sign - a real connoisseur in the field of art, has a weakness for luxurious things. She will appreciate the efforts of a loved one if he presents her a designer outfit or exquisite decoration. A brilliant woman loves to be in the center of attention, with pleasure will visit a status event, where she will proudly present a gift.

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