Horse Woman Jealous

The Horse woman is ready to dedicate her life to a worthy man. The representative of the fastest sign of the Chinese horoscope is generously endowed with the qualities inherent in this amazingly graceful animal. It is distinguished by: strength, beauty, intelligence, diligence. At the same time, the woman has an independent character. Proud and ambitious nature does not tolerate lies and deceit. Treason is taken too seriously, calmness is instantly replaced by an uncontrollable rage.

A Horse female is ready to much for the man she loved. She dreams of a strong marriage and is not tuned to the frequent change of partners. This does not mean that a temperamental woman will silently tolerate humiliation, jealousy can drive her mad. Flared up, it can make the most reckless acts. Without regret destroys long-term relationships. Pride and self-esteem for her stand in the first place, a life companion should understand this once and for all.

How to Make a Horse Woman Jealous?

The horse is a rather unpredictable creature, the woman of this sign is capable of ambiguous acts. Her character traces the imprint of the dominant element. The Earth Horse is known for its extremely hardworking nature, it is completely focused on its work. At the same time, her strength is enough for social activities, she will not sit in four walls. The jealousy of such a woman can cause a partnerโ€™s refuse to share her hobbies, help her. In her view, marriage is ideal, when the spouses completely dissolve into each other.

The Metal Horse tries to arrange its life in such a way that it does not concern anxiety and suffering. A balanced person will try to pacify his discontent in order to maintain a relationship. She will not show a feeling of jealousy. Water Horse, by contrast, is overly emotional. She is too sensitive, jealousy flashes instantly. The woman demands attentive attitude, the man should show angelic patience.

Fire Horse is given to relations with fervor and passion. She appreciates her man, however, requires a lot of return. Extremely jealous of the professional success of the chosen one, trying to match everything to him. Strives for a leading position in the family. The Wood Horse is overly critical of the partnerโ€™s shortcomings, too stubborn and willful. Jealousy can cause an excessively cold attitude of a beloved man. An angry person will try to restore his disposition, acting harshly and resolutely. After all, any methods are good for the preservation of marriage.

How to Deal with a Horse Woman Jealous?

Get rid of jealousy Horses are quite capable of a successful, self-confident man. A woman recognizes an equal partnership, she must respect her chosen one. At the same time, she doesnโ€™t mind commanding her beloved. So just please her, if you give the opportunity to feel the main thing in a relationship, at least for a while. Excessive admiration in the eyes of the chosen one will certainly raise her spirits, relieve her of suspicion.

A woman of this sign loves to travel, she likes to frequent change of scenery. It is especially pleasant when a loved one tries to organize their joint rest as best as possible. The Horse with pleasure will go with the partner even on the edge of the earth. She will appreciate his efforts. A grateful woman will try not to harass a man with her jealousy.

A self-sufficient representative of the Horse sign tries to look confident and independent. At the same time, she remains a woman who has a weakness for beautiful things. She always looks elegant, attentively follows all fashionable novelties. It is possible to distract her from the sad thoughts magnificent gift, chosen with taste.

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