Monkey Woman Jealous

The Monkey woman has a cheerful disposition, easily arranges people for herself. The windy coquette, which has broken more than one manโ€™s heart, is sure of its attractiveness. She can not live without a relationship, she needs a cycle of passions. With energy and inspiration, she is jealous of his man, demanding complete submission.

The Monkey woman seeks to achieve her own goals in any way. She does not see anything terrible in the deception, cunning is her true weapon. Men forgive her a lot, even a lie, because she is so sweet and spontaneous. An ambitious woman will not be satisfied with the small, she deserves all the best. Jealousy of the Monkey is quite understandable, because her chosen one has an attractive appearance and mind. Keeping him close to herself is not an easy task, but there are a lot of tricks in her arsenal.

How to Make a Monkey Woman Jealous?

To evoke the Monkeyโ€™s jealousy is very simple, she does not mind creating a scandal from scratch. The heat of passion depends on the prevailing element of the birth year. Wood Monkey embodies all the better quality of the sign: sociability, kindness, patience. She focuses on the family, tries to preserve the marriage, showing miracles of diplomacy. Earth Monkey will not aggravate the situation, because it has enough wisdom to trust the partner. She can only flare up in case of a strong resentment, it is better not to provoke her into jealousy.

The element of Fire determines the stormy temperament of the representative of this sign. A woman is prone to frequent mood changes, she quickly falls into boredom. From lack of thrill can be jealous without reason, so as not to lose shape. If the partner really betrayed the Fire Monkey, then a rapid scandal will be followed by an immediate separation. She will not listen to excuses, especially reproaches in her address. A temperamental woman will not remain alone, because she is surrounded by a crowd of admirers.

The Water Monkey is an extremely vulnerable nature. She always and in all doubts, excessively cherishes relations. The woman will not become jealous, preferring to save the family. It needs the protection of a strong man. The Metal Monkey is an energetic person, a cheerful giggle is always in the spotlight. She tries not to show her resentment and jealousy, which she does not always succeed. A man is very easy to get her out of herself with a careless word, and as a result, a serious scandal can arise.

How to Deal with a Monkey Woman Jealous?

To get rid of the jealousy of a representative of this mysterious sign is quite simple. Despite its mystery and unpredictability, a woman needs simple things - care, attention. She adores gifts, shows miracles of cunning, trying to get what she wants. Why not pamper such a charming woman once again? She can not resist against jewels and fur. A magnificent bouquet without an occasion, undoubtedly, will cheer up.

The monkey is enthusiastic about the changes, life for her is an eternal movement. A woman will close her eyes much if her beloved organizes an unforgettable vacation. It is desirable that this was a luxurious place, the Monkey loves comfort. She will not be left indifferent by the fashionable resort, for a long time she will share her ecstatic impressions with her friends.

The monkey is easy to offend, it takes away even the most innocent remark. If a man criticizes, then he compares with another woman. And this is the reason for jealousy. The partner must constantly emphasize its exclusivity. Even better, if the darling does not pay attention to small lies. Let the Monkey consider himself a cunning person, it gives her joy.

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