Ox Woman Jealous

The Ox woman inspires unqualified confidence, men like her calm and serenity. A representative of this sign is a real treasure for a doubting partner, she will take care of him for the rest of her days. The Ox seeks for a lasting relationship built on trust, but too often expectations are not justified. A woman suffers from betrayal, although she does not externally show her discontent, hides her feelings deep inside.

The Ox’s jealousy manifests itself quite calmly, an intelligent woman understands that the main value is the family. She will try to keep her marriage, not paying attention to the obvious signs of betrayal. This does not mean that a proud woman will forget the offense. She will just choose the right time to punish her partner. The chosen one will still tolerate her sarcastic comments and coquetry with other men for a very long time.

How to Make an Ox Woman Jealous?

The fiercely jealous girl of the chinese Ox sign is a rare sight, it is only a glaring act of a partner that can lead her. The patronage of this animal lays an imprint on the nature of the girl, as well as the elements of the year of birth. Earth Ox has a strong will, a woman is able to cope with all life’s adversity. Jealousy is not exactly part of the range of her problems, because a partner always comes back to her. Wood Ox will not indulge the weaknesses of the chosen one, the woman confidently goes through life, allowing the man to follow her. Jealousy will not make her fight in hysterics.

Fire Ox has high emotionality. The dominant element gave the woman a hot temper. Representatives of this sign is hard to control herself, she always carefully watching their partner. If you make sure that the chosen one is cheating on her, she will roll a grand scandal with a beating of utensils. However, she quickly forgives the guilty man, and clean up the traces of the disaster by herself. After a short time, the peace in the family will be fully restored.

Metal Ox has a strong character and rare diligence. The woman is focused on work, while she finds time to clean up the house. She does not like the frivolous behavior of a partner, although she does not show this, she prefers to live through betrayal deeply in her soul. The Water Ox is a vulnerable nature, but tries to match the other representatives of the sign. Having survived the betrayal, will not give up, but will try to punish the partner. A sociable woman will find an outlet in the person of a devoted admirer, let the wrong elect be tormented by jealousy.

How to Deal with an Ox Woman Jealous?

To get rid of the Ox girl jealousy is very simple, it is only worth giving her attention. An industrious woman will be grateful if the partner takes over some household chores, she can rest a little. Even better, if the chosen one organizes a trip to the sea. A short respite will give new strength, she will start taking care of the family with renewed vigor.

An Ox female does not suffer from loneliness, she likes a quiet life. You can organize a quiet family dinner, for which you can slowly discuss plans for a common future. Ox girl will be happy to spend the weekend reading books or knitting. Do not make her go to a noisy event, it’s better to stay home. Such behavior of the partner will bring joy to the woman.

An Ox female loves successful men, dreams of a worthy partner. She will gladly support the elect in his desire to move up the career ladder. It does not occur to her to suspect her husband if he constantly disappears at work, because for her this is a valid reason. An industrious man has undoubted authority in her eyes, no jealousy is out of the question.

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