Pig Woman Jealous

A timid and shy Pig female seems to be defenseless, she bribes with her openness and sincerity. She is distinguished by cordiality, immense kindness. She prefers to idealize her chosen one, she values devotion in a relationship. It is hard for a Pig woman to believe that she is deceived, because she herself is a crystal-clear person.

The Pig woman is capable of decisive actions, do not underestimate its very contradictory nature. A patient representative of this quiet sign can tolerate some of the disadvantages of a partner. Although this does not mean that she will endlessly bear disregard for her person. In a fit of jealousy can behave quite aggressively, no one should test her patience with defiant behavior. The enraged woman will openly tell the lover what she thinks about his actions, not in her character, to resort to meanness and intrigues.

How to Make a Pig Woman Jealous?

Women of the same sign radically differ from each other, character traits determine the dominant element. To cause jealousy of the Earth Pig is rather difficult, it has unlimited patience. The woman will do everything possible to not bring the situation to the conflict, she likes a quiet family life. Undoubtedly, partner flirting with girls will not escape her attention. At the same time, she will prefer to hide her jealousy behind a mask of tranquility. Same behavior is typical of the Metal Pig, it is prudent and prudent. She seeks long lasting relationships, carefully choosing for this worthy man.

The Water Pig will not openly show its anxieties and fears. She is distinguished by her sociability and emotionality, she will not suffer from attacks of jealousy, she will prefer to break off relations. While the Wood Pig is subject to constant doubts that the chosen one does not love her very much. Jealousy can cause an indifferent attitude of a partner, because she desperately needs attention. A woman will prefer to hide her feelings, although she will suffer from jealousy.

The jealousy of the Fire Pig is especially pronounced. An energetic woman used to act decisively, she is confident in her abilities. It is not in her rules to endure humiliation, obvious disdain for one’s person. She loves and appreciates herself too much. The dominant element determines its explosive nature. In case of betrayal, the partner will not turn a blind eye to his sins. She would prefer to express her claims directly, it is possible that she will stop the relationship.

How to Deal with a Pig Woman Jealous?

Jealousy brings suffering to a Pig female. It is better to protect a gentle girl from negative emotions, although this feeling allows her to reveal herself. After all, the representative of the sign, despite shyness, openly declares her rights to a partner. It is important to observe the measure in everything. Short flashes of jealousy can be pleasant for a man. While painful suffering depletes the nervous system of a vulnerable nature, it needs care and support.

You should give the woman compliments as often as possible. She is rightly considered a wonderful mistress, in her house there is coziness and order. You can praise her culinary skills, evaluate designer talent. Pig flatter the partner’s attention, he should avoid noisy companies. There is no better confirmation of feelings than a desire to remain alone with her. The ideal option is a romantic dinner. In this case, there is no reason for jealousy.

The woman of this sign is distinguished by devotion, she is completely focused on her partner. Of course, the Pig is waiting for a similar attitude to herself. It is not mercantile, does not require expensive gifts. Although an exquisite set of underwear will have to her liking, inspire experiments. Calm at first glance, a woman is a passionate nature, she equally appreciates the masculinity and sensuality of a partner.

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